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Title: Rough history Varcopas
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 09 December 2003, 02:41:00
Any comments?

Green texts are fixed dates from other entries

10 000b.S.
Legends of the Shendar tell, that Varcopas had a settlement of unknown people already long ago, even before the Shendar migrated into the region, coming from the north . Some of the nomadic Shendar seem to settle there turning to fishermen long before the tribe split up to form
finally the Stratanian kingdom.
Thalambath claims to be the first  settlement in this part of the world, which may be true, but Varcopas citizens only smile and stay silent if somebody wants to discuss the affair.

xxxx b.S
First contacts to Elving

xxxx b.S.
Treaty with Elving

XXXXb.S. Treaty with
Dwarven Clan at the Xythrian Ridge and the Kairean Teeth, located at the centre of Southern Peninsula, fairly close to the large city of Santhala and just below Elsreth. Generally considered to be among the more "sophisticated" but also "aggressive" dwarves. They trade with humans on a regular basis and thus have access to a variety of foodstuffs and technology from other races.

1649 b.S Drafas Tristan founds Strata

At this time the original population of the Shendar  splits up in settlers and nomads.

In this  time Varcopas inhabitants increase dramatically and out of a small fishing town develops along with Strata and Thalambath and other big cities farer in the north another big port town. But when Strata and Thalambath fare fighting for power and the predominance of the southern trade routes , Varcopas  avoids differences and sends out researchers, diplomats and traders to open new markets instead.

956  b.S.           Three Stratanian Ships reach the Ferrath Islands
First contact is made with representatives of the Old Empire of Korwein. Strata establishes a trade route with the islands but isn't allowed to explore the continent of Nybelmar further.

xxxx b.S.
After it has got lore (??) that strata has discovered new lands Varcopas sends out own ships in the direction of Nybelmar and contacts the fleet of Aca-Santerra (on the Ferret islands? Where are they??). After the council of Varcopas has learned about the power structures of Aca-Santerra, it sends  a group of highranked women with one of the following ships which contact the femal priesthood of Aca-Santerra. The former trade-restrictions are now relaxed and unlike Strata Varcopas never looses contact to Nybelmar.

Varcopas sends ships and people to support Elving during SW1, but without  result. It is however said, that several elves fled to Varcopas.

8xx b.S.
Varcopas is burned down for its support of Elving, but rebuilds quickly - in stone. The fire gives Varcopas the chance of rebuilding in a bigger style after the plans of the famous Bernini replacing old small roads with the broad alleys seen till today.

730b.S.Founding of Milkengrad, trading partner and concurrent in coming times.

Major conflict between the leading elders of the town about the non- support of Strata against the Milkengradian fleet.

627 b.S.
The XXXX Incident

620 b.S. Founding of Dasai and the Rahaz-Dath Mercenaries

First a nuisance for Varcopas citizens , who look suspiciously at the new build fortress and the warriors being trained there -  who name themselves after the desert which their Shendar brethren claim for themselves- Dasai gets for Varcopas the door to  northern Brendolan and the eastern Manthria. The craftsmen like smithies and others who are attracted by the  fortress and their training capabilities get an additional trading possibility . Varcopas buys weapons and food (fish!)and supplies Dasai with goods . After the disbanding of the Rahaz-Dath-Mercanary Varcopas tries to lay hands on Dasai in which it succeeds - through intrigues and not at least some marriages. Nowadays, Dasai is seen as  - dependant  - part of Varcopas, not as a concurrent for the ship-manufactoring plants are in the hands of Varcopas traders.

Varcopas becomes the first purveyor of the court in
Santhala after Santhros the Wise occupies the throne and unites Santharia
It  stays it till today.

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Title: Re: Rough history Varcopas
Post by: Smith in Exile on 10 December 2003, 10:08:00
Ferrath Islands - they are in the northeast of Nybelmar. A strategic point mostly in what concerns the route between Nybelmar and Sarvonia.

Here is a quote from Koldar's Nybelmar entry:
"Stratania [the southernmost Sarvonian realm] ruled the Sarvonian seas for centuries before noticing an even stronger and superior power at the edge of the world. After several expeditions failed some brave sailors reached the Ferrath Islands, meaning "the foggy realms" in Santerran noble tongue or "Nybelmar" in Tharian. The wild and stormy ocean surrounding these islands is the most cruel water you may sail on but the ports are one of the most valuable harbors Stratanian ships ever entered. Ships which make it through the stormy sea may bring goods from unkown lands, uncompareable spice, precious stones, gold, silver, formed to beautiful sculptures or sharp blades.

The first Stratanians thought that the islands they discovered were only one big peninsula of another continent but now I can confirm, they were wrong. The archipelago from which these islands are the most northeastern part leads several thousand miles to the west and south. And beyond that another thousand miles I got word of an even bigger continent full of wonders and secrets..."

-- Azan Melakh Dorim, archivist of the library of Thalambath at the dawn of the third Stratanian expedition.

Aca-Santerra is Koldar's responsibility so if you plan good relations between Varcopas and them you should check with him first. The only problem that I see would be that these Santerrans are quite "xenophobic"... but you should check this with Koldar anyway.

The Stratanians contacting representatives of "The Old Empire of Korweyn" (btw, it spells with a "y" in all the other entries - I guess the stratanian entry is quite old) I thought a bit strange, although not impossible. If you check the Nybelmar political map you'll see that Korweyn is quite away from the Ferrath Islands... But as I guess they have some bickerings with Santerrans in this period I think we can say that Stratanians actually stumbled over a war in progress there, or over some spies :)

Anyway, the Sarvonian timeline was announced so I guess this problem would be discussed there too - actually this would be a good starting point to see what's going on in Nybelmar after the sarvonian discovery.

Title: Re: Rough history Varcopas
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 10 December 2003, 12:47:00
Hmmm... one change would be that the it's the new Empire in our timeline. The change appeared just recently that's why the Strata entry is not coherent (and I think all history should be concentrated at one place and not cluttered over all entried. ;)  Such changes give one a headache)

To explain Korweyn at that place one must understand that the new empire is quite different from the old one in its behaviour. For the old one it was enough to exist, the new one wants to rule and I think them holding the Ferrath islands was simply them being there first and the Santerrans being polite not to start trouble with the largest land power in Nybelmar over some useless rock.

This changes however when Nybelmar discovers the existance of continents farther east and vice versa as that makes the Ferrath islands a perfect resupply station.

As I see it now at some time however a natural disaster will  strike the islands and they'll cease functioning that way for quite some time. nybelmar is meant to disappear from the mind of the Santharians for quite some time onwards. I meant something like that together with other problems at hand to cease trading.

What might be also possible is that I thought of maybe taking the old name of the Ferrath islands, the Crimson Islands, literally and Strata traded mainly expensive dyes from there. Maybe Varcopas found or stole how the dyes worked and that way ruined the trade route by introducing homemade and thus cheaper dyes. Imagine all the fuss the nations went through to break the Chinese monopoly on silk.

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight

Title: Re: Rough history Varcopas
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 10 December 2003, 15:23:00
Well, Koldar, you mentioned the Stratanians , that fits for the people of Varcopas as well, belonging to their kingdom.
The Crimson Islands(wasn't sure, that they were the Ferreth islands, was too long ago I followed this discussion) are a bit far north, but the ships from Stata could be driven there in a storm while sailing back from the north (unfortunately Milkengrad is not yet founded).
The idea is good with this dye-idea. Maybe the Shendar find a way to turn Uderza blue into red, and that is it, Varcopas is far closer related to them as Strata is.

To the unclear history of Strata - it is still the one Gean wrote and it needs some adjustments soon anyhow.

To the trade of Varcopas with Delv - do you want the trade ceasing in general, or can there be at least a secret connection between Varcopas and Delvynnar?
If the Santerrans are as "xenophobic" as smith said - there may be a solution as well - the Varcopas people, especially the women are very sensitive concerning other people, acting different than the surrounding male-dominated regions. No attempt to show power or the will to rule and so no threat to anyone, just looking for good relationship to be enable a flowering trade

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Title: Re: Rough history Varcopas
Post by: Smith in Exile on 13 December 2003, 19:50:00
regarding some Nybelmar timeline problems (that eventually meet the sarvonian ones) I started a new thread in the Nybelmar forum with some possible ideas...

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