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Title: West Nybelmar Realms, Overview
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 19 November 2007, 03:26:05
Here you can find direct links to the information and draft notes gathered on various parts of the western half of Nybelmar, organised per geographic region. For more information or questions you are free to contact Miraran (;u=284) or Decipher. (;u=306)

The Southern Coasts:
Zhun, the Venlaken Enclave, the Anis-Anpagan Dominion, Nybelriod. (,12150.msg144172.html#msg144172)

The Peninsula of Shar:
Krean, Krathazhar, Viaquis, Ruins of the High Temple, Qualaris, Sharosar, Evalaris (,12149.msg144171.html#msg144171)

The Western Bay:
Mist - Tiquaitan, Tarshi´nites & Tsohamin - Inami - Orcal - Conchfolk - Trumarim Dwarves & Darkling Brownies (,12124.0.html)

The Northern Bay:
Faen - Aesteran Florence - Sartheran Elves - Essalui Thareliath - Ivyieth - Gondolwain - Loreney  (,12069.0.html)

The Plains of Kaerath:
Morchini - Amorai Lillivear - Efferdita - Ter'ei'Vikh (,11215.0.html)

The Nybelmarian Merfolk (,11565.0.html)