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Title: Norkin!
Post by: Norkin on 31 August 2005, 03:34:00
If you need my attention on anything just post here and I'll be with shortly.

Title: Re: Norkin!
Post by: Erian Melor on 10 October 2005, 11:33:00
Just thought you should be one of the ones to comment on my rewrite of the Tandalan Sheep, since you were the one that wrote the entry.

The sun falls from the evening sky,
this life I cannot abide.
The eternal night draws nigh,
I seek the loving embrace of my lost bride.

Title: Re: Norkin!
Post by: Tyrian Jadewalker on 26 October 2005, 16:38:00

Just wanted your thoughts on my doing an entry on the Carshan Spider from your deepgorge entry as Artimidor suggested here.  Let me know what you think and what you had envisioned for it (or if you wanted to do it yourself).

You can post in my Spider Rework thread in the bestiary found here.


Tyrian Jadewalker