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Title: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: Jenna Silverbirch on 31 May 2009, 20:16:36
Hullo, all! A hobbit loving, fantasy freak newbie hereÖ
Iíve been dillydallying round on the *cue spooky music* other side for a few months now and decided it was high time I helped build this wonderful dream of yours. There are so many dedicated, creative and friendly people here in Santharia that Iím really looking forward to joining your ranks and hope my contributions will be worthwhile.

Iíve always loved fantasy, and have been creating characters and worlds and stories to go with them since I was seven. Hobby wise, I spend far too much time reading, writing stories and drawing, sometimes writing AND drawing comics. History, prehistory and the sheer wealth and scale of culture and diversity on our planet fascinates me, and I have a particular love for human beliefs and stories, being interested in mythology, religion, folklore, custom and superstition, especially in Europe, which could be handy in developing Santharia.

Santharia wise, Iím interested in everything really, though the idea of writing and developing a few stories and myths seems especially interesting. If my drawing is deemed good enough Iíd be willing to contribute art to the site, and if Iím ever experienced enough Iíd love to help develop all things halfling. I notice there is no entry for the shire of ElenveranÖ. ;)

My hobbit senses are tingling! Do I sense cookies nearby?

Title: Re: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: Deklitch Hardin on 31 May 2009, 20:30:07
Cookies? Cookies? Where?

Quick ... lets hide the cookies before big green fellow gets here and eats them all. I'm sure you know me from the Kann Kemruhnt over in the other other. *me looks around as the spooky music plays again* Where is that music coming from?

Anyway ... a few things to remember ...
- Do not feed the orcs
- Do not go into the greenhouse at feeding time
- Have fun

And welcome to the dream ... I look forward to reading your contributions.

Title: Re: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: Valan Nonesuch on 31 May 2009, 20:30:57
No I'm afraid, just me. So, welcome to the dev side Jenna!
A few hints: Don't go near the greenhouses. They say the things in there are plants but plants can't flay the skin off a cow.
Mind the orc! *Puts down some cookies and milk on a nearby table* I think that should do it. Have fun, and try not to get eaten.

Title: Re: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: seth ghibta on 31 May 2009, 20:36:07
Hi Jenna, and welcome! Not sure there's such thing as overenthusiastic, especially when it comes to mythology, stories, drawings... sounds like you're a perfect asset for us all. :grin:
and you draw/write comics? awesome!

Title: Re: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: Airyn on 31 May 2009, 21:10:46
Hi Jenna! I think we've met over on the rpg side, but if we haven't then hi!

Don't let the greenhouses scare you, not when there's cookies sitting on that table over there...
I'm surprised we haven't heard from Tharoc yet. Oh well, I guess he'll be here shortly.

The Dev side is a lot of fun. I haven't posted anything yet, but I've got stacks lined up. Can't wait to see what you get up to!! Maybe you could join our little group of artists?

Title: Re: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: Jenna Silverbirch on 31 May 2009, 21:15:07
*quickly snaffles a few cookies and munches happily* Better leave a few for tharoc...
Wow, so many friendly people*waves*I'm really looking forward to posting.
If you'll have me, I'd love to join your little group of artists  :grin:

Title: Re: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: Bard Judith on 31 May 2009, 23:05:06
Greetings, my dear Jenna! 

A hug AKA aura bump for one of the prettiest introductions (I could SEE the curtsey) in a while, and a hearty welcome to the Light Side - er, I mean the Dev Board.  This is the place where REAL creativity flourishes... (looks hastily around to make sure Kalina didn't hear her and snitches a cookie off the plate at the same time)

Hmm mfff crunch mmsh, these are good today!  I see they finally got my receipt proportions correct...  just enough Goldenrain flour to hold together the Kao-kao bits and the crushed Doch Nuts.    If you need a drink to wash those down

(looks at the crumbs around Jenna's mouth with a knowing smile)

then try a nice cup of Thyroncha'ah - sea tea, if you like - or for something stronger, Artiwine is always inspirational.

Oh, excuse me, I think I hear Tharoc coming and I must go answer his last scroll of parchment - if I can decipher it....

Title: Re: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 01 June 2009, 00:10:01
Hello and welcome, Jenna! :wave:

I've already put up your character portrait as requested - good to see a hobbit with ambitions on the Dev side :) There's a lot do in the regard of halflings to elaborate their culture better, describe certain shires, create some famous persons, stories, myths and what not. So anything in this regard is welcome, feel free to dive in!  :grin:

Title: Re: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: Alysse the Likely on 01 June 2009, 01:39:15
I'm not too late, am I?

*looks around nervously*  Oh, okay, he's not here yet.

 *passes around more goodies, then heaves a heavy sackful onto the table.*

I made TWO batches of treats this time--one for us and one for Tharoc.   And before you get any ideas...

*glances sternly around then smiles sweetly*

HIS treats are honey slyggs rolled in cookie crumbs.  You may want to stick with the lorivluvs I made and whatever is left of those kao-kao chip ones.

Nice to meet you, Jenna!  I'm just a Northern barbarian *grins*, but if I can assist you in anyway, don't hesitate to ask, I've been around for a bit.

Title: Re: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on 01 June 2009, 01:44:05
Welcome Jenna. :D  I too am from the north, so if you ever decide to head up in this direction, there are a few of us to make sure you are kept safe and warm.

Title: Re: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: Jenna Silverbirch on 01 June 2009, 02:40:04
Wow, an aura point already! Thankyou, Judith  :)
Mm, I think Thyroncha'ah would wash away the crumbs hobbit senses are tingling! *rushes towards Alysse's goodies and scrunches happily, not touching the honey slyggs*
Thanks for putting my picture up, Artimidor. I'll gladly help develop the world of haflings.
If they have cookies like this in the north, or at least delicious snacks, I may take you up on that, Altario and Alysse. If not I'm sure we can create some  ;)

Aaaand true to my hobbit nature, my first post is a rather epic work on......pies.
See, I thought pies would be a nice, simple article for a newbie to work on. But it just kept growing!

Title: Re: Hello all! Over-enthusiastic newbie here...
Post by: Tharoc Wargrider on 02 June 2009, 04:34:40

*Accompanied by a cloud of flying splinters, Tharoc hurtles into the room, his twitching nose leading him in the direction of the large sack on the table. Tearing it open, his eyes light up and his mouth falls agape at the sight within.
Slowly, he turns to look around the gathered throng, trying to work out who brought his all-time favourite snacky-treat*

ALYSSE! *Espying his northern cohort, he turns to give her a big orcy hug, trips over his boot-thong and falls flat on his chin, impaling himself on several rather large splinters*

Fanks, Alysse! Mmmmm, nom nom nom nom POP! squelch slap slurp squish.
Mmmmm, luvly. Y'know, y'really shud 'ave a try o' these you lot. Thull put 'airs in yer ears. Ere, Alysse.....'oo's th'newbie?

*Without waiting for an answer, the orc wipes his slygg-stained hand on his shirt and offers it to Jenna* 'Ow do lass. Tharoc's th'name, although ah'm sure ah've sin thee somewheer afore. Hast tha bin up norf afore? Or 'ave wi bin in gaol togevver? By 'eck lass, tha's a short un an' no mistake. Still, 'obbits is ok by me, good cooks is 'obbits. An' genrus too. Oh, sorry lass.......
 *Tharoc releases the tiny hobbit hand from the grip and vigourous shaking of his meaty green fist*

Reet then, ah'm off *He slings the bulky, oozing sack over his shoulder and makes for the door.....or at least the hole where a door used to be.*
Welcome, Jenna Silverbirch. If'n ya gets in any bovver round 'ere, jus' gi' me a shout. Ah'm ne'er too far away.