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Title: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 03 December 2009, 12:59:41
I have decided that we don’t have Since I’m bored, and well… lets face it- devilish at heart,  :evil:  I have decided that we don’t have conversations around here like we once did.
I don’t know why, though I suppose if any of my fellow Santharians are like me, you’re finding that RL can really squeeze your free time. So, after succumbing to boredom, I read new threads, old threads, and ancient threads… *sigh*… ah the good ol’ days. Where has all the fun gone? I miss the tavern thread…. I miss.. *Looks around nervously*.. umm maybe it’d be better not to say. :D

But, that said (or not…) - I propose a new thread: (though I’m afraid God only knows what I’m about to write… wait- scratch that, reverse it… no he doesn’t… ;)  )


*several seconds of silence pass*

oh yeah… here it comes

The month of the frozen rivers had arrived, and the cold was setting in. In a set of mountains located in an undisclosed and yet conveniently well-known area of Caelereth, snow speckled the ground to hint that winter had come at last. Among the tall pines that kept their green hues into the frigid months, empty trees with bare branches stood naked on the mountainside. Besides the occasional rustle of thicket brush or the cooing of a distant owl, the still air held only silence.

That is, until it was broken by the sound of an elf trekking through the wilderness, up the mountainside. Despite the journey and the cold, the little elf seemed relatively comfortable. Her slender figure, covered by a grey robe, moved easily through the mountains, though magic may or may not have had something to do with the ease in which she had climbed.

She stopped a moment and peered about. It had been three days since she'd begun her search. Unfortunately, she lost two days because her map was upside-down, though that was hardly the point. Three days! She sighed with exasperation and trekked a little farther until--at last! From the trees emerged a dark building, abandoned for years on the slopes of this lofty mountain: the tavern.

Rayne smiled with relief. The tavern filled her with a strange nostalgia for the old days. How uncomplicated they seemed! She could almost see everyone now--Xarl, Dala, Viresse, Anaea, Silfer, Luci--all making their way to the old tavern. She had been only a little elfling, but she still remembered all the laughter and joy of those times.

Well, perhaps they might be had again!

The elf wandered to the cabin, aged and more than a little dilapidated. But it still stood!--and that's all that mattered. Taking in a deep breath, she opened the door: creeeeeak. She opened her palm and there produced a small flame to light the darkness. The inside of the tavern was more than a little dirty--she had her work cut out for her! Dust lay in a thick layer over everything. A little rat peeked its head out of a crack in the wall. She sighed, and a little paper bird fluttered from her robe to land on her shoulder. It looked at the dark-haired elf and chirped encouragingly at her. She smiled a little--and went to work.

Within a few hours, she had removed all the dust from the tavern. About the main room, small braziers sent light into the room, through the windows, and through the mountain wilderness as a sign that the tavern was once again occupied. The bar had been dusted and polished, and properly stocked with everything from Blue Wine, to Shendar Wine, to Injeruillin, along with a sizable choice of the best dwarven and hobbit brews in all of Caelereth!

For a seasonable flare, she had decorated the tables and walls with sprigs of holly. In the corner of the room, a few paper birds were fluttering about an Aellenrhim harp, providing some spritely music. She had laid out fried tuberroot snacks on some of the tables, and JhelHee Dip and Koekenchips here and there on the bar. Dinner was cooking in the ovens in the back of the tavern, and the whole building smelled like roasted taenish. In the hearth burned a cozy fire.

As a finally touch, she hung a wreath on the door, then smiled a bit wearily. She glanced out at the position of the sun. Soon her guests would be arriving. From her pocket, she pulled out the invitation she had sent to everyone:

Dear Fellow Santharian,

I am holding a winter party in the mountains of Caelereth. It will take place on the third day of the month of the frozen rivers, at whatever time you can make it. I would be ever so pleased if you came. Here is a map to show you the way:

[Insert Map Here]

No need to bring anything, though you may if you like. I look forward to seeing you!


The little elf folded the invitation and stuck it back in her pocket. She wandered back into the tavern, poured herself a drink, and enjoyed the sound of the little paper birds playing the harp.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 04 December 2009, 05:44:36
Artimidor found himself in the midst of the forest, sitting at the foot of a gigantic tree.

Putting his walking stick to the side after having travelled for several hours, he looked up, his eyes impressedly following the tree's reach for the skies. At the ground a good portion of the urban's large roots enwrapped the outer rim of the hill on which the tree itself towered majestically. And there he sat, maybe a stone's throw away from the trunk in front of the mound, in a small naturally formed niche. It was made of the urban's enormously sturdy roots, just as if they were meant to invite anyone who passed by to take a rest. And so he had done.

There he was, the piece of paper still in hand. Unfolding it yet again his eyes skimmed over the lines written on it in shoddy handwriting... It read:

"Ooops... Wrong story, pal! You've just read a top exclusive excerpt of Artimidor's current work in progress 'The Journey', which is actually attributed to the famous poet Monsonius. To appear on the Forum within the next week or so! Be there!"

Artimidor opened his eyes. Geez, he thought! Advertisement in dreams! Weird concept!

Anyway, he finally got up from his place at the sturdy roots. He got his stick, picked up the letter and the map that lay next to him and went along the path he knew pretty well. It led to the tavern up in the mountains and he was expecting old acquaintances and new ones there and was looking forward to it.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Seeker on 04 December 2009, 05:51:44
Seeker steps off the boat grateful to be on solid ground at last.  Perhaps now all these nightmares will go away and I get back to some serious paintng, he muses.  As he began his journey down the long pier Seeker was abruptly confronted by a messenger on horseback.  

"Are you the mage they call Seeker?"  the messenger boomed from atop an old Azhorhrian horse.
"Seeker is a wanderer, What makes you think you can find him here?" was his response.
"A friend of the Compendium is sending word, I do not know how she knew Seeker would be here.  Are you him?"  He asked patiently.
"You know very well that I am.  No doubt this "friend of the compendium" told you I would have flaming red tattoos on my face. Don't see that every day.  Give me the letter."  Seeker demanded.

As he reads the letter a visible change comes over Seekers face and his mood became suddenly bright.  "A letter from my friend Rayne...a party...GREAT!."    

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Stormraven on 04 December 2009, 06:25:25
Keldren sighed and looked around at the frozen countryside as a cold wind sprang up making him pull the hood of his worn cloak tighter. He pulled off one of the thick furred gloves he wore and unrolled the note he had recieved again.
He looked up checking landmarks and hoped that a few more hours would put him in sight of his destination. Pulling on his glove again and settling his pack and weapons more comfortably he started out through the white again. Hoping the map was accurate.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Sordoc on 04 December 2009, 07:31:19
A figure, tall, slender and clearly alone was making its way through the snow covered mountains. Technically, he hadn't received an invitation to this. Technically he had 'borrowed' Deklitch Hardin's invitations to get the directions to this place. Technically he hadn't been invited, but that did not stop Sordoc. He was determined to be there. He was determined to bybass the illiterate hacks of the New Santhalon Society for the LIterary Arts in his efforts to ensure that his works got the exposure and the audience that they rightfully deserved.

And so, he was here, following the directions that were on the map that he had procured from Deklitch Hardin. As he made his way he composed a rhyme that he began to sing ... for some reason he was thinking of pirates that were all orphans as he was composing it ...

"Climbing over snow capped mountain,
Skipping rivulet and fountain,
Passing where the mighty paxen shiver
Passing where the paxen shiver,
In the month of Frozen River,
Making tracks in the fallen snow,
The fallen snow ..."

That was as far as he got, because there, in the distance there was ... a  building ... the tavern towards which Master Hardin's invitation would have taken the youth.

As he reached the door, he looked inside and pronounced grandly as he took on a dramatic stance, "Greetings culture lovers! Tis I, Sordoc the Great. Even though my invitation unfortunately got waylaid somehow, I still managed to make it here, using my intellect and other skills which I possess in abundunce. When will I be performing my works for your entertainment?"

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 04 December 2009, 20:50:09
Rookie pushed her bemittened hands further into the soft downy under layer of her mount's neck as the falcon soared majestically across the snow-filled landscape.  The bird seemed to be enjoying the wide open spaces and for once was not in a bad mood because of the long journey.  Exactly how long it would be was still a bit of a mystery to Rookie unfortunately, as she had been a bit lazy when she was making a smaller version of the map on her invitation.  They were currently somewhere between the purple line that could be a river (she'd run out of blue ink) and the point which was the mountain's peak, which meant the cabin was probably somewhere around this side of the mountain.  Probably.

A random eddy from below brought a strange sound to her ears; a tune, not the warbling song of a bird, but a human voice.  Leaning forwards, the little Brownie directed her mount down, scanning the ground for the source of this sound.  This turned out to be a lone man, singing to the snow as he trampled it's pristine sheeting.  "Hello!"  Rookie called out, hoping that he might be one of the other guests at the party and migth also have a better map than hers, but either the wind was carrying her little voice away from him or he was singing too loudly to hear her.  She decided to simply follow him instead.

Only when she looked up from the figure did she realise that actually the building was right in front of her, only hidden a little by a strange slope in the mountain side.  She followed the man at his walking pace, waiting until he opened the door for himself to slip through the gap above his head.  Rookie flew over to the table landing her falcon delicately at one end before leaping nimbly off of it's back.  Her happiness and excitement at the proposed party spilled out of her, causing an extremely excited wave, involving most of her arm and a lot of hopping up and down. 

"Greetings Mr Sordoc and Miss Rayne, and thankyou very much for the invitation"  She looked around at the distinct lack of other guests, wondering whether this was really the appropriate time to perform intelligent feats and "other skills", whatever they may be.  Still, he seemed so keen, maybe he wanted to perform to them.  She decided not to interfere, and instead removed the packages she'd brought with her, allowing her mount to sore off into the rafters for a snooze.

"May I add this to the table?", she asked their elven host, holding out a couple of packages each about four nailsbreaths long and half as wide.  "I did not have much space to bring anything, but this cinnabark can be brewed into a very pleasant spicy tea that is said to enliven the tongue for talking, and make new friends easier to come by.  It's fairly strong, so just a little will go a long way.

Her eyes were already scanning the goodies that were in front of them, particularly the fried tuberroots.  After the cold journey, a one of those would be just the thing to set her right.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Alysse the Likely on 05 December 2009, 00:51:21
Alysse regarded her map sceptically.  We do not use these things, she thought somewhat scornfully.  We navigate by landmarks.  However, it seemed she was at the right place, since she could see the tracks of other people having been this way.  They must be the right ones, who else would be coming out to this remote place?  She tucked the map away and hurried onwards.  I hope I'm early enough with this food.  Can't expect one person to bring everything.
As she approached the cabin, she spied the falcon swooping past her and through the opened door.  Who was that who just entered?  She felt an apprehensive chill.  It looked like...but surely not...who would have invited him?!  Must be a chance resemblance, she decided.  It couldn't possibly be...Sordoc!
"Sunspawn!  It is that curi'lyr," she muttered under her breath.  Quick, I'd better get in there and drown him in the ale.  She thought wistfully of actually holding his head in a barrel, but felt that it would be a waste of good ale.  If I can just coax him to have a few drinks, maybe he'll pass out and we won't have to listen to anything worse than snoring.
Alysse hastened to the door and pushed her way in. Subtlety, she thought.  This is no time for barbarian tactics--fun as they might be. 
"Master Sordoc!" she exclaimed with false exuberance.  "Surely you cannot be expected to perform for some time yet, too few are here.  Sit and have a mug or two, or three, of ale.   You wouldn't wish to strain your voice through lack of preparation."  She took one of the ale-skins she had brought and filled a large mug to the brim. In the back of her mind, she recalled the Paxen epic and earnestly redoubled her efforts.
"And some food."  She set down a platter of cookies and smiled at him winningly.  May they choke you, she thought uncharitably.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 05 December 2009, 09:19:10
Rayne looked at Sardoc, slightly puzzled at him appearance. Had she invited him? She couldn't remember now. As soon as she saw him, her mind was suddenly befuddled by a dozen confused and poorly-constructed versus--something about paxen? She couldn't remember. "When will I be performing my works for your entertainment?" he asked, and Rayne, suddenly struck with a strange sort of terror.

Fortunately, Alysse entered at just the right time, there to distract the young man from what might have surely been a disastrous situation. She smiled with relief, and gave Alysse an appreciative wink.

Rayne heard a small voice say, "May I add to the table?" and looked around. At first she saw no one, but glanced down to see a little Brownie offering her a couple packages of cinnabark. She smiled, and gratefully accepted the packages, and gestured to the fried tuberroots as a way of inviting the lovely Browniin woman to enjoy. Meanwhile, one of the elven mage's little paper birds fluttered up to the rafters to warble at the Brownie's falcon.

After greeting her three guests, Rayne hurried to the back to put away the cinnabark. She could smell it through the package, and it smelled delightful! It would be perfect for an after-dinner tea! After preparing the water for boiling and checking on the roast taenish, she emerged back into the main room of the tavern, and glanced briefly out the window. Hopefully more guests would arrive soon--and hopefully no one was lost!

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Deklitch Hardin on 05 December 2009, 11:25:11
Dek was frantic. He had lost them. The invitation and the map, he had lost them both. He remembered the day well. He had just woken up in the Red King Inn in Naios, walked out to the common room of the inn and was greeted by a messenger from the compendium. It appeared Rayne was holding a holiday party for all compendium writers and he was invited to it. He read the invitation and the map and nodded his thanks to the messenger. The messenger headed off and Dek had settled down to a breakfast.

He recalled now he had been bothered AGAIN by Sordoc. The 'poet' had been dogging his steps for months now, and now that Dek thought about it, the bore had been watching the interplay between him and the messenger, such as it was quite closely, and possibly even noticed where Dek had placed the letter. And Sordoc had left in a hurry after that. Dek pondered that now as he waited somewhere down a coastline. He watched as a boat came to shore ahead of him, and a figure, his face emblazoned with flaming red tattoos, got off it. Dek was close enough to hear enough of the conversation to know that the artist had also received an invitation to the party ... maybe.

"Seeker," Deklitch called out, "I need help. I'm Deklitch Hardin, and I have lost my invitation and map to the party. Can I perhaps travel with you?"

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 06 December 2009, 02:01:51
"By Isema's cold %@$#@, why do these Sarvonian barbarians insist on having their festivities in the wild, in the middle of a trice-cursed mountain range? Bah!" A shivering, clammy "Vikh made his way up into the valey his map indicated as the place to be, embellishing his trek with colourfull and highly creative curses, swearing, and downright foul-mouthing all mountains, Sarvonians, the oncoming dusk, and whomever invented this concept of 'snow'.

At this moment, a fairly large lump of the cold substance deemed it nessecary to slide off an overhanging branch and into the back of Mira's neck, causing the mountains to resound with a ter'maes exclamation that is best left untranslated, perhaps, and at any rate did not incorporate the holiday spirit.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Seeker on 07 December 2009, 06:01:21
Seeker looked skeptically at this stranger introducing himself as Deklitch Hardin.  He understood that he was somewhat recognizable…. and with all the work he had done this past year for the Compendium….. it was understandable that more and more people knew who he was....but two strangers in one day...Seeker was suspecting a trap.

"Ok "Hardin" if that is your real name....If you are who you say you are then answer me this…. name a picture I have drawn for one of your entries in the compendium.  Quickly now, no hesitation."

Deklitch quickly rattled off the names of a certain axe and a certain grazing beast.   Satisfied Seeker let a smile spread across his face.

“You will have to forgive me Dek... I have enemies…. all this travel….it gets dangerous, I hope you understand.  It is such a pleasure to finally meet you in person. Of course you can join me. "   The two men clasped hands and wrists momentarily and then began there journey to the party together, wondering if they would run into any more friends along the way.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Eldor Delrossa on 09 December 2009, 11:59:20
Eldor ambled up the great wooded hill, now covered in powdery flakes, to a woderful inn. He growled about the infernal snow under his breath, wishing it would disappear. He was growing irritated with its tendency to make him slip, even with the aid of his marvelous cane. Speaking of which...he landed in the snow with a large thud. He was so greatly upset with the snow when he recovered, he focused very intensely and greatly increased the Wind property of motion in the air, causing it to greatly unsettle the snow with the intense gale he had momentarily created.

In another fit of irritation, he caused another wind, blowing open the door of the tavern. Grinning sheepishly as he entered at his new friends, he srugged apollogetically. Having just recently joined the Compendium, he recognized but a fair few. He recognized his good friend Rookie who had assisted him in his extensive efforts with the Milken Brownies, and of course Ms. Rayne. He decided he'd pay Rookie a visit. He ambled over to the lovely Brownie, and said, "Greetings and wellment, my friend." He said stiffly, keeping a mask of indifference.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Stormraven on 09 December 2009, 13:39:47
Keldren opened the door and stomped the snow from his boots, his breath forming a white cloud. He quickly shut the door then smiled around the room before moving up to the bar and laying out two square and one round packages wrapped in wax-cloth.
"I brought cheese, two blocks of Brandypot and a wheel of Smerecase."
Kel took a mug of hot tea and moved to a seat near the firepit to warm himself stretching his right leg and massage the knee. A sigh escaped as heat began chasing away the stiffness the cold had brought to his limb. He was not getting any younger even though he still had a strong athletic build under his Rahaz'Estar skin armor.
While his armor marked him as a shendar his coloring was pale like a Kar'ii yet his hair was dark. His face gave few clues to his age either appearing to be somewhere between twenty-five and thirty-five.
He pulled out a handcarved bone flute and began to play a soft mellow tune.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 09 December 2009, 14:05:40
Rayne glanced up from where she was pouring drinks as Eldor came in. She smiled softly. It never seemed to matter the occasion, the situation: there was always something a little mysterious in the way the elf smiled, like she possessed a kind of secret knowledge. Picking up a two glasses of beer, she moved to the table where Eldor and Rookie were and set down the glasses (one appropriately brownie-sized!) and nodded to them both before slipping away.

It was as she was moving back to the bar that Keldren came in, and placed the cheese on the counter. She looked at him questioning. "I brought cheese, two blocks of Brandypot and a wheel of Smerecase." Satified with this explanation, she smiled and nodded her thanks, picking up the cheeses and bringing them to the back of the tavern. There she sliced them and grabbed a few wheat grain crackers. After spreading crackers and slices of cheese across a few plates, she them out for her guests.

Fixing herself a little tea, she settled near the fireplace next to Keldren as he took out a flute and began playing. She smiled as he played, watching his fingers and listening to the melody. After a moment, she lifted one hand. Strings of light formed from her fingertips, weaving together and forming the shape of an Allenrhim harp, she wrapped her slender arms around it and began to play, softly, in harmony with Keldren.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 09 December 2009, 20:36:53
Mira was slowly losing hope ever to find his way out of this accursed forest. He'd seen three valleys so far, none of them with the promised tavern, and to add insult to injury something had picked up the scents of him and the three live chorakee he brought. So far, it had remained content to follow the exotic travelers at a safe distance, but Mira'd rather not spend the night up a tree, trying to keep whatever monstrosities these barbarians allowed to run free in their forests at bay.

For the umphteenth time, he tried to consult the local spirits, but was met only with the slow, unresponsive shadows of awareness he had come to associate with this wintery forest. Then suddenly, a sliver of something bright and alive was caught in his song, not that far to the north. "Sivterariah? Here? Finally!" With renewed hope, Miraran tugged the ropes of his birds, hoisted up his backpack and set out for the distant Spirit of Community.

(Yes, i'm chasing the Spirit of Christmas Present ;))

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 14 December 2009, 14:30:18
As the elf plays, her little fingers running diligently over the strings, a small, melodious little voice suddenly comes forth to the accompaniment:

Jeyriall, Goddess true and fair
Jeyriall, I offer you this prayer
Jeyriall, Please deliver me
the one I long to see
Too long away.

Jeyriall, her eyes were full of cheer
Jeyriall, her voice true and clear
Jeyriall, I find I reminisce
About the Bard I miss

Jeyriall, many years have passed
Jeyriall, let her return at last
Jeyriall, it's been far too long
Since I heard her song
sing to me.

Jeyriall, the night is growing old
Jeyriall, the season's growing cold
Jeyriall, in the quiet air
I whisper this, my prayer:
Bring her home.

The little elf's voice grows silent once again, and she glances sadly out the window, wondering where Bard Judith might be.

Title: You Have Invited All - You Speak Truer Than You Know
Post by: Jeyriall on 14 December 2009, 22:44:54
The ether trembles to the faint vibrations of a sweet elven voice; though so small, its intensity disturbs even the soundlessness of the Void, stirring Xeua's delicate yet powerful connections.  The song continues into a place that is placeless, timeless, uncomprehensible to human minds. 

Yet should one attempt to convey its powerful beauty in human terms, one might imagine a lush garden dripping with unearthly fruits, rich with greenery that glows of its own, flowers carpeting each surface.   One might look along the moss-carpeted path to the crystalline waterfall, following the tiny lilt of elven music, to where a figure of statuesque loveliness stands, white arms bare, curving figure draped in a golden-brown brocade that seems woven of vines and braided grains.   A wreath of fruits and flowers crowns her head, which she tilts as the song's poignant refrain ceases. 

Still the echoes linger, "...Jeyriall.... prayer...home..."  and the great divine eyes pool with liquid.   Full red lips lose their enigmatic smile and part, a word of power floating on their curves, ready to be released.

Then the goddess pauses, as if in regret.   She breathes out - a perfume as of ripe pear - and in again before she speaks, full bosom swelling in emotion.

Through the Void, the ecua, the xeua, the intangible stuff of the air - however they travel, they come, her words, like malise humming over spring blossoms, like the rustle of autumnal leaves in harvest, flickering along the strings of the little elf's harp so that they thrum of their own accord, forming the soft answer.

"My sweet small one.   Ah, would I could snatch your bard from her mortal preoccupations, transport her mystically to stand upon this floor, allow her to forget her human hurts and anxieties in your soothing poetry - which, indeed,"

here the Lady of the Cup pauses, a soft smile flickering by, "indeed I love to hear, with its sincerity and integrity, in My praise or imploration, as much as she has done.   Yet, My child, she is no follower of mine, and e'en she were, I could not seize her in some rough magickry, portal her hither, without her knowledge and consent."

The harp strings vibrate sweetly for a moment, the music a trickle of water over pebbles, then the words resume.  "This, though, may I do for you, for the love you bear Me.  Speak to her I shall, in the music she loves, in the lyrics of your poem, filling her heart with a yearning for this place once again."

There is a brief ripple from the harp, like divine laughter.  "It is not often a goddess will serve as messenger, even for one of our elven folk, my dear one, so you may cherish this as proof of the affection in which I do hold you!"

The music ceases with a jar and a tremble, and the firelight seems to die briefly then leap again,  perhaps only visible to the one for whom the message was intended.... and the presence of the deity fades from mortal awareness.

Title: Re: You Have Invited All - You Speak Truer Than You Know
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 15 December 2009, 09:11:52
The little elf listens quietly as the Goddess speaks to her, and her eyes go a little glassy, staring into the flickering fire as she listens to the soft, soothing words. Her fingers pause upon her harp of light, and gradually, softly, she smiles.

"Thank you, Jeyriall," she whispers in a voice so timid and so quiet that none but the Goddess herself might hear her words. As the fire hushes and resumes, her mind fades back into the present, though her face has taken on a mystical, dream-like quality. The tinge of sadness she had felt before is assuaged, if but a little, at the promise of a message safely delivered.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Seeker on 15 December 2009, 10:42:18
As the music died down two human figures entered .  Both looked a bit travelworn as they limped into the room.  If all eyes were not on the perfomers they might have noticed that these two travelers actually had burn marks on their cloaks.  The two clasped shoulders said a few words and then parted into the room.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 18 December 2009, 04:14:53
Artimidor found himself in the midst of the forest, sitting at the foot of a gigantic tree. He startles and looks around, discovering that he is close to the slopes of a lofty mountain, and there it is, the tavern he had been looking all day! It was just right there! And for one moment he thought that he had just heard music coming from there.

He took his cane and walked towards the building, then opened it.

There were a bunch of people already there, like Rayne, Seeker, Mira, Alysse, and not to forget the little Rookie!

"Greetings, my friends, I see half the realm has already found here!" he said, a smile on his face. "I just had a strange dream out there that Jeyriall Herself had appeared to appreciate a bardic performance by our dear Rayne. Now would you believe that? Then again, I've also dreamed that I've always been sitting right in front of the tavern and that I haven't even made a single step... Weird, eh?"

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 18 December 2009, 05:13:08
Rayne glanced up as Artimidor walked into the tavern, and her face instantly lit up with a smile, her indigo eyes glistening happily. She stood up from where she had been sitting near the fireplace, and her harp of light dissipated into a thousand tiny lights that flickered briefly before vanishing away.

Swift as music, she rushed to him, throwing her slender elven arms about his neck. Although she was but a grown woman now, something about the sage always brought out a sort of child-like delight in the elf. She kissed his cheek and hurried to the bar to get him, and poor Seeker and Deklitch, a drink.

She slipped behind the bar and poured three drinks, then carefully handed them out to the three new arrivals. She looked at Seeker and Deklitch, and her brows furrowed in concern. With a wave of her handed, she mended (as best she could) the burn marks in their clothes, and began focusing on restoring the natural state of their car'allia, which was, for some reason, quite disordered, and had a prevalent fire influence.

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Decipher Ziron on 18 December 2009, 23:30:19
Decipher shivered and grumbled.

He was sure that he had traversed this pocket of Caelereth before but could find no sign of any shelter, let alone a party venue!

Clutching tighter the hood of his wolf-skin coat, the furs dyed a warm, woody brown, the young man scuffled through the snowy terrain somewhat aimlessly until coming across a tavern which appeared tiny to his work weary eyes, billowing with smoke, light and laughter. Spurred on by the sight of some remedy to this ridiculous cold, the somewhat melancholy fellow quicken in his set with a relieved optimism, almost skipping through the thick blankets of white that had plastered the ground, creating a rhythmic crunch as a his shiny leather boots crushed the snow underfoot.

Almost slipping with gaiety as he approached the door of the quaint little building, the Marmarran let two customary knocks collide with the door before entering to the sight of a whole manner of his colleagues. Removing his hood as he basked in the heat, revealing his healthy olive-skin face, somewhat stubbled by a lack of razors on the trip,  with the foreigner shooting a smile to his compatriots.

'Good Evening, friends!' he announced quite with a dry mouth, before letting out a cough.

'Has anyone got a drink?'

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 19 December 2009, 01:28:30
Mira, whom had busied himself with turning his three birdly companions into one compendium-sized meal, looked up at Deciphers entrance. "In Sarvonia? That would depend on to what depths you are willing to sink considering what would qualify as 'drink', i fear. But i discovered a stash of wine in the pantry while looking for herbs. The Leithe is of a particular good year!"

He picked up the opened botle hidden behind a plucked chorakee carcass, and gently poured a glass for his Nybelmarian colleague. "I am not certain there are any actual grapes in this 'wine', but as they say; chareh Krathazzar su'i Krathï eshbe tichupo.."

Title: Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party
Post by: Decipher Ziron on 19 December 2009, 02:20:02
Toasting with his fellow Enkyklopediac, Decipher's face soured at the taste of the sickly, sharp wine that Mira had retrieved from the pantry. Continuing to the drink that glass at once and keen not ruin the festivities by struggling with the deep-red liquid, Decipher rustles into the disproportionately deep pockets of his coats to reveal three small flasks of Morchini Jinn.

'I had hoped not to have to use up all of my supplies before our next trip home, but considering what passes as edible in this Kingdom it may be a necessity.' quoth the Nybelmarian as he poured two generous glasses.

'and while I dread to ask, is there anything to eat here?' he said, sipping from his drink and looking into the crowd of Compendiumists to see if anyone familiar had spotted his entrance.

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Post by: Seeker on 19 December 2009, 06:00:35
As Seeker sat and drank with Dek and Artimidor he began to feel better..noticeably better.  At first he thought it was the lemonade he was drinking, but then he looked up and noticed that Rayne was waving her hand around like she was some kind of Jedi and he realized what was going on.   

"Thanks Rayne, the clothes look great too"  However Seeker never  felt comfortable when others performed spells on him without his permission, so he stood up and began to leave.  He stopped briefly to say a word to Artimidor "Hey Art, I don't know if I have ever told you how much I enjpy and appreciate being a part of the Compendium. Thanks for all you do to keep this project going...oh... and happy holidays"
"And happy holidays to you Dek.  I would be glad to have you as a travel companion anytime"

Seeker left the small group and looked around.  "Where is Azhira and Altario.  Must be stuck in fog or a blizzard.  Oh well....wait a minute.who's that... Mira?...Deci?" 

Taking this opportunity in hand Seeker walked across the room to speak with Deci and Mira.  " Hey you have a minute to spare? I am curious what's been going on in Nybelmar."

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Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 19 December 2009, 09:14:51
The snow was deep, and Swing didn‘t want to go further. After all, Swing was an aj‘nuvic and therefore a desert animal. Desert meant an agreeable temperature, the sun shining on the fur, cool water from a waterhole surrounded with fruit trees, such as ficas and liferas. But no, her bondmate had insisted to wander up this long dune which was not made out of golden sand, but covered with a white, soft stuff which felt so very different under the paws. Different was an understatement. It just felt not right to place the paws on a surface which gave way, was soft and unpredictable. Everybody knew, that you should not step on quick sand, but what if there was a place where this white mass was deeper than a leg‘s length, what then? Was it possible to drown in snow?

And then, these tall prickling  trees! Green all year long, even in such a cold. Probably they were just invented to carry the white nothing and to throw it onto the unfortunate traveller. Swing tossed her head up to get rid of some snowflakes which dared to fall on her head  and decided suddenly, that it made no sense to go on, stopped, and put her head down to investigate the still fresh trail of some small rodent. As her rider had no firm grip on the leather straps running around her body, the feet covered with thick socks and shoes, it was not very surprisingly, that she lost her balance and glided down along Swings long neck into the snow.

„Swing, you worm eating sand drake, what did you do! Now I‘m entirely  covered with snow and it gets wet inside my clothes! Haaha, how I love snow! And look, now the map is wet and we need it to find this tavern. The ink is already fading.“

Talia looked at the map, it couldn‘t be far away, that tavern in the snowy mountains. If it were not Rayne, who had sent the invitation, she would not have come. Just because the Thirsty Herald was still closed due to renovation, that did not mean, that there were not other lovely places in Santharia, warmer ones. That nice and cosy tavern in New Santhala, or Bard‘s Rest in Barvados. But well, some people needed snow in winter to be happy!

Not that she hated snow. Once she was used to the cold and the wetness when it melted in displeasing places, it was fun. She loved to immerse in it, to roll down a steep hill, as if would be a sand dune. Even sledging was fun, maybe that could be introduced to the Ráhaz-Dáth! Sand-sledging, what for an idea!

Having brushed up all the snow on her clothes, at least as much as was possible, she went to her aj and caressed her between the eyes.

„Come on, my sweatheart, it can‘t be long till we reach that tavern and I‘m sure, there is a warm and dry stable for you, otherwise I‘ll take you in the main room, I promise! Have some dochnuts! It will soon be dark, we are late, come on. I should not have worked so long on this Ximax stuff!“

Talia turned around and stumped up the mountain, Swing following her like a froward child. And it didn‘t take long and they saw the smoke of a chimney, and a light in a window, and a huge, dark , wooden door.

Talia knocked, but with the now howling wind, she did not hear, if someone answered inside. So she pushed the heavy door open, bringing with her a gust of cold wind, snowflakes whirled in the room.

Pushing her cowl of her head, she entered.

„Greetings all! Is there room for a frozen desert woman and her animal?“

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Post by: Eldor Delrossa on 19 December 2009, 09:45:25
Eldor was weary from his trek and took a seat at the table that Rookie stood on. "Would anyone care for some entertainment?" He said, pulling out his pipe. Lighting it quickly, he waite for the smoke to grow in size. He then proceeded to concentrate on the smoke, causing to make amusing shapes, and billow around others. He raised the property of perception in the smoke, so the contours of it were sharper and more defined. He continued doing this for quite some time, feeling he had to do something to fit in with these people who were obviouly old friends. He was the odd one out.

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Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 19 December 2009, 14:26:52
Following her re-alignment of car'allia, Rayne picked up a cheese and cracker platter and began moving from one group to the next offering the hors d'oeuvres to her hungry guests. As the door opened and a familiar Shendar came in, Rayne immediately put down the plate and rushed to hug Talia.

In a moment she rushed to the back and returned with a glass of beer for her old friend, then offered her, too, one of the cheese and cracker hors d'oeuvres she had just set down.

Meanwhile, one of Rayne's little paper bird fluttered down to perch on Eldor's shoulder, seemingly fascinated with the changing shapes he created in the rising smoke. It warbled delightedly, and another paper bird fluttered down to perch in Eldor's hair, also fascinated by the shape-shifting smoke.

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Post by: Azhira Styralias on 20 December 2009, 11:12:06
Azhira tugged her thick cowl just a little more over her pointed ears and glanced up. Yes, this was the place. Rayne's holiday party was here. And...who was that who just entered? Azhira could have sworn it was Lady Talia accompanied by some kind of...animal? She shook her head. Yes, Talia was sure to have a pet something with her. Azhira was not much for parties, being more a loner, but she had to come for Rayne's get-together. Azhira had known Rayne for a short while, and was impressed with her skill of magic and history with the Compendium. Indeed, the magess had become one of Azhira's friends. Perhaps this party wouldn't be so bad after all.

Azhira tredged through the snow and came upon the door. She was starting to feel a headache coming on. She fished around in her left coat pocket for a small bag. She turned from the wind and opened it slightly. The aromatic leaves of Nightshade wafted to her nose. Azhira glanced around to make sure no one was looking before pinching off a tiny dose of the leaves and placing it under her tongue. There, that should keep her comfortable. Immediately, Azhira felt a warmth course through her body as the medicinal Nightshade took hold.

Pushing open the door, the snowy wind swirling about her, Azhira stepped inside just after Talia. She backed the door closed with her bottom and nodded as she heard the click. A quick glance around revealed several of her friends and fellow Compendiumists. Oh! Rookie! Eldor and Mira! Splendid, she though. Azhira pushed back her cowl and tried to smooth her tangled mess of nor'sidian locks before waving to the others.

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A roan-shaded mare waded through the white-crusted hills, each footstep cracking down into the piled snow. Tendrils of whispy air blasted out of the horse's nose with each breath, and it slapped its ears down over the sides of its head, not to swat away flies, but to keep them moving and warm. A slender form sat hunched over the back of the animal, hooded and huddled in a thick cloak and blanket, with one dainty gloved hand placed lightly on the edge of the rein from the only spot she dared to uncover a limb from the inner warmth. Her dusky face, paler than usual from the cold, looked out tiredly over the mountainside from the shadows of her hood as she and steed trudged on.

Fox hadn't been planning on attending Rayne's party. Though she and Rayne went far back--they had both done much of their earliest works for the Compendium in Ximax together, some few years ago--Fox just wasn't much for large gatherings like this. And it was such a journey, too, according to Rayne's directions. Though she finally decided she would go, she had left late, and had the journey not gone as smoothly as it did, might have even arrived a few days later than the invitation desired. If she had still been in her home in Thalambath, rather than Ximax where she had been helping on recent Compendium documenting, she certainly wouldn't have made it. Instead, she would just arrive several hours further into the day, though the invitation did not give any specific time at which guests must show up.

Fox pulled softly at the reins of her mare as she caught sight of the tavern further up the hill. She was surprised there was one up here, as it seemed so out of the way for any travelers to pass by. A puff of cloudy air escaped her lips as she sighed. Rayne could have chosen a less strenuous location. Fox knew that it was for the snow, though as a native of the south, she was much more used to warm, golden holidays.

She could already spy one or two horses nestled in the stables outside the tavern--even an aj'nuvic! Talia must already be here, for Fox knew of no other Shendar Compendiumist. The scent of roasting food and what might likely be holiday ale grew stronger with each plod of her horse's hoofs through the crusty snow, so Fox knew that the others had already been here for some time now. In fact, she thought she spied a traveler just outside the wreathed door, who quickly entered the tavern and vanished.

Fox brought her horse up to the stables, where she slid down from its back and led it inside, where she tied its reins to the post. She reached into one of the packs on the side of the mare's saddle and produced a handful of grains, which she brought over to allow the horse to eat off of her hand. This small bite was enough for now, for she had stopped only a little while ago to feed the horse. At least the stables seemed mostly warm--at least, as much as was needed for an animal, which was significantly less than Fox herself preferred--so she pat the animal along the side of its neck before walking softly over towards the tavern door.

She rested her hand daintily on the handle, but did not open the door right away. Instead she listened first at the edge of the door for the sounds inside. Fox did not want to interrupt an introduction for the figure that had entered a short while before her, and indeed would have preferred to slip in quietly without great fuss.

She took her hand from the door for a moment to pull her hood down, letting it rest atop the blanket still wrapped over her shoulders. The howl of the cold air instantly snapped at her skin, and a shiver ran through her body as it touched the upper areas of her neck that her scarf did not cover. She reached under her blanket and cloak into a pack around her belt, and pulled out a small vanity mirror to make sure the journey had not undone the makeup she had put on earlier. Her short brown hair was a mess from wearing the hood all day, so she combed her fingers down through it and parted the bangs away from her eyes, until she was certain that it was at least mostly proper.

Judging the rest to be satisfactory, she put the mirror back into her pack and then finally turned back to the door, which she slowly and quietly pushed open. About half of the way the aged hinges began to squeak, so Fox immediately stopped and just shifted her slender form through the opening, and then closed the door softly behind her. She immediately side-stepped away from the door before casting her brown eyes over the occupants. She immediately recognized Rayne, Talia, and Artimidor, as well as Seeker by his flamed tattoos and the small brownie who could be none other than Rookie. The rest she knew of in varied areas, though many she had not had the chance to meet in person before.

She let a small smile form briefly on her lips at any that looked her way, but refrained from immediately proclaiming her arrival.

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Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 21 December 2009, 19:15:01
Mira shoved the last stuffed chorakee into the humongous oven of the tavern, and turned the hour-glass. Brushing spilled herbs from his working area, and frowning at Decipher whom had been nicking small bits of his stuffing for the last fifteen minutes, he stepped up to listen in to his fellow Nybelmarian's exited tales of the goings-on of their home continent to Seeker.

Seeker, a reknowned connoiseur of the dark and dreadfull, was currently presented with a tale of the old haunted woods of Marmara, a story Miraran was already familiar with, and so he allowed his attention to wander amongs the more recent arrivals. There was Fox, a reknown sorceress he had heard much of, but spoken little with, Artimidor, the sage-of-sages, whom appeared to be taking notes on something.. Mira smirked, knowing Artimidor could never resist the temptation to gather new facs, no matter the occasion.

Then, as if underlining the great diversity of the people gathered here, there were two people he knew very well indeed, Azhira from the North, and Talia, whom was often called the 'Lady of the South'. Waving and smiling as one by one these people made their way into the steadilly growing crowd, Mira felt it had been worth the arduous trek to join this 'Kirst-mais' event the Sarvonians were so enthusiastic about.

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Post by: Decipher Ziron on 21 December 2009, 21:57:41
'...and there you have it Seeker, there have been fewer more terrifying experiences in my life than venturing too close to those Broken Woods, polluted with dark Gaisho they were!'

Patting what snow had no yet melted off of his coat, the Nybelmarian paused awkwardly as he realised who enormously little he knew of Seeker besides his magnificent skill as an artist. Pouring another shot of Jinn, and a second which he offered to Seeker, he asked:

'So, my friend? Where exactly are you from? You seem more familiar with this Kirst-mais than I am...we still have a week or so before home erupts in celebrations at the turn of the year and so these festivities seem a little premature to me!'

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Post by: Jenna Silverbirch on 23 December 2009, 20:43:49
Jenna hummed as she walked. Or rather, Jenna hummed her usual mishmash of half-remembered melodies, that segued into bizarre and entirely tuneless combinations of two songs for a time, until she lost the thread of one or another, and stopped and scratched her cheek until another few notes swam out from the recesses of her mind, when she would take up the tune with renewed enthusiasm, and stroll on.

Snow, she thought, is all very well when you’re tall and there ain’t much of it. But when you are small and the whole mountain has decided to cover itself in white as if it were a blanket, well-
Neatly timing itself with her thoughts, the drift that had before been covering a solid stretch of ground suddenly became deeper. She went in up to her waist.
When she finally did heave herself out, having to remove a snow shoe more like a crude tennis racket, and a very damp sock, everything below her midriff was wet and freezing. She pulled on the sock - and it was bad enough, a hobbit having to wear socks, without the darned things being actually physically uncomfortable.

Yet the landscape about her almost made up for the blasted snow.
The mountains were spectacular indeed, and if she hadn’t had to trek through it, the snow would have been quite the novelty. It was beautiful, the way it made the world brighter and all black and white, like an old etching or ink drawing. Jenna herself fitted into the picture nicely. Only her movement distinguished her from the monochrome world, broken only by bright streaks of the evergreens. Her cloak was a thick black fur and covered her so well that with her legs knee deep in snow, only her face was visible., covering her normal old cape, and jacket, and shirt. She had, however, swapped her leather jerkin for her embroidered green waistcoat, as she always did for occasions where a little formality seemed polite.

Then there was the mysterious location and gathering itself. When the small invitation had arrived, she had thought for a moment it was a wrong address, and the thing was for some grand lord’s party. But no, that was her name on the envelope, as sure as her feet were hairy. Ma’ll love to hear about this she thought as she went. Little young me, getting invited to a secret gathering by that miss Rayne who wrote so much on hobbits, as if I were a proper scholar! Already her mind danced along tracks, imagining what sorts of intellectual escapades and secret doings might occur in this mysterious location. She had decided, a few strals back, that she was definitely not lost, so consulting the map again, the building should have appeared as she mounted the slope ahead.
It didn’t.

After five more strals, two bread and cheese breaks, and three more slopes that resolutely failed to have magnificent compendiumist hideouts hiding behind them, Jenna was starting to feel a little put out.
Naturally, as the clambered to the head of another rise in the mountain side, a small tavern presented itself, sat snug and smug in the hillside.

Jenna’s face split in a grin and she bounded the last stretch. She didn’t even curse when she fell hard on her face in the glittering snow.
Warmth and food smells and chattering hit her as she tugged the door open. A quick glance around the cheery little tavern showed her the gaggle of compendiumists gathered. It was strange, to see so many noble faces in such a relaxed setting. The few she had actually met, she had encountered at more formal ceremonies, and had rarely had chance to actually speak with them. There were so many illustrious folks she’d only ever heard off too: Miraran, Decipher, Talia, Fox, Azhira, Rookie, Seeker, Alysse, Sordoc (sadly), Deklitch, a fellow who had to be Eldor, and of course, the dainty elf Rayne and Sage Ferdekial himself.

She swallowed, stamped off as much swiftly melting snow from her frozen feet as she could, gathered her courage, and shuffled over to Rayne, stood by the Shendar woman Talia.
“Well, um, miss Avalutos, and I do hope I’m not interrupting anything important like, well. Hullo to you, and miss Sturmwind as well."  she flashed them both a quick grin. “Thankyou ever so for inviting me. This all looks so nice, an all, and well, I brought some sweet beans if anyone fancied something sweetish.” She produced the packet from some inner pocket. “I would’ve brought a pie if I could’ve carried it. You wouldn’t happen to have enough ingredients for an All-year pie, would you? So’s I could make one big enough for all.”
As she waited for an answer, her gaze rested on Eldor. There were so many folks to meet and greet, but he seemed a little lonely, sat by himself and making such wonderful shapes with his pipe smoke, as a few of Rayne’s little paper birds hopped about on his shoulders. She called over to him.
“You’ll be Mr Delrossa, I presume, who did all that work on magic and nasty mixtures. Well, hullo, and my name’s Jenna. Praps you’ve heard of me? Those are some delightful shapes you’re magiking, I must say.”

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The small study was rather cozy.  A roaring fire lit the room and kept the cold from seeping in, and a window to the side of the cabin showed the brilliant snowfall outside.  Agran Velion took no noticed of the pleasures, he was the most recent member of the Compendium, and Velion was ready to prove himself.  On the small wooden desk he worked upon, one would normaly never be able to find any orginization upon it!

Agran knew what he was doing however. His left hand darted around the desk, drawing up notes, pictures, and a cup of freshly brewed tea.  His right slowly scribbled, logging the notes and data on his two most recent works.  The Centoraurian Cavalry Sabre, and the Alth'tiert, he had been lucky however, both works had brought him to the North, so he could simply work in peace while he worked in the study of a Mr. Van'rae's house.  Agran couldn't say much to the knowledge of these men, but he could say one thing about them, their food was excellent.  Roasted deer, warm salted...oh he'd been distracted again!

Velion shook his head and mumbled to himself, he scribbled a bit more and reached for his tea.  His hand wrapped around a rough thin object, and with a start he jerked towards it, knocking his tea over the floor.  Agran spat a curse, and waved his hand, there was a curious sound, like a drain being unplugged. The liquid raised itself off the ground and poured into the cup.  Agran snatched the letter and read it, a smile changing his annoyed feature.  He called to his clerk, "Olar!  Get the horses ready!"

An hour later Velion and his assistant/clerk were riding hard to the party.  Olar had wrapped a scarf around his face to block out the cold wind; Agran had not seen fit tto pack a scarf, instead choosing to stay with just pulling his cloak up further.   Agran had never been the best horse-rider, but his stay with Centoraurian people had taught him the basics, and he managed to stay on for a good four hours before he nearly collapsed off the horse.  Thankfully for though, the lights of the tavern were nearby, Velion brought himself to his knees, and thanked the gods that he had survived!

He stood up, rubbing his sore legs, and limped into the tavern, "Hello, I'm...ouch...I'!"

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Post by: Alysse the Likely on 24 December 2009, 07:43:15
Having achieved her objective of nearly rendering Sordoc comatose from drink (which had been heavily dosed with Runorian brandy), Alysse was able to rejoin the party.  After welcoming those of her friends that she had missed, she greeted some of the newer arrivals.  Taking a small whisk from by the door, she began brushing the snow from people's coats as they entered.

"Jenna, my friend, closer to the fire you must come, so wet you are!"  She hustled the little hobbit-maid closer to the warmth.  "Hello, Eldor!"  Yes, that was right.  She admired the fantastical smoke shapes a moment, and then noticed the new arrivals.
"Greetings, I think, that, that we have not met yet?"  Alysse whisked the snow from Agran and Olar's coats briskly. "Northern research you are doing, yes? That..." she paused a moment to get the grammatical structures right, "that is my specialty.  I would be happy to assist you if aid you require."  She favored them with a bright smile, hung up the whisk and moved back into the central area of the room, closer to the fire.

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Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 24 December 2009, 08:25:25
Rayne smiled and winked at Fox as she came in--a way of subtly greeting the mage she had known for so many years. It was then poor Jenna came in, soaked with snow! As Alysse led the hobbit to the fire, Rayne nodded to her question concerning the question concerning All-year pie. After all, the little elf had made certain to carry all that would be needed (and much which would not be needed) to the tavern in her pockets. While the little mage's pockets seemed awfully small, she could always somehow manage to fit an awful lot inside them.

Rayne hurried to the back and pulled out all the things necessary for All-year pie: tuberroots, mutton, weeproot, flour, and a host of other ingredients, including an array of spices. The little elf couldn't help but smile a little, ebullient with the thought of All-year pie! It had been many seasons since she'd tasted good hobbit cooking!--and of all races, hobbits sure knew how to cook.

The indigo-eyed elf emerged from the back, and winked appreciatively at Alysse. Now that a crowd was forming, the little elf was grateful to have another helping her hostess! She watched the new arrival (both to the party and to Santharia!) socialize among the others, and smiled. Yes, it seemed that Agran would fit in quite well here.

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Seeker politely refused the drink being offered by Deci.  "I don't drink anything stronger than day old lemon juice, I must keep my mind sharp you see.  You never know when you need to be on your toes."  Seeker looked around the room suspiciously and seemed to be avoiding Deci's other question.  Many times he had been asked about his past.. Where was he from... Where did he learn to paint.....what was he Seeking all the time, etc.  But no one ever seemed to ask the right question. 

Deci looked at him as if waiting.  Seeker spoke  "I am from Sarvonia.... but claim no tribe."  And then in an audible whisper  "Not after what happened."  regaining his composure Seeker continued "and yes the festivities seem a bit premature but I am sure it was to allow time for all our friends to arrive." 

Seeker saw dissapointment on Deci's face and he knew from whence it came.  He had seen it many times before.  This is the point where a friend realizes that Seeker was not willing to share more of himself, not willing to share his..... secrets.   This was the pont when a friend walked away and and did not return.  Seeker thought to himself, "I can't tell him more,  how can I trust anyone after what happened, the truth will drive my friends away faster than my silence." At that point Seeker gave Deci a smile, turned and walked into the crowd.  "Maybe someday I can trust again"  Seeker thought as he pulled his hood over his head. 

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As Seeker refused the Jinn Decipher could not say that he was surprised. Rumours that 'Mamarran Tactics' perpetuated every part of his actions had rather tainted any trust placed in him in his early years, though he had come to the conclusion that as none of his acquaintances had suffered unusual deaths recently that such a reputation was unfounded.

The man was cryptic, but he was not surprised at this either, most geniuses were recluse and his artistic talent compensated for quite a cold secrecy.

'Everyone has their secrets, but there is no need for them to spoil the festivities!'

Taking another shot, and slowly reaching a level of intoxication that he might understand the lunacy of these Sarvonian holidays, Decipher scoured the room for a flute, the touch of alcohol always brining out the musician in him.

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Keldren began a new, more jaunty tune on his bone flute. It was a short piece that always seemed to get at least a few folk dancing. He had learned it from a hobbit during his travels as the song ended Kel noticed Decipher looking around so stood slowly from the fire place and offered him a duplicate bone flute.

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Post by: Eldor Delrossa on 25 December 2009, 15:25:05
Eldor hardly noticed the paper birds suddenly hopping about his personal space. He was focusing intently on the smoke. Being an Earth mage, he had to use what sparse knowledge of Xeua magic that he had in order to manipulate it. Of course, he uderstood the concepts for all fo the elements, but was forbidden to one, like all elemental magi.

His concentration was interrupted, however, by a boyish hobbit girl. He listened intently while she spoke. He inclined his head to her. "You are correct, I am Eldor Delrossa. I am quite fond of magick, and of anything made by herbs or other flora." He was about to stand and offer his hand to her when Alysse came over and ushered Jenna over to the fire. In response to her greeting, he said, "Greetings fair Lady Alysse. The Kuglmiz Dirg'mystrume asked me to pass on his warm greetings."

Eldor spotted a young woman standing in the backround. It had to be the infamous archmage of the water tower, Lady Fox. He understood her need to stay hidden, and her desire not to have attention attracted to herself. He simply glanced away, amber eyes roaming the room. He spotted the two Nybelmarians and the rune mage having a conversation over by the bar. He stood slowly and ambled stiffly over to hear what they were saying, perhaps learning a thing or two about a place as much a mystery to him as young maidens were. "Greetings gentlemen. Might I inquire what you are discussing?"