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Title: Elven Theory
Post by: Curgan on 10 January 2001, 17:02:00
After the fall of the Great Nothern Elven Empire in the area, which is currently known as the Ashmarian lands, a group of elves was formed. They believed that the main reason for the failure of the elves to create a perfect society was their nature.
Ava is the absolute good, but her dream is her exact reflection and thus it is evil by nature. The races are based in the four main elements and they influence the dream according to the element they belong to. Air is transparent. That’s why the elves float over the essence of being. They can’t really change anything, just make it more beautiful. Elves enjoy being part of a system and living harmonically with it. Alteration equals with destruction for them. Fire is destructive. It burns everything that comes near it. The orcs, who are based on fire, can’t create anything from their own. The only thing they can do is destroy and corrupt what’s already made. Sometimes they can purify the contaminated excellence. The dwarves are made from Earth. They are a solid base to build on and their creations last in time, but still they can’t change the essence of beings. Humans on the other hand are based on water. They are fluid and adaptable. Humans can alter any idol that is reflected on them. Just like water fertilizes the earth or corrupts what comes in contact with, humans can find light in the thickest dark and dark in the brightest light. They have a tendency to discover what’s hidden and are capable of the noblest deed and the worst atrocity. Nothing remains of pure evil or pure goodness with them. Their element is water. That’s why they can reflect things.

Title: Elven Theory Part II
Post by: Curgan on 10 January 2001, 17:05:00
So, according to these elves, if the evil nature of Ava’s dream is reflected in the human soul, the dream will become pure just like the Great Dreameress. Only under human rule can there be formed a perfect society, since the Firstborn had their chance and failed. The human fragile bodies and their short life span affect them positively and spare them from the elven arrogance.  They know that they are weak and temporary, so they want to leave their mark in the world. Something that will give them immortality through glory. Their insecurity is their cause for their virtue, because humans know they are weak and they try to explore their resources the best they can. However, they need all the other races in order not to destroy their system. They need the Air races in order to acquire harmony, the Earth races in order to gain stability and time resistance and the Fire races in order to correct their mistakes as well as Ava’s.
This theory was greatly disputed among the circles of the few surviving high elves. They couldn’t see how humans were destined to take the lead nor how could this world be purified through flesh. Many Dark Elves considered that a blasphemy.
The supporters of this theory formed a society which would promote it. They named their organization as “The League”. They would pic a human tribe, the worst they could find, and provide them with certain circumstances in order to record their reactions. If they managed to overcome the difficulties, then their theory would be right. At the same time another rival society was formed by the Dark Elves. It was named “The Pure” and their goal was to destroy the League and lead the elves once more in world domination. According to their beliefs humans, as a water race, were ment only for corruption and destruction and with their self centered tamperament were too unreliable and irresponsible to rule the world. These two fractions fought against each other for many centuries and the League was very careful with its moves.

Title: Elven Theory Part III
Post by: Curgan on 10 January 2001, 17:07:00
However, during the first Sarvonian War, when the Pure were busy fighting, the League found the human tribe they were looking for in Kyrania. They were villagers living south of Hecra, in the plains of Altheim. They were peaceful farmers until some day a band of rogues killed an elven prince, who ‘s been their friend for many years, his name was Tacunija and was passing peacefully on his way to Vontron in order to promote a truce. The elves soon retaliated with ferocity and the humans turned in the High Fores for salvation. Although they were in constant dispute among each other, they felt that a strong bond united them, the bond of Tacunija’s curse, which was predicted that they were to be punished three times by Fire. They took the name Firedamned -in their own dialect Helcrani- and soon they became great warriors. This tribe had already adopted many elven elements, not only because they were friendly towards them till Tacunija’s massacre but also because they were deadly foes after the murder. They lived among the dwarves and they were a great opportunity for the League. Indeed, this tribe very soon earned the respect of the Goltherrhim. A little before the Great War ended, a plague stroke Helcrah, the tribe’s new homeland in the High Fores mountains. It was just when the Helcrani and the Goltherrhim had finaly become friends. The Pure, who are believed to have initiated the plague, seemed to have vanished the Helcrani. However, with the help of their new friends in Goltherlon, many of them abandoned the mountains and seeked refuge north. Many elves and dwarves came along. The League decided to intervene and mark for them a site to build their new homeland. They planted in an island between Centorauria and Erpheronia,the Artapherana, the trees of the elements, which glowed in the dark, as a sign. The island and the hill the trees were took the same name, Efirhal, and the city was named Milkengrad. In the city the three tribes lived together. However, they were in constant dispute with each other. Nevertheless, they were fully incorporated in Centorauria and in less than 200 years they took over Centorauria. Soon they plunged into a civil war and a few years later their neightbours allied against them and conquered Milkengrad, because they felt that they were threatened by their rising power. Then the city was burned down and the Curse was fulfiled for the second time (the first was when the elves burned two Helcrani villages as a revenge of Tacunija’s murder). The destruction of Milkengrad is considered another victory for the Pure. However, the Helcrani managed to recapture their city and enslave the Turacanthian and Ashmarian invaders, who inhabited it after the Fall and the complete anihilation of its former population. However, they behaved kindly to their slaves and during the Second Sarvonian War the Turacanthians took arms in order to defend the city and the fortunes of their masters, when they were away in a campaign. This way they earned their freedom and the right to call themselves Helcrani. The Turacanthians were granted land in the island west of Efirhal, where they live as Milkengradian citizens until today in the city-fort of Turacanth.  

Title: Elven Theory Part IV
Post by: Curgan on 10 January 2001, 17:12:00
At the end of SWII a special man from Erpheronia married the Helcrani princess Curogana and became king. His name was Thar. He discovered there the first sperms of a united Sarvonian continent. This ideal he would follow till his death. Thar managed to equip the knowledge he gathered during his reign over Centorauria and finally his genius managed to unite the nothern part of the continent into Tharania. The Helcrani had educated the man who later on accomplished their destiny.
After this outcome the League was convinced that they were right about the human nature and started infiltrating human societies promoting the idea of a united Sarvonian continent with the humans playing the leading part. However, the facts proved that a combination of all races would be most effective with the humans beeing first among equals.

And here ends the story, because there must be found a consensus about the time the curse fulfiles (and the League story ends). However, the experiment was considered a success when Thar came to power and when santhros appeared this was proved right once more.

Title: Re: Elven Theory Part IV
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 10 January 2001, 18:40:00
Cool, as I've read so far. And I don't see any collisions between yours and my ideas because I'm more behind the actually Fall of the Empire. What it was, what it had become and how it ended.
A conclusion to the Empire itsself (well discussed AFAIK):
It was planned to become the perfect socities (including all the Four Races) and to fullify Ava's  Dream but should become this strange that even elves "today" can't tolerate it.

It's Fall:
They were blast away by the Rage of the Gods and a total collapse of their ideas.

The effects:
The races are scattered all over Sarvonia fighting and killing each other (total Chaos of a Civil War). After the War finally ends due to exhaustion of all powers the races search for new homelands now distrusting each other so it will take millenia to start a new coexistance (the United Kingdom of Santharia)

Hope this everything, we've discussed already... in short! ;)

Bye, Koldar

Title: Re: Elven Theory Part IV
Post by: Greybark on 11 January 2001, 03:33:00
Curgan: I like!

Title: Great ideas, Curgan!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 12 January 2001, 12:50:00
"This theory was greatly disputed among the circles of the few surviving high elves. They couldn’t see how humans were destined to take the lead nor how could this world be purified through flesh. " - *hehe* I guess I was a surviving high elf and now have converted to your theory, Curgan, that only humans may achieve the beauty dreamed by Avá.

It's pretty obvious and logical now - your arguments are very enlighting: High/Dark Elves interpret themselves in relation to the ambivalence of the humans in order to achieve supreme beauty in which the elves have failed,   because they were so beautiful from the beginning. There was nothing to gain for them. They searched and still search eons   in vain to become supreme. They were supreme and haven't perceived that perfection can only be achieved by accepting the incomplete in the dream. The incomplete (and the evil) are essential parts of the dream.

The curse-thing is also very well embedded. And Thar and later on Santhros (including the additional historical details about Santhros' succession you talked with me on ICQ) fit perfectly into this whole scheme.

And I guess there finally is a wonderful irony in the fact that the United Santharian Lands were only possible because humans "guided" the elves and not the other way round as at the elven realm of bliss at the beginning of time. Yes, even the Avaesthoría recount the story in detail how the humans united the realms and how  a single human hero, Eyrin Fontramon, led Santharia to the Golden Age of Kings. We now have also prepared a deep mythological meaning for the end of the Avaesthoría: I can already  picture the final lines of Book III and I sense that a wonderful coldness of having witnessed something great is creeping up the reader's spine when all the threads elaborated at all 3 books lead together in a result of cosmological importance.

I can see very clearly now. The heavy clouds before my eyes are lifting: The fall of the elven empire/city will also lead directly into the famous War of the Chosen when the humans try to copy the natural magics of the elves and instead do mostly terrible creations. We still have to elaborate a bit more on the the fall-thingy, but I guess we'll master that too. Thanx, Curgan, for opening my eyes!

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Title: Great ideas
Post by: Curgan on 12 January 2001, 15:11:00
I am the one who should thanx everybody here for being the source of my inspiration. Without your remarks and comments these ideas would never come up and without the Dream none of us would be there.
Still we have to discover more details about the Fall guys...
Nevertheless, soon this text -edited a bit- will be included in the site as a compendium entry.

To Xaron:I need your star pic for the League as it is it's emblem. The same star should be entered in Arpagar's entry

Title: Star pic
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 12 January 2001, 15:15:00
Isn't it at Arpagar's entry, Curgan? It rests there since Arpagar was created:)  

Title: Re: Star pic
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Oooooopsss! Sorry!