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Title: Santharian Horror Stories: Uninvited
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 02 September 2016, 02:44:27
Tale: Uninvited
Link: Read it in the Santharian Library (
Size: 22 pages

Introduction: It is past midnight. Darkness reigns as you awake in the study, an open book in front of you, a glass of blood red wine next to it. A candle is quietly melting away. Suddenly you hear ominous sounds reverberating through the hallway, and the next moment another unnerving discovery convinces you that an intruder must have entered. Chances are he's still around - very, very close by, ready to strike. And thus the dangerous nocturnal search begins... Careful, stranger! This might turn out as a chase with your life at stake!

Additional Note: The short story of "Uninvited" is based on the interactive Santhworld module bearing the same name. The story is also a "Thief III" fan project, marrying the world of "Thief" with Santharia. Pictures used in this module and story are screenshots from the game by Eidos Interactive. All rights reserved.