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Title: New-Santhala
Post by: Felsid Greytunnel on 02 September 2016, 00:07:58
I've been thinking I want to write a really big article soon. I know I've started the article on Thyslan already, and yes, I intend it to be big too, but unfortunately I'm having trouble getting my words straight for it. After some rooting around I remembered that the article for New-Santhala hasn't been written; it being the capital of Santharia, it should probably be done at some point...

Just wanted to make sure that it hasn't been reserved by anyone, and if it's cool I take a stab at writing it!

Title: Re: New-Santhala
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 02 September 2016, 02:52:44
*haha* Wouldn't you want to do a moderately big entry before you make a really big one, Felsid? Are you sure you'll get your words straight for New-Santhala? ;)

Well, at any rate: I guess there were plans years ago that e.g. Grunok wanted to do it, and probably someone else later, but basically as they're not around: I don't have a problem if you want to tackle it. Would require quite a bit of research though, there are lots of references on the site about this one. So I don't have any objections about it, but it will last quite a while to get that one right, I assume...  :D

Title: Re: New-Santhala
Post by: Felsid Greytunnel on 02 September 2016, 04:06:03
Actually, the fact there's already so much written for this one is what attracts me to it. I like the art of tying together references from around the compendium. I'll even try and work on from what Grunok has started with.