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Title: Party Time- Gift for Val- Death Dance Butterfly Pic
Post by: Seeker on 20 February 2016, 12:19:15
"Congratulations Val"...Seeker yelled as he bursts into the great hall carrying a large package.  But all he heard in return was an echo.  Where was everyone?

Was he mistaken? Was not the party going to take place here.  The hall was large and ornate, a perfect place for a gathering, but alas it was barren... void of food and music and the usual festivities.   It had been two months since Val O'Neil's acceptance into the ranks of Santharian membership and he was sure everyone would be here to celebrate.  

Seeker, carefully opened the package he carried and leaned the large canvas against the wall across from him.  He stared at it for a while.  "I hope she likes her gift" he mumbled to himself.  "It is so hard to get these things perfect" .  

Feeling as if he could be waiting a while Seeker sat down. .  He then began waving his hands in the air, muttered some incoherent incantation and poof, he conjured up three fireballs and practiced his juggling, hoping someone would arrive soon.  

Comments on picture welcome by all, but be sure to join the party first :)

Title: Re: Party Time- Gift for Val- Death Dance Butterfly Pic
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 21 February 2016, 16:43:13
Very nice picture, Seeker, and great to see you back drawing :D Though it feels a bit weird partying with a picture of a Death Dance Butterfly... :lol: It looks like the little fellow is sitting more on a zombie's arm than a regular guy, but I guess this goes with the territory. The butterfly is very nice at any rate, I hope Val, our resident butterfly expert, will also approve it... Great stuff! So aura +1!

P.S. Also, as I see you also plan to do a picture of Flesid's mountains, it looks like we're slowly but surely getting enough stuff together to make an update. I've already posted four fairy tales plus a revision of an older one, and four more are in the pipeline plus a revision of one more (should be all done within two weeks), and we'll have two pictures of Faugar to go with them. :)