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Title: LT Mysteries of Nepris 0.15
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 21 November 2003, 14:21:00
Ok, here it is, the one and only final link to the current Nepris RPG version:

LT Mysteries of Nepris (3.14 MB)

The file contains all in one - the LT Engine and all game files including pics and musics, and there's no installation at all required. Simply download the zip-file, unzip it into a folder, then start Tales. exe, and there you are. Unlike at previous versions you also don't need to install an adventure after starting. Simply select "Start Game" in the menu, and that's it.

Some technical details concerning the game: It currently contains:

- 130 rooms
- 33 pics
- 8 1/2 NPC dialogues
- 3 full quests and 3 half ones
- 8 sound effects
- 1 background music


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