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Title: Dreamer's Code
Post by: Madhava on 03 January 2016, 06:45:02
I, Madhava, do promise to abide by the Code of Santharia. I shall respect all citizens of the Kingdom, not judging them by age or race or gender or creed. I shall encourage, help, and support them. I will put forth my best effort to create, edit, and complete original entries for the Compendium of Santharia, in cooperation with my fellow Compendiumists. I will take the time to comment, critique, and suggest for others' entries. In all ways I will foster the spirit of cooperation and fellowship that brings all of us together as Dreamers. This vow I make this day, and from henceforth...

Title: Re: Dreamer's Code
Post by: Seeker on 19 January 2016, 09:18:53
Awesome! Welcome Madhava.  Don't let the slow traffic scare you away.  I have enjoyed many years of dreaming on this site.  Feel free to find ways to contribute that make you happy.   :grin: