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Title: The Clerics of Jeyriall - (WIP)
Post by: Azhira Styralias on 08 September 2008, 23:53:53
This will be a rough draft defining the roles of the Jeyriall clerics. By using Judy's detailed Jeyriall entry, Talia, Viresse and Arti's clerical magic entries and my own vision, I hope to finally start developing the roles of the Avarian priests.  :thumbup:


The clerics of Jeyriall, the Sisters of the Harvest, Ladies of the Cup, the Wombmistresses


(From Viresse's clerical magic entry) (
Following the Goddess of the Harvest of all kinds, the Jeyriallan (jey-ri-al-an) Clerics are seers of the birth to be. They can detect genders of children, precise fall bounty numbers in the spring, and are blessed guests at weddings, births and harvest celebrations. The closer to Jeyriall one gets in faith, the more potent Her presence becomes. Some particularly blessed clerics are said to be caplable of letting grow full trees with simply a seed and a touch... unforunately, these clerics tend to fade from the eye of society after they are blessed in this fashion.


Humble, plain, seasonal colors? White, brown, earthy hues...


(Copied from Judy's Jeyriall entry) (
Jeyriall's most famous symbol is the Cup; a deeply-bellied goblet with a simple flared handhold and base, cast or molded in one piece. Stylized as an upright semicircle with a long triangle beneath, the Cup stands for all the bounties which Jeyriall loves to pour out upon her worshippers. It can also be seen as a pregnant belly, a bent head upon a graceful long neck, a symbol of insemination, or the moon poised over a mountain.

Personality (optional):

Soft, gentle, humble...


Rough overview of potential clerical magic abilities...divination? Healing? Also possesses herbalism skills and possibly alchemy?




Attends births of babies, presides over weddings and seasonal harvests...


Small local groups, traveling defined hierarchy?


All over the Santharian kingdom where the Avarian gods are worshiped.


Highly regarded by the wealthy and the peasant alike...welcomed and blessed.

Orders and Sects:


Title: Re: The Clerics of Jeyriall - (WIP)
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 09 September 2008, 00:47:26
Oh, I hoped you would wait with proposing this until I have the time to discuss it with you, as I asked you - when both the clerical magic overview and the clerical magic of the twelve are done and up the site. So far nobody was encouraged, even not allowed to do an entry about the clerical magic of the priests (of the twelve), for it was up to now not possible to define what they where able to do.

If you want to have my input, you have to wait with this one.

Title: Re: The Clerics of Jeyriall - (WIP)
Post by: Azhira Styralias on 09 September 2008, 01:10:14
Oh, I was under the impression from our PMs that proposing a rough overview of some of the priest's duties would help in defining the clerical magic stuff. I wasn't going to dive too deep into the magic abilities as I am very aware that they are not developed yet.

I have  problems with this chapter, for it is not defined yet , what the clerics of the single gods are really able to do, I will have to add a few lines to this chapter later, once some abailites of specific clerics are done.

I guess I misunderstood you, Talia. I can hold off on this. ;)

Title: Re: The Clerics of Jeyriall - (WIP)
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 09 September 2008, 04:24:05
When you do, could you PM me, Az? I've got a few ideas that tie the mainstream religion in with the Eyelians view of Jeyriall.