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Title: Possible new member: Darkpsy
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 12 November 2000, 05:06:00
Just to keep you informed:

Yesterday someone answered to my message at the Wyvern's Libary at the Elfwood where I posted that we are searching writer's for the Santharian Dream.

Here's the answer of Darkpsy:

"I'm a creative writing major and might be interested in helping out. I never do anything half-way, so how seriously could I support this endeavour?"

Sounds promising, so I invited him to join us:)

Here is his mail from today:

"Hey, this is Darkpsy (I'm working on that name, really) and I'm interested in anything that involves using my imagination. This could prove interesting and might be beneficial to my own writing. Is there anything I should know before joining? My contributions would probably be focused on story development since that's where my talents lie. Well, send me a line if you think I would be an aset to Santharia. Thanks."

Okeydokey, will write him today:)  

Title: Re: Possible new member: Darkpsy
Post by: Greybark on 15 November 2000, 21:33:00
Sounds promising! :)

Title: Darkpsy
Post by: DarSeideous on 16 November 2000, 19:38:00
Once the humble being known as Darkpsy, I am now the all powerful orcish marauder, DarSeideous. Huh? Orcish Marauder?
Oh, I see. To gain power I most post day and night. Alas, if this is what must be suffered for me to claim what is rightfully mine, so be it. But just you wait. I will challenge the almighty Webmaster himself! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Why are you all staring at me?

Title: Re: Darkpsy
Post by: Dala Valannia on 16 November 2000, 22:16:00
We're not staring! Who says we're staring??? I'm not staring!! Who stared??? It wasn't me!! I never stare!! It's a damnable lie! Staring is out of the question! Someone else stared! It was the third gunman! The starers are from Area 51!! Who, me?? I NEVER stare!!!!!

Ah, sorry about that but you caught me in my post X-files paranoid full blown denial mode :b  Welcome DarSeideous! Orcish Marauder now you may be but wait till you get to Psychotic Warrior Princess :)