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Title: Wayward Warrior (Kuglimz)
Post by: Minarian on 28 September 2010, 05:40:04

Wayward Warrior

Westward does the sun lower
Behind Celeste Mountains all afire
Like a Dirg’mystrume‘s pyre
Flames even reaching higher.

Fei‘put hang heavy in my hair,
Each knotted with care
Warriors flinch from my stare
And women smile at a face so fair.

I dismount from my Kev‘lor
And some drink do I pour
Upon the alth‘ho for
A hundred victories or more.

But in life I find no joy
Nor in Kuglimz women so coy
No, not since I was a boy
And a sword was only a toy.

To Sur‘tan do I pray
For this soul that‘s lost its way
I have no silver tongue to stay
All that I‘ve locked away.