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Title: Katya Chapter 7
Post by: Dala Valannia on 14 December 2001, 23:13:00
Yep, it's ready and in the capable hands of Artimidor Federkiel, awaiting processing to the Santharian Library!

I dubbed it the 'Talky Chapter' because basically that's what everybody do in it, talk and talk....very sorry if it bores :(  which I hope it won't but I suspect it will, I usually skip overly long talky sections in books myself.... :o

Btw, I set this chapter a few months ahead from the timeline where I left off in Chapter 6. Don't worry, I'll fill in the interim events which are crucial to the ending in the next year! Tentatively, Chapter 8 will be the last of the Katya Ileri Dragonseeker chronicles and her story will be finished at last! *breathes a sigh of deeeeeeep relief!*

Title: Re: Katya Chapter 7
Post by: Capher on 15 December 2001, 10:37:00
I can't wait to read it.  

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Title: Re: Katya Chapter 7
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 15 December 2001, 12:35:00
Yup, I hope I can add it this update... Thanx, Dalá! Be prepared for 17 Katya-pages. Which reminds me: Ralhag's diary-story is also waiting to be integrated... Well, we'll see how far I get...

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