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Title: How to do Library entries
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 02 April 2002, 13:53:00

Check before you start
If you want to write longer stories or even a book constisting of more chapters you should check first with the rest of the team about what you are planning before you start.

We always put something up on top of the library pages, which explains what awaits the reader at the text below. This could be a short summary (but don't give away too much or your readers won't need to have to read the story anymore) or a teaser for example. Something you would read on the back of a book and should make the readers curious.

Word Format
Please write your texts in Word format! You can give previews of the texts here in the library, but the final version of the text should be mailed to the webmaster (yup, that's me) in Word format. You should work with a template of already existing chapters (download e.g. one of Capher's "White Tower" chapters in the Downloads section) and only substitute caption and text according to your story. Using an existing story as a template will ensure that your use the same fonts, margins etc. which are necessary so that all Santharian Library texts look the same.

Thanx in advance for following these rules:)  They'll make the webmaster's life much easier!

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