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Title: Developer's 1x1
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 May 2007, 03:37:36
Developer's 1x1

Contained in this thread are instructions on how to use the Forum, seen from a developer's point of view. If you want to know how to write entries, how to comment, how to mark entries as completed etc. you're right here.

If you're interested more in the technical side on how the Forum works, make surre to check out the Technical Forum Stuff thread (,4923.0.html).

Developer Key Questions

  • How to Use the Development Icons
  • How to Update Entries and Integrate Comments
  • Where can I find Guidelines on how to develop Beasts, Plants, Places etc.? (#post_Guidelines)
  • Any Suggestions for a Newbie to start with? (#post_Suggestions)
  • How should I approach my Entries, especially Major Works? (#post_Major)
  • Where can I view Mentors and Experts in their Field? (#post_Mentors)

Title: How to Use the Development Icons
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 May 2007, 03:47:41
How to Use the Development Icons
If you're working on a contribution, always make sure to update the first post in a thread with the latest version of the entry. Make also sure to change the icon at the first post by editing that post at the thread once the status changes as well. The icon may also be changed by a Moderator or an Administrator.

( ... Entry is still being edited, not really ready for comments yet
( ... Entry is done, waiting for comments now
( ... There's a major question concerning this entry, where an answer is necessary. You can/should put the topic of the question in brackets in your post title.
( ... Entry is ready for upload. Don't add this posticon, if there wasn't at least one of the veteran members who gave you the ok to do so.
( ... Entry was already integrated by your dear webmaster. If you can't see it on the site yet, it's probably because the update is still in progress.
( ... Post is meant as an addition to an entry or contains details on necessary adjustments.

You'll find explanations on development icons also at every first sticky topic of the various Forums, along with "How to do ..." instructions on the Forums topic. So make sure to keep in mind how to use them, they are important!
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Title: How to Update Entries and Integrate Comments
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 May 2007, 17:07:30
How to Update Entries and Integrate Comments
The Santharian Dream is a team project. It can only succeed if we work together, listen to each other, try to support each other whereever possible and/or accept assistance of more competent members in order to achieve our goals. Commenting on other works and trying to incorporate comments therefore is essential, making just "your own" thing doesn't reflect the spirit of a team project.

Once you post a submission (and have given the "Ready for comments icon", see details above) people will check it and point some things out to you that you should adjust. Please note that you cannot expect comments in the next few minutes after posting - depending on the topic, the availablity of members in your area of interest, the size of your entry etc. this can last a while, so be patient. If you feel overlooked you can still use the Shoutbox to make people aware of your new entry or contact a Moderator or expert/mentor via private message or by bell-ringing.

After you have received comments and suggestions on how to improve your entry, do your best to look through them and incorporate proposals - or provide reasons why you think that it is not such a good idea to include something. Be aware that in depth commenting on your work might be as time consuming as writing the entry yourself, so it is only fair to deal with these comments properly.

When updating your submission, always make sure to update the very first post in the thread, containing the most recent version of the entry. Do not reply to the thread by posting a newer version again, otherwise Santharians might look at the wrong version when commenting again.

Important: Once you have updated your submission, make sure to reply in the thread stating that you have completed your update and that you are now ready for more comments. This will bring the thread back in the Recent Topics list and people will see it immediately when checking the Forum.

A good way to increase efficiency of submission updating is to mark the changes you've done with very distinct colours. Marking every little typo that has been pointed out to you and that you have corrected with another colour at the revision isn't necessary, though. Important is that people who have commented on your work in detail can easily see what you have incorporated and how you've done that. Marking the sentences or paragraphs that should be checked again however is tremendously helpful for commentators, and will speed up the approval process.
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Title: What is an Uri Check?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 May 2007, 17:12:51
What is an Uri Check?
Good question, as you probably have stumbled upon this term already when someone suggested to take a closer look at your entry...

An "Uri Check" (named after a former member) is in short a very detailed comment to a posted entry. Instead of just writing some notes to the posted entry, if you do an "Uri Check" you copy the whole entry (or passages of it) and paste it into your comment box. Then you go through the text and mark unclear passages, comments and suggestions on what to change with different colours. Usually you'll put a legend in front of the reposted entry explaining what colours you use for what purpose.

An example of a legend could look like this:

Gray ... Unclear Passages
Yellow ... Changes/suggestions to the text
Orange ... Comments

Though not always necessary (e.g. if an entry is already pretty much complete) and time expensive, an Uri Check is a perfect means to go through an entry thoroughly, helping another developer to make fast progress to get the entry completed.
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Title: Where can I find Guidelines on how to develop Beasts, Plants, Places etc.?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 May 2007, 17:14:40
Where can I find Guidelines on how to develop Beasts, Plants, Places etc.?
Detailed guides/development rules on how to write entries can be found in the appropriate Forum sections. If you want to develop a Beast, look into the Bestiary, if you want to do a plant, try the Herbarium etc. There, on top of each Forum you find a sticky topic with "How to do..." instructions, which you should follow as good as possible when you work on an entry. You'll learn there what you should include and what you should avoid to make a perfect Santharian entry. Additionally you'll also find examples on model entries and even masterpieces if you're looking for the crème de la crème.

By the way: The detailed instructions on how to write specific entries can also be found directly in the menus on the site - just click on the link on top called "Development Rules" in a Forum menu (e.g. People, Places menu etc.) and you'll spot everything you need there on this page as well.
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Title: Any Suggestions for a Newbie to start with?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 May 2007, 17:45:10
Any Suggestions for a Newbie to start with?
Please note that the guidelines on what you could attempt to develop here in Santharia are not severe restrictions, but mere guidelines for newcomers who'd like to contribute in a way and are searching what to tackle first. There may be exceptions when excellent apprentices show their potential already very early, though, but do yourself a favour and develop those things first which you know you can manage and then move on a step further. It is also advisable to read through the Mentors/Experts list below in order to find someone you can cooperate with effectively in the long term. If you're good in what you're doing, you'll be a member very soon and will handle advanced stuff in no time anyway!

So here's the list of recommended developmental rankings, proposals in which field you can/should start to develop as a newbie:

1.)  Ideal for newbies are things like Plants, Beasts, Items, Weapons, Resources, Industries, Stories and Tales, but also certain People entries and smaller Places - these may all be created and written by Newcomers, Apprentices, and Members to hone their skills, learn the template system, and demonstrate their creativity.

You might also like to look through the Compendium itself or the sticky topics at the various Forum sections to find suggestions on which older entries could need revision or to what project you might contribute with writing up just a section of an entry. All these things suit a Newbie rather well.

2.) More advanced stuff you could try are Spells (extensive knowledge of Santharian Magic is required!) or entries on major Places like towns. Artifacts and History entries also require quite a bit of research, but all these mentioned things can be attempted with a little experience. Just don't load too much on your plate!

3.) Integrative Places entries for example are perfect for a masterwork, as are entries on famous celebrities or History events. Upon approval from a Mentor or the Santharian Council you can attempt such a work.

4.) Pictures and musical additions to the Dream may be contributed by everyone qualified and approved by Webmaster-Sage Artimidor and Council. Please note that we try to maintain a rather high level of quality, and pictures also need to fit to the site in style. So make sure to check first if your drawings meet our standards by comparing them with what you can view already on the site.

5.) Once you've gained membership status, you might get allowance to do more complex entries, be it Tribe revisions, major Places or you might be allowed to change some History...

6.) New Tribes or Races, Religious systems or even landmasses require very special allowance you need to gain from the Council of Veterans. In general it is recommended to try to develop what we already have on the site, and not to start the 34th tribe, just to have it, unless there is a very good reason to do so. Tribes, Races and Places development shouldn't be underestimated either, working on such entries can easily last months to integrate them properly into the world.
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Title: How should I approach my Entries, especially Major Works?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 May 2007, 21:19:18
How should I approach my Entries, especially Major Works?
It might be that you have a lot of ideas for an entry - especially if it is a larger one -, but don't know where or how to start getting it all down on paper. Or you are not sure how this entry might fit into the world or how the other members will accept it?

Try the "Idea Phase" approach, a phase in which you brainstorm the ideas in typical sections and put them down in catchwords, which you post on the Forum. After that you can wait for member comments and adjust your ideas before you have it all written down already in detail. Finally, if the concept is approved and major details clarified, you can write it all down in a real entry, which means to just formulate everything in detail, which you've already layed out before! This is most useful for more complicated entries and masterworks and it saves you major modification work on an entry.

Below is an example on how an entry on the Village of Aesthran ( could have looked like when still in idea phase. Please note that depending on the topic of the entry the detail of the idea phase might vary considerably. An idea phase is also not a "must", but a "can", which might represent a possibility to make things easier for you in the long run. Of course everyone can decide himself/herself how he/she best approaches a project - the idea phase is one of those possibilities that might help you considerably to get things started, though. :)

So here's an example you can use as a guideline:

The Village of Aesthran


- houses on either sides of Olantani river, village's connection with the Crazy Woman pass...
- an inn, the outer description of houses which face the road, netting equipment all along the shoreline...
- small houses designed for medium sized families, couple of bedrooms, a common room...
- modest and boring landscape whit no special features...

- either side of Olantani river, on Mad-Path, west of Mithral Mountains, north: Traeren Lowlands, south: town of Kachran...

- Avennorian descent, 300-400 residents, population varies, families competing about business...
- families: 6-7 members, mother deals with supplies of the business-nets, pails, bait..., children under 7 help mother, older children do netting and the father handles selling and trading of the catch...
- families sell at the marketplace in Kachran or set up a small trading station in the village...
- the inn, Mithral Minnow, founded by Daimen Athsinth a trader who was passing on the Mad-Path,  will include the story on the inn's creation...
- current owner of the inn is Paeter Wilibald
- the government: informal council which only meets when an global effect would effect the entire village...

- hot summers, Mithral Mountains protect the village from much rain, moderate climate, cool autumns...

- Jeshanna lily, meldarapple tree, lotann flower...

- field mice, tarep rabbits, prieta deer, Sarvonian white deer...

- mithanjor minnow...

- story about a man who met goddess Baveras in the Olantani river who told him to make a fishing  community there...

- 1.176 Foundations of Aesthran
- 1.277 "The Mithral Minnow" Inn
- 1.473 Northern Expansion Begins
          Northern Expansion Complete
- 1.543  The Aesthran Fire
The village of Aesthran has reached a peak of 550 residents when suddenly one of the larger homes in the centre of the stretch of houses goes up in flames...
- 1.544  The Aesthran Station
Possibly due to the fire, or due to the ongoing expansion of the hamlet itself, a few families who have dwelt within the hamlet for generations, break off from the main hamlet and move further upriver...

Title: Where can I view Mentors and Experts in their Field?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 15 August 2007, 15:27:28
Where can I view Mentors and Experts in their Field?

Experts in their fields of expertise can serve you as Mentors during your Apprenticeship in Santharia. Well, and later as well of course... :grin: You are allowed to develop all kinds of things on different continents, a beast here, a plant there, a famous person etc., what comes to your mind, but it is advised to give your work a focus. This could be to elaborate related things in a region, or around a tribe, do mainly weapon entries, and so on.b

Ideally it helps to team up a bit with someone who is experienced in a field and work on something that is of use for both of you. You might get ideas from an experienced member of what you could do e.g. to make a region more interesting. That's why there is a Mentors/Experts list - it shows you who is mainly responsible for what kind of entries on the site and in which direction such a member wants to continue working. Read through this list and try to find people that share your interests and they can help you specifically to find projects to do next or they'll try to comment on your works, or even mentor you explicitly.

Mentors can't be there for you around the clock, just as you also have a real life. But you know, working in their fields of expertise with a definite conrete goal you want to achieve together, usually leads to better results than when you're just writing stuff for yourself on your own.

The Mentors/Experts list below is ordered alphabetically:

( Alysse the Likely
Specialities and Interests:
- Northern Sarvonia, especially the Kuglimz tribes; anything located in this area, from cities to plants to marriage rituals, should be run by me, please!
- Orcs (anywhere on Caelereth)
- Library (I'm an excellent proof-reader for spelling and grammar)
- General, if none of the above are needed.

( Artemis
Specialities and Interests:
- ANYTHING to do with Aeruillin!

( Artimidor Federkiel
Specialities and Interests:
- Places: Santharian province of Manthria and Vardýnn, focusing on Places entries in specific connected regions and associated stuff, preferring Myth/Lore, historical entries in this area, People descriptions.
- Tribes: The tribes within the Manthrian confines (Avennorians, Tethinrhim Elves, Mitharim Dwarves etc.), also the Erpheronian Tribe
- Miscellaneous: Artifacts and other miscellanous stuff like weapons, books etc.
- Santhworld: Santhworld ( development (programming, dialog and room construction)
- Languages: Creator of Styrásh, the elven tongue

( Bard Judith
Specialities and Interests:
- Thergerim: Dwarves of Caelereth
- Herbarium: Plant Design & Usages
- Bestiary: Beast Concepting & Integration
- Manthria - the Province
- Literature & Poetry
- Fonts & Languages
- Music & Song

( Coren FrozenZephyr
Specialities and Interests:
- Nybelmar (Main developer for the western half)
- The Grand Empire of Krath
- The Krean Men
- The Zhunite Men
- Places: Cities, trade centers, military outposts, idyllic landscapes.

( Drasil Razorfang
Specialities and Interests:
- Bestiary
- Earth Magic

( Marvin
Specialities and Interests:
- Magic

( Mina
Specialities and Interests:
- Magic
- The Santharian Province of Xaramon

( Miraran Tehuriden
Specialities and Interests:
- Herbarium
- Bestiary
- Western Nybelmar (mainly when Coren is unavailable)

( Talia Sturmwind
Specialities and Interests:
- Cosmology, Religions, Beliefs, Mythology, Demons...
- Divine Magic (former Clerical Magic)
- Truban and Brendulan - the provinces (Raház-Dáth)
- The Continent of Aeruillin
- The Wicker Islands
- History (partly)

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