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Title: Caelereth is Real
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on 17 March 2014, 01:41:50
Ever wonder what happens when a community of gifted writers comes together to create a world so detail rich, so believable in its integration?  Well, it becomes real.  People all over the world believe that this fine disk of ours actually exists in the world.

Some example;

TBIM Sun Oil Trading ( apparently they get their Sunflower Oil from Caelereth.  If you look at their other oils, they are apparently marketed on real world facts. ( has the #1 answer to What is a Leveret, as an animal found in Northern Sarvonia

Field Mice ( have a territory all over the moderate areas of Caelereth

Sunflower again ( Caelereth must be a province in Bangladesh, as the Flowers of Bangladesh clearly references the Sunflower as growing there.

Pet Krakens ( preferably the Caelereth ones, I assume

Imps ( Where did they go?  That is one of the Unsolved Mysteries of our time.

Sunflower ( appears to be a favourite

I just thought it was cool that soe people are imbedding this world into the Real World and blurring the lines between the two.  I'm sure there are probably hundreds of examples if one looked.  This was just a few minutes looking because I was bored. :)

Title: Re: Caelereth is Real
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 17 March 2014, 15:45:40
:lol: Yeah, these are some quite funny examples - especially the Oil Company that references what elves do with their oil sounds a bit off, eh? But in general people tend to believe everything they find on the internet, just like the guy who once sent an e-mail concerning the invention of the waterwheel where we also have an entry on site. At least that one found an e-mail address, but still wasn't sure about those wars mentioned in the entry, so he had to ask... :cool:

P.S. Didn't see the Santharian reference in the last entry though, but it's all rather refreshing to see that we at least manage to confuse people so that they take it all for real... ;)

Title: Re: Caelereth is Real
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on 17 March 2014, 15:54:56
The last one has a Description box on the right hand side of the page.  It uses the same passages that the Bangladesh site uses, word for word, that are lifted from the entry. :)

Title: Re: Caelereth is Real
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 17 March 2014, 16:18:35
That's really amazing! I recall somebody, who asked how to care for field mice...

Thanks for the links, Alt!

Title: Re: Caelereth is Real
Post by: Erutan Argon on 26 May 2014, 20:51:41
These were quite a good read Alt, glad I wandered my way over to the dev side to see this, lol.  :thumbup:

Title: Re: Caelereth is Real
Post by: Vesk Lyricahl on 22 June 2014, 04:12:10
I couldn't resist poking around a bit on the website with the field mouse report. It's a collaboration by fifth graders, so the field mouse entry is just a fifth grader copying her entire report from the Internet. :D

Title: Re: Caelereth is Real
Post by: Bard Judith on 25 July 2014, 23:41:55
I still recall the desperate plea straight to my mailbox from a woman who really wanted to know where I had found the mermaid I dissected... in real life...