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Title: Currency?
Post by: AvFlare on 06 March 2001, 19:35:00
I'm sure it's on the site and I just haven't been able to find it, but what's the currency of Santharia?  Is it just gold or something else?

Title: Re: Currency?
Post by: Greybark on 06 March 2001, 21:54:00
It has yet to be developed. We need input in this area. Discussion has made some progress, but has not come up with anything definative. Famous people on coins from the different tribes and races is about as far as we've gotten.
You have ideas, I hope?

Title: Re: Currency?
Post by: AvFlare on 08 March 2001, 16:02:00
Most likely, each country would have it's own currency, I suppose.  Whether everything is universally accepted, such as gold and silver coinage with only different faces upon each coin of each nationality, or specific to each area, I really can't say.  After all, I'm a newcomer and not really ready to make decisions or elaborations on something so important to a world as a monetary system.  I think gold/silver/copper/platinum/electrum and so on and so forth works fine for now.

Title: Re: Currency?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 08 March 2001, 17:45:00
We have discussed currency a bit, and you can find this thread here:

We have to discern between currencies in the ancient kingdoms (to learn more about the kingdoms: see entry at PLACES/SANTHARIA) and the Santharian currency. The latter currency concept should represent the uniting of all races if possible in a way.