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Title: R'unorian Brandy
Post by: StarfireJeM on 03 June 2002, 21:29:00
I remember reading a while back when Laivin wrote R'unorian Brandy that someone was reminded of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy and I was just reading it today for the first time when I came across the exact passage that actually does sound similar... "Oh, don't give me none more of that Old Janx Spirit/No don't you give me none more of that Old Janx Spirit/For my head will fly, my tongue will lie, my eyes will fry and I may die/Won't you pour me one more of that sinful Old Janx Spirit" I don't think Laivin's ever read HGTTG before either, so that is such an odd coincidence that the overall mood of both ballads are so similar! But it's pretty kewl too. :)

Oh.. Laivin's on his way home right now so we should both be back online again from this week onward. We're counting down the days until October now.. when I go to England to see him.


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