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Title: The Elemental Jewels (The Entry)
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The elemental jewels were created by the rebels with the aid of Eyesha to oppose the Chosen ones for they only brought suffering to them and to their children. With guidance from Eyesha, the four jewels became great and mighty. She hallowed them and blessed them so that they cannot be easily destroyed but one was cursed by Querpur and one was touched by Coor. All the jewels failed their purpose save one, the one that killed Ma'asherom the Red.

It was called Chó'miés by the elves who enchanted it with the aid of the Dwarves who created the jewels.


There were four jewels and each of them was different in appearance and in might.

The Ring of Efére:

A ruby that was set on it was chiseled into prefection that its beauty is surpassed by no other rubies during that time. It was spherical in shape and was set on a mithril band. Around the silver band were old elven runes for blessings and protection.

The Necklace of Máre

A sapphire that hangs on it is as blue as the deepest part of the sea and smooth like the fine sands on the beach. The  shape of the sapphire is like a teardrop. Around it was golden borders which connects the blue sapphire to its chain that is made of mithril so that it will never tarnish because of the passage of time.

The Ring of Móde

A green emerald was used for the gem of this ring. The Emerald is as green as the forest of the Green-elves and of the Kayr in Nylbemar. It was set upon a golden band wounded with enchantment so that it will never tarnish like mithril. On top of the ring, is a flower shape design and upon its center, was the small emerald that is oblong in shape. The ring glows lightly when danger is nearby and shines even brigther if the chosens are close.

The Necklace of Aváshe

Diamond was chosen to be the bearer of its enchantment. It is not smooth like the sapphire of Mare but it is stronger and far brighter than any other jewels. The diamond which has the shape of dove wings. And the two tips of the two wings nearly touches eachother and it forms a heart that is made of silver. It hangs on a mithril chain that shines like new silver and was wounded with enchantment so its light will never fade. 


The four jewels was wounded with enchantment and was hallowed by Eyesha but their might and power was never same for different craftsman created each of them and different mages enchanted them. One power that all the jewels has, is that it could augment the natural powers of their bearers.

The Ring of Efére:

- The Ring's main power is that it gives the power to control the element of fire.
- It can also be used to ignite passion, to rekindle lost hope, and to bring back what was lost from the dead,
- Its bearer cannot be burned by any fire may it be magical or mundane save the fire that came from the ring
- The bearer could see through illusions created by mages.

The ring has some negative effects on the bearer and has many more because Querpur cursed this ring.
- The longer it is put in use, the hotter the ring becomes for the runes around the mithril ring attracts fire ounia towards itself. The pain might become untolerable that the usage of the ring must be stopped or risk burning a finger.
- Another one is that it would also attract the fire ounia in the car'all of anything nearby even its bearer making the fire ounia more dominant in that car'all.
- The ring has a will of its own and it will only obey a fitting master and will incinerate those who try to use but are unfit to to bear it. This was the curse of Querpur.

The Necklace of Máre

Perhaps the most unreliable of the four jewels. Its power is not always same even to if its bearer is always same. Sometimes it could create giant waves but sometimes it would summon a wave that is not dangerous at all.

- It allows the manipulation of water even without magical training.
- It could summons mists, rain, hail, or snow at the will of its bearer.

It has almost no negative effects except that it will deprive its bearer from heat. The bearer of this necklace will always feel very cold even in a desert and will seldom feel thirst even though his body is already dying because of the lack of water.

The Ring of Móde

Pehaps the most beautiful of the four jewels.
- It has the power over the earth.
- It has the power to heal mundane wounds or injuries.
- It has the ability to shine a green light whenever it feels danger around its master and will shine ever brigther if a chosen is nearby.

After the creation of this ring, Coor was ensnared by its beauty and tried to take it but Eyesha has already hallowed them so that Coor can never claim them. But still Coor was able to touch them and his malice consumed the ring. All those who bears the ring will slowly be consumed by Coor's malice and be turned into a darkness.

The Necklace of Aváshe

The mightiest of the four jewels. Seyella herself hallowed this again and gave it to her chosen, Ethan.
-It has the ability to control the air
-It has the ability to lighten the the bearer
-It gives its bearer a peace and a calm mind
- It could induce sleep on any target
- It has the ability to control the weather

However the negative effects of this jewel is very dangerous as it can erase its bearer from existence. As long as the bearer is holding the necklace, he starts to become more wind like. The links in his car'all will be weakned and his ounias will move apart. So a year, a month, a week, who knows how long till the bearer joins the wind.

The Gods had a quarrell. A coucil was held to bring this chaos into peace and in that council, it was decided that each will choose a children of Ava to represent them in the war that is yet to come. All chose one of Ava's children save the Wind Gods and Seyella who did not wish to interfere anymore with Ava's children.

They chose one of Ava's children to be their tool in the war that will come. These children that were chosen by them was called, The Chosen Ones. They became great rules and powerful warlords. They were granted tremendous amount of power but they did not keep these knowledge to themselves. They gathered potential students and taught them how to use magic but never did any of these students arise equal to the power of the Chosen

They gathered orcs and trolls that were built for war and combined them with their army. They enslaved the  humans and forced them to do their bidding. Those who resisted were doomed to suffer their wrath thus a secret rebellion was created. They hid the dark corners of their kingdoms, fearing everyday that their secret might be revealed.

Eyesha saw them and thought of a plan. She gathered them all and told the winds to keep the whispers of their rebellion in secret. She gave them four gems. An emerald, a diamond, a ruby, and a sapphire gem. The elves studied deep enchantment with Eyesha and the dwarves' forges were busy during those nights. Gorath the Dwarf led this mission. The wind was calm and shows no danger and brought no news to the chosen.

After the labour for seven days and seven nights, the jewels were completed. The elven mages who studied deeply the art of enchantment, used all their might and summon all their strenght to bring the spell into the gems. Ohen led the fire mages in casting the enchantment on Efere. Meria led the water mages in enchanting Mare. Eleria led the earth mages during the enchantment of Mode. Aladir led the wind mages in enchanting the Avashe.

The Dwarves saw the beauty of the jewels they forged. Greed was arouse upon them and they attacked the elves when the elves refused to give the jewels to them. Many were slain during that time but some elves bearing the jewels were able to escape.

Now they feared that Coor might take these jewels from them because the beauty of the gems came from the likeness of Ava's dream, the very thing that Coor desires to destroy. In the wild, they prayed to Eyesha to hallow the gems so that the evil of Coor could never touch the jewels. Eyesha answered their prayers and hallowed the gem for them so Coor could never claim them.

Among all the gems, Coor desired Mode of all. For its beauty ensnared him and captured his attention but when the time he touches the jewel, it glowed brightly and rejected his touch but his malice covered the ring. 

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