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Title: About Development Master Plans
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 25 February 2007, 18:21:12

  • Introduction to the Concept (#post_Introduction)
  • What is a Master Plan? (#post_WhatIs)
  • What is a Master Plan NOT? (#post_WhatIsNot)

Introduction to the Concept

This Forum contains Development Master Plans (DMPs). Master Plans are definitions of short-term goals we want to achieve in Santharia in order to bring the project as a whole forward and thus guarantee long-term progress. The focus of general Santharian development should lie inside the definitions of these Master Plans, not outside, building around them. While not everything mentioned in these master plans might be achievable (at least not easily), it must be our priority to try to finalize things defined here. If goals are too large these goals need to be re-defined and split into smaller portions that can be handled.

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What is a Master Plan?

  • A Master Plan could be defined as a plan with a primary major goal, which can be definitely quite vaguely (e.g. "Development of the Manthrian Region"), and multiple smaller goals, which should be defined in a very precise way in order to add to the achievement of the primary goal (e.g. "Development of Avennorian Nomenclature").

  • A Master Plan is a valuable help for every developer, be it verteran or newbie, to see where he/she can contribute to the greater cause. Entries which fulfill goals defined here should have clear priority over other entries whenever possible.

  • Master Plans are not specifically based on Places or regions for example (even though Places Master Plans surely play an important role), but might be anything that can be divided into smaller goals in order to achieve a larger one. One such plan could be the development of "The Santharian Province of Manthria", where we cover goals divided into Places, Resources, People etc., another plan could be the "Santharian Tribe Illustration Plan", where we try to get all our main tribes drawn by professional artists, and as sections we'd have Human, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves etc. - There are no boundaries for the imagination of constructing plans, providing they can be defined with realistically achievable goals.

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What is a Master Plan NOT?

  • A Master Plan definitely is NOT a mere endless list of all possible kinds of places, beasts or plants etc. of a region, which need to be elaborated. If a place, a beast, a plant is not of central importance for the whole region, then it musn't be part of the Master Plan. DMP lists should be precise, clear and the amounts of entry suggestions for one plan should be limited by design. Adjustments (expansions and corrections) are possible, but plans deal with the minimum that has to be designed for a part of the project, not the maximum.

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Title: Re: About Developing Master Plans
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 25 February 2007, 19:45:20
If you want to discuss the Master Plan scheme, please do so here (;topicseen#new).