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Title: I feel poetic.
Post by: Xarl on 29 November 2001, 23:13:00
And since I've done a poem for Ava and not Coor....

Has been, Will be
Always and Never
The Lord of Shadows and Nothing

Has come, Will come
Fire and Ice death
The Apocalypse and Light

Has seen, Will see
Creator of All
Her twisted Mirror of Night

Has gone, Will go
Warper of Creation
His victory loss, not gain

Has won, Will win
Chaos versus Order
The player of a darkened game

Has lost, Will lose
Order was made
His destruction its as well

Has made, Will make
To destroy Order
His death cry its final knell

Has not, Will not
He is the watcher
The Lord of Shadow and Nothing

So it was in the Beginning, and so it shall be in the End.

That last line seems to be something of an artistic signature for me... So how is this?

Title: Re: I feel poetic.
Post by: Uragel on 30 November 2001, 01:48:00
I like it.. :)

& is that a new pic / a pic for you now? - Either way I like that also!

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought.
And then do what the women did.

Title: Re: I feel poetic.
Post by: Ralhag Silverskin on 30 November 2001, 02:01:00
Nicely done!

At yer service,


My dear friends: You want proof that I once was and still am the greatest assassin to walk on Sorren?                                          

Well, I AM still here...

Title: Re: I feel poetic.
Post by: Xarl on 30 November 2001, 16:59:00
Thank you, my fellow Shan'thai smugglers! Kind of odd we all are at that rank... And Uragel, the pic is courtesy of Butch von Buckler, with my request to make it look a bit more like my character on the RPG forum with a blue tint to the skin.

Title: Re: I feel poetic.
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 30 November 2001, 17:05:00
Nice poem, Xarl, yup! Also like the concept on how the lines are constructed!

Title: Re: I feel poetic.
Post by: Xarl on 01 December 2001, 20:09:00
I just seem to be on a godly bent, so here's another. Something of a summary.


 So it was in the beginning...

First there was Avá
She, the Dreamer
Queen of Light and Beauty
Her Dream began.

But there was Coór
He, the Dark One
King of Destruction
The Dream was warped

Then Ava thought
The Twelve arose
Watchers of the World
Aviaría were born

The Shadow beckoned
Those that could have been
The Gods that were rejected
The Darkwinds of Coór.

Then Ava cried
Her tears were life
Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs
The Aviaria had followers

Wind Gods first
The First of Ava
Peace, Weather, and Healing
Forces of calm

Earth Gods next
Closest to Sorren
Hunt, Death, and Forge
Forces of need

Water Godesses third
That which is needed
Sea, Harvest, and Destiny
Forces to be molded

Fire Gods last
Heat and Light
War, Desire, and Sun
Forces of chaos

The Ages came, the Ages went
Silence, Myths, Awakening
Age of Blood with wars and chaos
Change, Kings, Discoveries

[Chronicler's note: The last segment seems somewhat differs from the author's usual style, but it fits the "historical" pattern of this poem.]
Time passes, the gods still stand
Watching over our calm land
What is to come, only three know
The Dreamer, The Seer, and the One Below.

In the beginning, there was nothing. That gets kind of boring after a while.And so we'll hit fast forward.

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