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Title: Mina!
Post by: Mina on 24 April 2006, 10:25:00
I'm not so active nowadays, but if you need my attention, post here and I'll probably see it.  Alternatively, you could send me a PM.

Title: Re: Mina!
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 09 May 2006, 13:17:00
Hello Mina! I've compiled a discussion I had with Silfer concerning ounia last night, arranged it into a simple, straightforward and logical flow and polished the writing by adding some dry humour. Now I am traveling door to door (or perhaps more accurately, belltower to belltower) to cajole people into commenting on it. If you are not busy, would you mind checking "Ounia & expression of properties: An alternative solution"? I did not post this under Rayne's ounia entry as that thread is already very crowded and I was afraid this would get lost there. Thank you!  

Title: Re: Mina!
Post by: Fox on 08 May 2008, 13:38:40
Mina: As update is this weekend, I'd like to request that you take a look at the spells I've put put up on the Magic Forum and see if there is anything wrong with them or if they are okay for integration. If you have time for it I'd also like you to take a look at the Focuses thread, but that's of less importance since I don't think even with comments it will be ready for integration this week. The spells however I'd like to get up if there are no major issues with them.


Title: Re: Mina!
Post by: Mina on 08 May 2008, 17:09:01
Already planning to; finished my exams last night.  :)  Didn't realise the update would be this week though. 

Title: Re: Mina!
Post by: Elrond Almadi on 11 September 2008, 03:45:52
Hi Mina,

I've created a new lvl 3 wind spell and no ones commented on it in the last four days so i thought you might be able to take a quick look at it if you have any time as you are the magic moderator.

Hope you can find some time to look at it