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Title: "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."
Post by: Val OŽNeil on 12 August 2014, 14:31:25
It has been announced that a very beloved actor and comedian, Robin Williams, has died.

While he may or may not have been a prominent figure in your lives, he certainly was in mine. I'm not saying that I knew the man personally, as I did not- but I certainly wished that I had. I grew up watching television shows and movies starring Robin Williams, and he was a defining influence for me in regards to my personality, and the qualities I look for in others. Robin has always been a huge inspiration to me. He is my idol; I love and admire him.

This incredible and humble actor and comedian made me realize that while I might grow older, it does not mean I have to grow up. Though I may become more and more weighed down with the responsibilities that come with striking out on your own and becoming a member of society, it did not mean that I needed to bury the me as a child- as that is who I truly am.

Robin Williams fed my imagination as a child, encouraged me to dream not just big- but to dream gigantic. And as an adult, his standup filled me with much needed laughter to relieve all the stress of my responsibility-laden day-to-day life.

I've known for a very long time now that he was deeply depressed- and unlike many others who also knew, it never crossed my mind as to why he could be depressed. I, myself, have battled my demons and come out scathed and bloody. And I could never say that I really won against my depression, as it was still there lurking even if momentarily stifled. So many seem to think that fame, fortune, success and other outside influences have to do with personal happiness. But, so often, it does not. It has nothing to do with it. It is no wonder that comedians so often are found to have issues with depression, as laughter is one of the greatest stress relievers that someone can offer. I cannot say what might have been the demons with which he wrestled, and I will not say that he should have been thankful and joyous with all that he'd had. Not all are capable of such, despite the joy and inspiration that they themselves may be gifting to those around them.

I will not demean him by trying to figure out why he could feel the way that he felt. Rather, I extend my love and respect to him for keeping up the good fight as long as he did. He was not weak, he was so very strong. He was a beautiful person and a beautiful mind. The world is a lesser place without him and he will be deeply missed by everyone who has had the pleasure to know him, even if it was only from a very far distance.

Thank you so much for leaving your mark on this world so visibly. Though I had not had the incredible privilege of meeting you in person, you were one of the best influences in my life- and you will continue to be. I love you and may you rest easy.

Robin Williams
July 1951 - August 2014
You are loved.

Title: Re: "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 13 August 2014, 02:50:18
Well put, Val! :nod:

Really a pity to hear this kind of news and to see someone gone so suddenly. Especially someone who influenced the lives of so many others, and in this case also accompanying children as the grow up, youths and adults alike and show them how to smile about life. Not that Williams didn't have any major dramatic roles aside from his comedy stuff - he could do both, and that's pretty rare. Too bad however that many people often forget the person behind a public figure, that he was a person like many others and that he fought his own demons by laughing with and at them, and that he eventually couldn't cope with it. But at least his work will live on inspiring many more I'm sure, really a tragedy nevertheless.