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Title: Hello!
Post by: Aurora Damall on 11 May 2007, 10:38:35
Hi, I'm a stay at home mom of three who loves fantasy. For 2 years I've wanted to join this sight(about 2 years) but haven't found the time but I'm somewhat familiar with your interesting world, I plan to write a little of everything so hope to have fun. :grin: :grin:

Title: Re: Hello!
Post by: Bard Judith on 11 May 2007, 10:54:57
Welcome, Aurora!   

Great to have another mom on the site (grins) - I and my husband are ESL teachers in Korea, and our three-year old daughter is with us.  She's attending Korean kindergarden and picking up the language.

It's great that you've been lurking for a while and have a 'feel' for the site.   I guess we don't have to direct you to the Newcomer's threads and FAQs, then?   Please do have a look at the Team projects and see if there's anything there you'd like to help out with.

Welcome again, and enjoy dreaming along with us!

regards from the bard,

Title: Re: Hello!
Post by: Aurora Damall on 11 May 2007, 11:17:30
Thank you very much Bard Judith for your nice Introduction.

Ps: I'm glad theres another mom on the sight to. :grin:

Title: Re: Hello!
Post by: Alysse the Likely on 12 May 2007, 02:49:41
Hi from yet another mom (I have four between the ages of 1 and 9).  Welcome to the Dream! I'm sure  you'll enjoy it here.  I look forwards to seeing what you'd like to work on!

Alysse the Likely

Title: Re: Hello!
Post by: Aurora Damall on 12 May 2007, 08:12:27
Thank you very much, Alysse. :grin:

Title: Re: Hello!
Post by: Kareesh Valendar on 12 May 2007, 10:30:26
I'm not a mom, but I hope to be one in the future. Welcome aboard and may you find this place a nice break from RL, which we all need from time to time.

Title: Re: Hello!
Post by: jaka on 12 May 2007, 11:05:29
could you plzzzzzzz tell me how to make my character :grin: that would be awesome i am jaka if you needed to know :D

Title: Re: Hello!
Post by: Aurora Damall on 12 May 2007, 11:44:30
Hello, Kareesh and Jaka. :wave:

Ps: Kareesh if your thinking about having kids it really is a joy! You just hate to see them grow up and leave.  :cry:

Title: Re: Hello!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 12 May 2007, 15:32:23
Hello and welcome from me as well, Aurora! :wave:

As you can see we could already found a Mothers Club here - would be appropriate for Mother's Day... :lol:

Anyway, welcome to the Dream - let's hope your kids don't take too much time away so that you have nothing left for Santharia, but at any rate, there's always need for a helping hand here and there if you want to develop something for Santharia. Judy has pointed you already to the Newbie threads, and if you know the site already a bit longer, I'm sure you have a bit of an idea how it all works :)

Just make sure to discuss developing plans here first before you start working on an entry!

Title: Re: Hello!
Post by: Aurora Damall on 12 May 2007, 21:10:14
Thank you Artimidor, Having kids gives you a knack to find free time for yourself, mine is after the kids go to school and before I have to run errands.