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Title: Magic of the Priestesses of Ankriss
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 18 March 2013, 04:20:54
Not a very glamorous entry, but necessary groundwork for things to come.  :D

Note: 'Magic of the Priestesses of Ankriss' is a rather clumsy name. Any suggestions?


Although their magic was not limited to these areas, the Priestesses of Ankriss (Krean High Goddess of Life and Nature) were best known for their unrivalled skill in healing, growth arts, and divination. This magical art is a sub-school of Krean Magic and rests on the same theoretical foundation as all other Krean arcane arts. Unlike Santharian clerical magic, the magic of the priestesses was thus secular in method and religious in its source.

The distinguishing features of this school are: (a) its reliance primarily on dance and gesture instead of runic sequences or  geometrical structures to alter reality; (b) heavy utilization of Joining of Wills the magnitude, complexity and interconnectedness of which exists neither in Santharia nor among other Krean orders; (c) the priestesses’ aptitude for using nature as an ‘extension’ of themselves, supposedly by merging with Ankriss; and (d) the link its practitioners share with their semi-mythical High Priestess.

The priestesses are now considered extinct, having disappeared during the Breaking (1649 BS) with the rest of the Krath Empire. However, their influence may still be seen in the magic of several civilisations today, such as the Amorai and the Sankrean.