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Title: Boyzinna Fellowship
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The Boyzinna Fellowship, known informally as the Boyzas, resides in the hall that bears the group's name on the outskirts of the borough of Homestead of Ximax City, capital of Xaramon Province in the United Kingdom of Santharia in Southern Sarvonia. This group consists of orphaned, abandoned and otherwise unwanted boys between the ages of just after birth and sixteen. The fellowship was originally cared for by a coven of eight White Nehetorians (Dalorins), but since 1550 a.S. the fraternity has been under the guidance and supervision of the Tanners' Guild of Ximax City. The members of Boyzinna Fellowship collect the waste products of the citizens of Ximax and bring them back to Tanners' Bend where the products are separated into solid and liquid products by the boys. In addition to working, the boys eat, sleep, learn, play and live as members of the Fellowship during their childhood and adolescence, and it is hoped that they'll give back to the Ximax community as a member of the Tanners' Guild or one of the Guilds of the magic city once they are adults.

"Look beneath the surface of society, gentles all and see the downtrodden, the outcast, the forgotten and the abandoned. We are called upon as Dalorins to make a difference to such as these. Let us show mercy, love and kindness and walk humbly with Lord Nehtor when it comes to these boys. I challenge each one of us to join these boys in a fellowship to give them hope and a future. Allow no one to look down upon them because they are so young. Let no one call them unwanted or unloved. From this day forward, let us bring together these boys in a fellowship and care for them. Let us help them and in doing so, let them help themselves and the city of Ximax. This rude building we see before us shall in time become a hall in which these boys can live, learn, leave a legacy and in time love another," thus spake the Dalorin Martynel Utha in 1580 a.S., after the rebuilding effort that restored the buildings of Ximax city in the aftermath of the infamous magical explosion which destroyed many houses, places of business and other landmarks of old Ximax.

In the days and weeks that followed the explosion, the citizens of Ximax, aided by the embarrassed magi of the Magical Academy rebuilt their homes and places of business. In order to focus on the rebuilding effort, and not have to worry about the care of their children during the daylight hours, parents gave many of the boys of Ximax into the care of White Nehetorians at their rude building on land which today houses Boyzinna Fellowship Hall, likewise, many girls were given over to the midwives in the local Temple of J. Other children, specifically those families with sons and daughters, were housed in other temporary accommodations around the city as it was rebuilt.

After the initial crisis was resolved, and houses were rebuilt, many of the children returned to their homes, however there were some that were now abandoned, orphaned or unwanted and so the Dalorins in residence at the building permitted those boys to stay with them. The White Nehetorians saw to their needs, including an education, shelter and sustenance, in exchange for work from the boys. The young residents worked hard and willingly and they were given time off from their duties to play hard as well. As time went on, the guilds were restored and the Masters of the Tanners' Guild took over the running of the hall and care of the boys from the Dalorins who sought to move on from the magic city to other places around Xaramon and the other provinces of northern Santharia.

There are three unifying features for the members of the Boyzinna Fellowship.

Firstly, the members are all boys between the ages of soon after birth to the age of approximately sixteen when they are encouraged to take on tanning or one of the many other trades of Ximax City. From time to time, some within the fellowship attempt to bring girls into the Fellowship, but each of those efforts have failed to date. The boys younger than twelve vote en mass against allowing 'icky girls' into the Fellowship, and the vote fails as a result.

Secondly, the boys are all human, either fully or partly. The majority of the boys are from the tribes found within the borders of the Santharian kingdom. Boys with Kyranian, Helcrani or Cemtoraurian ancestry are most likely to be found amongst the Boyzinna ranks, however it is not unheard of for Avennorian, Erpheronian or even Stratan boys to be members. It is far more seldom for boys from the Northern Sarvonian human tribes to become members, or indeed for those of other continents to become members. In 1643 A.S., however, an illness struck down the adults on a mission from the Zhunite city states to Ximax and the boys who were part of that mission were housed in the Boyzinna Fellowship during their stay in Ximax.

Finally, there is a simple leather cord each member of the Boyzas wear around his neck. This cord is threaded through a rectangular piece of leather that has a stylized outline of a tricol goat. This miniature goat is believed to have been created as a result of a miscast spell that changed a herd of capricus goats

The Boyzinna Fellowship is found within Ximax city in the Province of Xaramon, Santharia. These rascals are housed in the Boyzinna Fellowship Hall located in Homestead burough. This hall is the building closest to Tanners' Bend in Ximax proper. However, the Boyzinna Fellowship moves throughout the city in order to collect, sort and process the waste products of the citizens of Ximax city. As a rule, there are two parts of the local area that the Boyzas avoid.

The first of these is the neighbouring Burough of <that roguish burough that Azhira wrote>. <Reason why here>.

The second area is the Ximax Academy itself. .

Breakup of duties, training and housing of the members of the fellowship is according to age. The age which serves as the dividing factor is twelve. Those who are below the age of twelve are taught to read, write, count and do basic months, as well as the processes to be followed in the collection of the waste products.

Beliefs and Moral Codes



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I like your quotation in the 'Origins' section, Dek. It captures the spirit of a piously charitable man quite well, methinks.

One question, though: what is a Dorian?

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Glad you liked it, Master Anfang ... I borrowed parts of the quote from a couple of different parts of the Bible as well as from Les Miserables :)

Good point about the Dorian ... I'll mention the White Nehetorians (Dorians) in the Overview.

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You mean the Dalorins (, my friend! :)

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I do indeed mean Dalorins, Master Anfang. Thank you for picking that up. I think I've now fixed all those up. :)

Provided my migraines don't get too severe, work demands increase exponentially, or the world doesn't end this week, I'm hopeful this will have at least the first draft finished within the next few weeks.


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Hey Dek, it's great to hear that you're planning to write an entry again. I will comment enthusiastically! Once you have a draft, and if I'm not around, please don't hesitate to PM or "Shabakuk!" me.  :)