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Title: Koldar stumbles in the room...
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 05 March 2002, 16:01:00
... his sword broken, his shirt and trousers full of holes, his head and arms have some serious scratches.

"I made it! I did it!" Koldar grabs a completely surprised Bard Judith by her shoulders and shakes her. "I did it! Do you listen? I did it!" He madly repeats.
Koldar was about to do the same to Eskon and Silfer who work in these rooms as well but they luckily escape.
Bad luck for Dala that she just enters the room.  Koldar hugs her and gives her a loud kiss on the cheek!

Koldar stumbles back into the middle of the room rising his arms in a pose of victory.
"I survived! And I got it! The greatest treasure of them all."  he speaks and fumbles in one of his boots to reveal a...

...completely unspectacular sheet of paper. "Ha! There those buddies didn't search me! Rookies!" He mumbles with a smile.

Have a look here he says showing a crude pergament nobody wants to touch considering in what condition his boots - not to speak about his feet- are.

"As I said some long day ago I wanted to redo the Styrash-Font. I used the new Font program Art mentioned not long ago and have to say it is one hundred times easier than Softy which we used before. Only problem is that the shareware program didn't allow me to rename the font but I evaded this problem.
I also wanted to check the old Styrash-font though this new Fontmaker can't read it. Obviously is doing Softy some bad stuff with Fonts making them corrupt for this program...
However, this new Font is now close to finish. As you can see the letters are all there in all necessary variants to write elven language but I didn't introduce punctuation, yet and currently don't know how and what I should use for Elven writing.
What you see on the picture is a part of the Carpa'dosia with this new Font. The first lines mean "the Santharian Dream".
As you might think, the Font is meant to be more practical and easier to write and distinguish. My official name for it is 'Modern Styrash'. eventually I'll now develop Thar's alphabet as well but still have to adjust this one.

The Font is based on Seagull, meaning that all letters/Glyphs I didn't replace are the original Seagull Font. I want to make some bugfixing/cleaning and adjusting before I send it to you, Art,....

...however this picture is for a preview and comments concerning style and design! Thanks!"

Koldar falls to the ground *bump*

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Title: Re: Koldar stumbles in the room...
Post by: Bard Judith on 05 March 2002, 17:42:00
The Bard shoves a large, cushioned chair under Koldar before he hits the floor, and quickly grabs the firetongs.

Advancing on Koldar with a pair of these large pliers understandably makes him nervous, but as he attempts to rise from the chair Dala sits on his knee, effectively distracting him.   While he gazes at her in some befuddlement, Judith snatches the tattered parchment from his fingers with the firetongs and lays it out on an cluttered tabletop nearby.

She reads over the sheet with eyebrows careted - "hmmm, interesting!  A lovely hand, strong visual presence especially in the tails of the letters....Dala, did you need help there?"

The lovely and efficient housedragon is busily dabbing at the knight's scratches and dirtstreaks, revealing his original skin colour below the dried blood and mud.  "He'll be all right, Judith," she answers, "just make sure to give him plenty of praise for that...that...whatever it is.  It must have been important!" She frowns as she discovers a particularly nasty bruise on the wrist.  "This looks like mouse abuse to me....Koldar, you have to take better care of yourself!"

"Well," the Bard finally says, laying the tongs down, "it was worth it; we have Modern Styrash!  This calls for drinks." And she suits the deed to the word, pouring some toddies of mulled Harvest Heat for everyone.  "A toast to Koldar and the Font of the Elves!"

Title: Re: Koldar stumbles in the room...
Post by: Greybark on 06 March 2002, 10:36:00
Wow......really cool looking!

P.S. How did you do the parchment??? Can I have some for my book of Aheh?

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Title: Re: Koldar stumbles in the room...
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 March 2002, 11:57:00
The design is great, Koldar! Very original and simply cooool:)  Looking forward to the font!!! Also the paper looks perfect here (a Photoshop effect obviously, Grey, which fits very well)!

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Title: Re: Koldar stumbles in the room...
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 06 March 2002, 16:23:00
Thanks alot. Actually the parchment was only a way to put it into the right mood. *hehe*

I'm currently refining the font, spaces etc., and I'm now wondering what kind of puncutation do we really need?
Currently wondering, the end of a sentence might be marked but would elves use any more or just expect to rwead the sentence?

Current problem with both, old and new, fonts is that they always could use some antialiasing which is only provided with graphic tools like Photoshop so in Words it looks somewhat pixelated. However the new Font is readable up to a Fontsize of 12 or even lower(though it is getting rather hard then). Also no problems with upper and lower size. I already know or guess what is the reason in the old font but as said I can't fix it with the new program and don't know how to fix it with the old one. :)  

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Title: Re: Koldar stumbles in the room...
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 10 March 2002, 13:50:00
/me hopes this new program willwork with MacIntosh as well!

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Title: Re: Koldar stumbles in the room...
Post by: Quellion on 10 March 2002, 14:19:00
Cool font, Koldar. Looks much more "user friendly", so to speak. More regular and elegant. It looks like it has less strokes per character too... Great work!

Title: Re: Koldar stumbles in the room...
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 10 March 2002, 17:56:00
Oh, but I liked the old one very much, was good to write with!

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