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Author Topic: New Thergerim (dwarvish) vocabulary here!  (Read 45684 times)
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Deklitch Hardin
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Elf friend

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« Reply #60 on: 12 September 2011, 07:49:27 »


As this is the development forum, our main focus here is on issues surrounding development, not issues surrounding characters from the RPing forum.

Please repeat your question in your post as well, and that would make it more likely that the Bard will be able to give you a suggestion on it. I don't have the time to go back through this thread, or whatever thread it was you asked your question in to find it.

Or, maybe you could just say Santhos says "hello" in dwarvish or something ... not many others are necessarily going to have the dwarven dictionary in their back pocket over in the rping forum, after all. I definitely don't.

Now, getting back to dwarven words for rifts ... it seems to me that rifts are something akin to the wormholes from Star Trek or the Star Gates from Stargate SG1 ... would anyone else support that thought?

Oh, and as this is thread is for dwarven language, I guess I should ask a question about the dwarven langauge. So here goes, are there dwarven words in existence for gate, star and trek?

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Santhos Avathcin

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« Reply #61 on: 12 September 2011, 12:01:58 »

I was rather angry in typing this so most people please feel free to just skip to the last lines which is where the real point is.

I'm starting to feel rude, and I'm terribly sorry. However, allow me to communicate my point more clearly and with a bit more spine. Please don't look at this as a needy character but as a significant gap in the language you have developed.

You may not have a dictionary in your back pocket but there is one readily accessible on the site unless I'm mistaken. Anyone may look up any phrase in case they are unable to identify the meaning from the context it is in.

If I was to talk of my characters usage of any said phrase it would be in Thergerim and the rest of the speech in Tharian. However I am instead going to focus on the lack of these practical words which are being over shadowed with how to say Star Trek an talk about rifts in this language. I have no problems with your pursuit of these but to have them over shadow the more necessary ones is frustrating to say the least.

I don't develop languages nor would I be any good at it so I leave it to you to fill in these gaps and come up with the proper words and phrases.

My question is what are dwarven greetings and farewells?
My suggestions: Urtdon - with a short o -Hello -derived from urt den or good day
Thelon neen alv - May your beard grow long
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Kareesh Valendar
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« Reply #62 on: 13 September 2011, 11:09:56 »

People get busy and forget things. I understand where you're coming from, Santhos, but we need to keep in mind that all of us are merely humans. Also the people over here on the dev board are working on several projects and for the most part it doesn't spill over into the RP board that often.

Anywho, I don't develop languages either, but this what I used for Miés'áel's Thergerim greeting: Urtden chingu which means "Good day, friend". I figured that was pretty good, albeit a bit far from a simple "Hello".

My suggestion about "Thelon neen alv" would be that sounds more like parting words as opposed to a greeting.

I don't think there are any greetings here, but have you checked out the Proverbs and Sayings page yet? It has several sayings/proverbs from many different people groups. Worth checking out if you haven't done so already. :)

Santh. Member

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« Reply #63 on: 13 September 2011, 15:19:38 »

Bard Judith already indicated that "good day" won't work for dwarves, due to cultural reasons.  I could not come up with a proper translation for "may your beard grow long".  The closest I managed was

. Ave Uhn Neen Ro Thelon .
  FUT you grow tall beard
"You will grow a long beard"

Uhn is singular 'you'; plural would be uhnegrin, according to this thread.  There seems to be no word for 'your' listed there.  However, this page has uhnu in a sentence where 'your' appears in the translation; given the similarities, that might be the word for 'your'.  I picked 'tall' instead of 'long' because alv was listed in the dictionary as indicating horizontal length, and I'm not sure it could applied to something mostly vertical like beards. 

I agree with Kareesh that it sounds more like parting words though.  For a greeting, I would suggest:

? Uhn Urt ?
  you good
"Are you well?"

? Fer Uhn Urt ?
 PAST you good
"Have you been well?"

(However, the thread in my first link lists the past tense particle as ver, so maybe it has been changed.  )

Of course, these are just guesses.  It would be best to ask Bard Judith herself.  Have you tried her bell-ringing thread
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Deklitch Hardin
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Elf friend

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« Reply #64 on: 27 April 2012, 23:25:24 »

Just out of interest, are there any thoughts on a Thergerim word for Sun?

"And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space, because there's none at all down here on Earth." - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Bard Judith
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« Reply #65 on: 28 April 2012, 09:20:14 »

sun – Mezaril   (has the sense of 'burning gem')

Also, a nickname for Humans is Vothuten - “Sunlover”     The verb 'Enn' is 'to love', and the syllable 'Voth' also occurs in the word for lava.  So it would seem that 'Vothu' is another word for the sun, related again to 'fire/burn/flame/hot'     

Since neither 'hot' nor 'cold' are in my ThergerimTaal dictionary, I'm going to now officially make 'Voth' the adjective for 'hot'
 (and incidentally, 'Vhod' is 'ice', so 'Vho' is going to be 'cold'.    Let me spell that all out:

Sun - Mezaril (burning gem)
Sun - Vothu  (hot thing, with the sense of releasing or giving off contained in the 'u' ending.  Perhaps 'thing which glows'  is a good connotation here)
Hot - Voth
Cold - Vho


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Deklitch Hardin
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Elf friend

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« Reply #66 on: 28 April 2012, 14:25:48 »

Thank you Judith ... much appreciated :)

"And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space, because there's none at all down here on Earth." - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
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