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Title: Can I Axe a question?
Post by: Valan Nonesuch on 25 April 2010, 11:24:41
We can ignore the pun now.

Seeker and I have discussed the frankly alarming number of axes in the overview and would like to request some of them be removed. No blame is being assigned here, but at the moment, the overview is more or less a void of endless overviews.

"Usage Axes" is a section on farming tools, which we have a category for (Gear & Tools)

Of the eight axes in the "Medium Axes" section, three have two line overviews that amount to "like a broadaxe, but". The overview of the formation axe seems to be misplaced (I believe it belongs in light axes but see below) but as an actual weapon, I can't say it makes sense other than as an axe/warhammer. Which is silly. Many of these weapons lack a basic sense of something, being generic piece of metal that could be lifted up from anywhere and plonked down anywhere else.

An aside, the entry for the broadaxe currently links to the entry on the Draskover.
In the "Heavy Axe" category, the Bilier and the Dareg axe are both next in line as offenders for "Orphaned Overviews". There's no sign of any, for lack of a better word, integration.

Many of these seem to have been carried over from the Akorn's entry "Axes of Caelereth" which seems to strive to be a generic entry on axes and an overview at the same time. I can't say it does a particularly good job of either at the moment.

The proposal then runs thus:
Outright remove the following:
"Usage Weapons"

"Medium Axes"

"Heavy Axes"


Keep the following unentried weapons:

Work to integrate:
THE COMMON LIGHT AXE   This could use a new name
TWO-HEADED AXE ("LABRYS")  This could use a new name

With the exception of the Fang Axe and the Tiraelhon Axe, these weapons are boring and generic. The last bunch I would like to see on site, but they would certainly warrant work done to make sure they fit somewhere. Weapons with flavour to them, rather than "Axe Model #14632" need to be developed if this is going to mean anything.

If someone would like to try to pull one of those other entries out of the fire (an entry for the Gear and Tools category and farm equipment perhaps?) that is their perogative. I have looked, many of these weapons do not exist outside of this overview and there would be no loss to the compendium.

As well, I'd like to see the "Axes of Caelereth" entry rewritten along the lines of Fox's Swords of Caelereth ( or the attempted Maces Overview (,13743.0.html)
At the moment, it's trying to be a weapon overview and a general entry at the same time. It's old and it doesn't quite work. Separating the general entry from the overview has worked for other categories here, and means that the overview is the only thing that needs updating, rather than making the general entry an increasingly long list of overviews with some bits tacked on at the end.

Title: Re: Can I Axe a question?
Post by: Seeker on 25 April 2010, 12:57:15
Yes, nothing more to add from my side but that I am agreement with Valan.  Please let us know if you see any problems here.  We certainly don't want to step on any toes but we would like to clean this up a bit.

Title: Re: Can I Axe a question?
Post by: Valan Nonesuch on 04 June 2010, 08:47:24
Not to put too fine a point on it, but this seems to have sort of coasted on by. I'm not kidding. We have far too many axes! I am tripping over them when I go to make tea! Dwarves have fewer axes than this! :D

Title: Re: Can I Axe a question?
Post by: Seeker on 10 June 2010, 02:48:31
Seems to me Valan that no one cares if we make this change.  :D