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Title: New counter record: 162 hits a day
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 07 May 2000, 00:50:00
The V3 company which does the redirection sends weekly mails to all their members mentioning 5 remarkable sites. I registered to be presented at the mail - and two weeks later Santharia was included in the mail!

Of course this won't last too long, but who cares?

At least this brought 162 visitors yesterday alone!

Title: All time highscore: 291 hits!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 08 May 2000, 12:51:00
For all who like statistics: Saturday was the best day for Santharia ever: 291 hits (thanx to V3) according to the NedStat counter which I've reactivated just in time (Bravenet counter has some temporary problems)! I guess we won't reach this number soon again, so if you want to celebrate: Do it now!

Title: NICE!!!!
Post by: del vol on 09 May 2000, 03:32:00
Im glad things are going well !

 By the way if you have any site updates while im away send a mail to saying so and our kid will check the santharian pop3 account and upload to the site.

Now time for shopping!!!!

Title: Celebrate it now?
Post by: Xaron on 09 May 2000, 14:32:00
OK, Artimidor, handle me that beautiful bottle of champaign. *Artimidor is now checking how long his arms are... This can take a while :-)*

Xaron the annoying

Title: Way to GO!
Post by: Vaelaron Dalavaga on 09 May 2000, 17:21:00
I can remember when the site was just at 100 hits total, now it's getting over a hundred hits a day!  Way to go everybody!