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Title: Dirath Noven, reporting in.
Post by: Dirath Noven on 05 June 2014, 20:30:34

Found this site and absolutely love the concept. I've always thought of writing as less inventing and more of viewing (I know this to be true of my own work). To view a shared world is a rare opportunity for me.

I've been writing stories since I was very small, kindergarten at the very latest, though it shames me to admit very few are complete. There always some other world that wants its story told.

That being said, I will most likely be posting very sporadically, since I have three jobs, one of which is taking me away from internet access for a month. I do my best work with pen, paper, and time to think, so expect some small trifle when I get back.

One area in which I might be able to help is in military history, as it is something I have personal knowledge of.

And I feel like I'm rambling. Lack of sleep I'm sure.

Thank you,
William L. Ellis

Title: Re: Dirath Noven, reporting in.
Post by: Seeker on 06 June 2014, 00:59:35
Well Dirath welcome to the dream.  It is always exciting to have a newcomer.  I joined Santharia a few years ago and I quite love it.  Sadly there has not been much activity as of late but there is always time to turn that around.  ;)

Great to have you.  Look forward to what you come up with first.  Let us know if you have any questions or need help getting started.  Oh and always feel free to comment on other's postings.