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Title: Request for Styrásh words
Post by: Mina on 02 November 2006, 01:46:51
Well, we've always known that new words would have to be coined if we're to have Styrásh titles for the Ximaxian magi.  I haven't come up with anything definite yet, but while thinking about them, I thought of some words that would be quite helpful to have. 

1. Something meaning "to align with (an element)".  We already have a word for "alignment towards an element", so perhaps the new word coulld be derived from that. 
2. Maybe something meaning "to bend", as an alternative to using "align". 
3. A word for "property (of an element)".  Even if it doesn't help with the titles, it'd probably see quite a bit of use in magic discussions. 
4. A word for "arrange", and possibly "rearrange" (perhaps constructed as "arrange-again", which would require a word for "again". 
5. A word/words for "person".  Some way to construct a translation for "mage" would be great too.  "Magical-person", perhaps?  An analogue to the ThergerimTaal affix yim "one who does something" would be great to have too. 
6. Words for "to add" and "to remove". 
7. A word for "element". 
8. A word for "to create". 
9. A word for "to cause" (or maybe a causative conjugation for verbs). 

While looking around, I also noticed 2 words each for "little" and "with".  A mistake, perhaps? 

Title: Re: Request for Styrásh words
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 07 December 2006, 05:42:17
Ok , let's see what we can do here:

1. Alignment I'd adjust to "hán'thamerán" (lit. "to put [to] order again")
hanán = to put, to set
thamás (f.) = order
erán = again

2. méh'thamán = to bend (lit. "to change order")

3. eorhós (m.) = property, possession
eorán = belong to

4. thamán = to arrange, to order
thamerán = to rearrange, to order anew (lit. "to order again")

5. styáey (f.) = elf (person, undefined)
áey = person (non-elf, undefined)
dél'áey = mage (lit. "magic person")

6. eurán = to add
khirán = to remove

7. aér'aí'chán (f.) = element; world (very-first-of-all)

8. avachán = to create (lit. "Avá all")

9. tehlán = to cause

10. Removed "lianér" for "with", doesn't make that much sense.
Changed "gákk" to mean aside from "cute" also "tiny" instead of small.

Vocabulary pages on the site have been updated accordingly already (at least according to these mentioned suggestions).

Title: Re: Request for Styrásh words
Post by: Mina on 07 December 2006, 05:53:32
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Title: Re: Request for Styrásh words
Post by: Mina on 07 December 2006, 20:44:40
I was wondering if there is a way to convert verbs to nouns, so that you could, for example, derive the word for "a creation" from avachán "to create".  I understand that -án is the infinitive nding for verbs, so replacing that with a gender ending could perhaps do the trick.  The eorhós and eorán pair cerainly suggests that something like this is possible.  However, how do we pick which gender is used, and which ending out of the many found on the site?  (Also, I notice that while -ós is a masculine ending, -hós is not, so there is an addition of a -h- also, in this case). 

I also realised that aér'aí'chán is somewhat weird.  It's a noun, but it has an infinitive verb ending (albeit one that is also a feminine gender ending).  Wouldn't this make things somewhat confusing?  It seems that the word could be analysed both as "that which was around before everything else" and "to come before everything else".