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Title: Hobbit Nomenclature
Post by: Mannix on 23 July 2008, 22:07:36
Hobbit Nomenclature
This is far from finished, I just thought I'd post my thoughts I've had for a while.  Feedback on it would be nice.  I tried to stick to what's on site, and I think it went okay.  Luckily there weren't a lot of hobbit names, so it wasn't hard.

Names among the hobbit-folk are varying far and wide.  Owing to history, and the intermingling among other races, the names among these people have changed tremendously from what they first were.  Though few know it, the halflings once had a language of their own, shaping their names.  Though as time moved on, many hobbits began to shirk names in their language, and indeed the language itself, for that spoken commonly among the people around them, be it Tharian or Styrásh.  The folk are generally less inclined to pick styrásh names, as they find pronunciation somewhat difficult.  Because of this there are few last names in the hobbit’s original language, and even less first names

Traditional first names of these delightful folk are typically ‘vowel-heavy’.  They prefer smooth sounding names, easy on the tongue.  For females their names tend to be longer than those of males, though they are very similar.  For both genders there are such common beginning letters as H, S, D, L, R, M, C, N and O though some are preferred depending on gender.

As with first names, the last names of halflings are seldom in their language.  However, due to the hobbits love of heritage and genealogy, these names have been influenced less by other languages.  No matter what language they are composed of; it is traditional for hobbits to have last names composed of two words.  Commonly, they pick an adjective followed by a noun.  The first usually describes their personality or appearance, and the second their profession, habitat or any other object they are associated with.  Halflings are also extremly found of names referring to nature, and this is often incorparated as the first or second part of their name, cunningly keeping both the reference to the object of association and nature.  It is extremely uncommon for a hobbit to change their last name, seeing it a discarding their family and heritage, and so these names may not actually describe the halfling themself, but rather their ancestor.

The most prevalent use of the hobbit’s ancient tongue is in their versions of titles.  Used primarily among the Dogodan people, though also used among the older families of the other shires, these titles are meant to bestow respect, gratitude or even dislike.  The practice of replacing Mister, Missus, Miss and Master with the hobbits’ alternative has long since passed.  It is now only specific titles that are used among the little-folk.  Of all these titles it is that meaning friend that is most commonly used, and it is not uncommon to hear the shout of ‘XXX’ ringing through the shire air.

First Names
Hobbits often have human-sounding names, however, there are a few habits that they use with names. One such is the use of 'y'. While it is commonly used in such names as Ruby, it is almost unheard of having a 'y' anywhere in a name except the end. There are a few exceptions, but these are often because of the hobbits adopting the name from another culture. Additionally, while hobbit names are often 'vowel-heavy' it is most unusual to see to vowels placed beside each other. However, there are again exceptions with names taken from flowers or gemstones. Finally, a 'k' is never seen without a preceding 'c'. There are no recorded exceptions of this rule. It rumoured that these traditions exist within hobbit naming because of their previous dialect. The letter 'y' is thought to not exist in that dialect, as no known words contain such a letter. A 'k' in that same dialect is also thought to be a noise now lost in history and so a 'c' must precede it to ensure pronunciation is possible. While not a rule, hobbit names are often also relatively short, usually containing no more than two syllables. If the name is indeed longer then it is certain a nickname will soon be created.
Female Names

Male Names

Non-gendered Names

Last Names
Hobbit last names follow the same pattern, though the language can vary. It is more common for a hobbit to have a last name in the ancient hobbit dialect, than their first. To preserve their genealogy, they are less inclined to change their name to Tharian, and less commonly Styrásh. However, there is still far more hobbit last names in Tharian than any other dialect. Hobbit last names, more easily seen when in Tharian, are usually constructed of two words. These words were most probably used to describe the ancestor who first bore the name. A particular favourite subject for thee words are those associated with nature. It is believe that the few traditional last names also follow this pattern, however, there is little understanding of this hobbit dialect, and so there can't be any certainty.

Laire and Lairi
Gaef and Daem

Honourific Titles
As the hobbit tongue is extinct in all but a few uses, it is difficult to translate the exact meaning of the title hobbits bestow onto another.  Interpretation is often disputed, but all translations seem to similar.  It seems that each shire uses these titles slightly differently, and over time the use of them dwindles further.  One rather unusual aspect of the way hobbits refer to one another is the placement of titles.  Instead of placing them before the name, they are said after.

Title: Re: Hobbit Nomenclature
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 23 July 2008, 22:48:00
Looks suspiciously at the "Dainbel Pie" title...   :huh:

Title: Re: Hobbit Nomenclature
Post by: Bard Judith on 23 July 2008, 23:27:09
You might want to point out that their names often include some elements of nature - at least, the more friendly and homely ones....   'field', 'barrow', 'hedge', 'thistle', and so on are all common inclusions in hobbit nomenclature. 

Title: Re: Hobbit Nomenclature
Post by: Mannix on 23 July 2008, 23:30:23
Thanks Arti, and Judy, I plan to mention that when describing the last names specifically.  I do have more ideas, I just don't want to shove everything into the overview.  I guarantee that will be in the finished version.  What I really want to know is if people like what I’m doing, and if it seems okay.

Edit: Oh wait, I see what you mean Judy, expect it shortly.


Title: Re: Hobbit Nomenclature
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 24 July 2008, 05:55:16
Rather then just listing names, it may be easier to list name endings, and begginings. Check the Proudmen Nomenclature entry, its what I used for the Eyelian Nomenclature, and it (along with our beloved Sage!) was a huge help.

Title: Re: Hobbit Nomenclature
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 24 July 2008, 06:00:08
In the case of hobbits such beginnings and endings could be full Tharian words, like "Leaf", "Barrow" etc. and combinations of those could result in interesting names, they would basically be two-word combination ;) First names could have schemes of syllables with repeating, diminuitive forms, like (Fr)-odo, -ada, -immi, and stuff like this. If such lists are elaborated, we could use the name generator very efficiently here as well.

Title: Re: Hobbit Nomenclature
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 24 July 2008, 10:26:31
Perhaps use other rules from tolkien? Like girls= flowers+ gems, boys= birds?

Title: Re: Hobbit Nomenclature
Post by: Mannix on 24 July 2008, 16:47:58
Nsiki, where did I say that I was just going to list names?  In my last post in fact, I said I was going to describe them.  I realise how I should set this out.  And Arti, I've incorporated this, though originally the did the same in therri tongue.  But since the hobbits now speak Tharian, they name themselves in that language, though a few are influence by elves and have styrash.  I'm think of just listing common beginning and endings in both languages, and a few in styrash, and give a few common combinations.  The first name idea seems good as well, similar to what I was thinking.  Oh, and I planned to mention the hobbits love of naming after flowers and such.  Of course these would be in their dialect, with a few in Tharian.  Thanks.


Title: Re: Hobbit Nomenclature
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 25 July 2008, 00:52:13
Sorry, I just saw the "male names" and "female names" categories, which seemed to suggest a list, as opposed to "Male name beggining syllables", "... ending syllables", etc.