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Title: Odelve Strawhat
Post by: Valan Nonesuch on 06 April 2012, 10:15:57
Dear Vales he's at it again! With a thousand apologies to Bard Judith for borrowing the name from back in the Hobbit Belief thread.

Odelve Strawhat, Odelve Greenhands, Odelve Soilfeet, Odelve Blessedvale

Odelve Strawhat, variously known as Odelve Greenhands, Odelve Soilfeet, and Odelve Blessedvale is one of several, halfling folk figures who collectively are referred to as "Blessedvales"[1]. By all accounts Odelve was never more than a simple gardener and carpenter, albeit one of extra-ordinary good fortune and sense. Hobbits of the Dogodan Shire in particular are fond of Odelve, who is said to have hailed from that particular shire.

Odelve is depicted as a short, stout Dogodan hobbit, with a round belly and face and a mess of curly red hair. Typically a middle-aged, well-to-do hobbit, Odelve is never shown without dirt on his feet or hands. His clothing is traditionally Dogodan as well, from the short-legged pants to the woven straw hat perched atop his head, and a pipe tucked behind his ear. He is often depicted with a small spade, trowel or an eya-hoe, though some show him with a hammer and nails.

Odelve Greenhands is often described as kind-hearted, patient and gentle. "Never in a hurry, was Odelve" is a phrase often repeated, usually in comparison to the Big Folk. Equally repeated is "with care" or "with patience, for that was his way of things." Indeed, Odelve's craftsmanship is not the legendary stuff of dwarves but rather the simple homespun care and patience

Mythology or Biography
Odelve's stories, like those of the other Blessedvales, are collected in the Book of Blessedtales (the contents of which can and will vary from copy to copy). Unlike other Blessedvales however, many of the tales of Greenthumb have never been written down. Dogodan halflings are not great readers or writers, but instead bear a great oral tradition of story, song and poetry, and so many tales of Odelve exist only within the the Dogodan Shire.
Those which have been recorded are the result of some scant stories being shared during halfling feasttreks between shires, a tradition which stories of Odelve have no small part in.

Becoming a Patron
Odelve is most remembered for two particular occurances. Odelve was among the first contingent of Dogodan halflings to make a feasttrek to the Elanveranshire

One of the many sayings to do with Odelve Greenthumb is "Odelve's care", which may be said as way of reminding someone that any task or situation, with the right patience and attention, can be done well and true. One might say "Odelve's care" to another who seems to be rushing a job which ought be taken a bit more slowly, and likewise it may be said when someone expresses frustration, as a way to suggest that time be taken to think.
One might suggest that something is insurmountable by referencing this particular Blessedvale "Greenthumb couldn't see his way to clear these weeds!" is a popular use, though it may be used more jokingly, "There's more ale here than Odelve himself could drink if you gave him a month!"

Odelve is also associated with the unusual ailment that he lends his name to, the Green Hands (or Thumb, depending on who you ask) condition. An obscure
As with many Blessedvales, there are no particularly formal celebrations, though one could argue that the gentle care and tending to of a garden may qualify, as would the harvesting of such a plot. Dogodan halflings typically associate Odelve with the harvest and planting seasons, and especially with the Feasttrek,

Stories of Odelve typically are meant to instruct or inform young (and, on occasion, not-quite-so-young) hobbits the value of care, diligence and patience in all things. Odelve also embodies the halfling love of green and growing things, and of things done well, be it a particularly artfully blown smoke-ring or a masterfully-crafted chair. Some stories of Odelve also include a set of instructions or guidelines for farmers forming a sort of oral almanack, an especially clever way for the Dogodan Hobbits to pass this learning on to their own sons and daughters.
"Odelve and the Great Feast" is notable for including not only the proper preparation of all-year-pie in such quantities and proportions as to feed a large portion of a visiting feasttrek but also the portions for the assorted and sundry components to go along with such a meal (not limited to drink, savouries, three different kinds of stew, two different breads, seven types of cake and a receipt which seems to describe the method of preparing a butterball roughly the size of a newborn child.)

[1]The Compendiumist cannot stress enough the difference between a Blessedvale and a traditional Styrian or Human deity, such as those of the Avanian or Twelvern faiths. No special powers or divinity are ascribed to the Blessedvales, and the idea of worshipping them is considered absolutely foolish (or hilarious) by halflings. Instead, Blessedvales are accorded the sort of polite reverence one might have for a particularly knowledgable or skilled individual, or an especially cherished older family member.

Title: Re: Odelve Strawhat
Post by: Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr on 10 April 2012, 06:29:50
You don't mention Greenthumb under "Names".

Other than that, I've no time now for comments. Looking nice.

In haste,


Title: Re: Odelve Strawhat
Post by: Deklitch Hardin on 10 April 2012, 12:44:07
I started developing an affliction that I started off by calling Greenthumb, but may change/have changed it to Greenhands. Would you consider linking this entry to that one?

Also, under "Becoming a Patron", you simply have the questions asked by the template.



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That's why I still have the pencil up Dek.

I changed my mind a bit about the name part way through writing/posting the entry (hence Strawhat in the title but not in the text, as Athviaro has noted)

Title: Re: Odelve Strawhat
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 11 April 2012, 04:13:04
While still in progress I'm happy that another addition to the Blessedvales is made - Valan is really picking his areas and sees to develop them, as seen in this case with the third hobbit, two stories for the "Book of Blessedvales". Or with his R'unor ambitions. That's the way to go, appreciate the approach very much, and hand out an aura +1 for the continued effort!

Title: Re: Odelve Strawhat
Post by: Valan Nonesuch on 11 April 2012, 04:29:43
As much as I appreciate the sentiment Art, I have to say I feel I'm very much scattered at the moment, just based on where I've got entries to finish. And quite a few of them at that.

And I missed an earlier question from Dek: I'd be more than happy to link that condition if I can get my head around the name. I'm trying not to stand on my own feet for a later patron.