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Title: Seicheleh Fighting Style
Post by: Lord_Njal on 27 June 2007, 23:44:35
After a year in inactivity, I'm back....

Seicheleh Fighting Style is a fairly new art compared to other self-defence systems. It is also known as "The Fist of the False Mage" in more select circles. Its practicants are few, and scattered around most continents, gathering every full moon to exchange techniques. There is no central representative, or ranks, therefore, the style is very unorganized and normally has large variations from area to area.

Description: The Seicheleh fighting style, appeared (According to some practicants in --insert location here lol--) when Kor Seicheleh - a Human frustrated by the fact he couldn't use magic, even though all of his family could- was investigating the way vital energy flows (not car'áll) through the body, mainly looking in Necromantic books. He self-thought himself by long meditation sessions and study, how to move this energy inside his body and control it. He soon found out the infinite options this opened to him, and soon he created a extended list of techniques.

Due to the extended use of vital energy of this style, the ageing process is slightly accelerated, and complete exhaustion is frequent.

Techniques and Moves.
There are a list of the most common Seicheleh moves I'd like to summarize here. They are organized in three groups and many other subgroups. Their names come from their discoverer or most renowned user

-Stances: Consist in certain postures that modify the flow of Vital energy in the way desired

Ych Channeling : Gathering energy from the surroundings, or ones self

-Crab stance: The user slightly crouches, lowers his head, and curves his arms downwards, with a caracteristic "claw" shape in their hands. Then slowly stretch both arms outwards (then repeat the process). Effective if the energy wanted to channel is above, and needed to be drawn downwards. Ex: The users leg has few vital energy left, Crab stance is the answer

-Flower raise: The user raises his hands upwards, with his hands bent outwards 90 degrees, creating a "flower" shape. this stance is used to channel energy from downwards, up.

Sist Channeling:
Channeling energy from other auras, specially powerful if the target has a very strong aura, like a Wizard

-Thorn fist: A very versatile stance, the user doesn't necessarily needs to be still, the only conditions needed for its performance is the form the hand takes, in this case, in a "sharp" kind of way, all of the fingers meet at one point, forming a triangular shape. The user channels a very low amount of energy into his hand

-Soul Syphon:After once impaling ones hand into a targets body (preferably with Thorn fist) a direct current is established, and huge amounts of energy flow from the victim to the user very quickly, although, this doesn't manage completely drain the enemy, its effectiveness drops at critical levels.

-Slahs Vortex: A very powerful but suicidal stance. The user concentrates all of his vital energy in one spot (Stomach preferably), this creates a huge vacuum of vital energy, creating a current of the nearest energy's to the epicentre. Once all the energy has filled, the user must immediately expell it with a technique, or else the stored energy will create severe internal burns


-Bloodfist Ram: The user concentrates his energy in his fist, then thrusts it into a enemy, with such force that it goes throw the body, therefore, gaining its name: Bloodfist

-Rolling kick: The user extends both legs and begins to roll vertically with this body held tightly on one of the legs. Then, at high speed, the user knocks one of the legs on the target

False Magic

-Energy Pyre: The user literally burns the vital energy contained in a bodypart, by concentrating and expanding it very quickly. This creates eternal friction, igniting the energy. This technique is rarely used due to its lack of frequent utility.

-Slahs Cold Quake: The user concentrates a large amount of energy into his fist, then lowers it to the ground, absorbing energy from it and at the same time cooling it (It freezes if it is done onto water). Then with the gained energy, the fist is thrusted into the ground, creating a wave of propelled energy into the ground, creating a small "earthquake"

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------Ill be adding more stuff to it------

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Can I please consider for you to relocate it...Akdor is not currently open to development...

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