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Title: Gardeners bane and Soul - Attempt at poetry
Post by: SmurfStormcrow on 14 July 2002, 15:08:00
Well, my first poem for the Dream didn't turn out quite as well as I hoped, because I tried an odd rhyming scheme which doesn't quite have the right sound, but I'll see what you think. Its by a mountain gardener who found Skyweed in his garden, and wrote a poem about it. i wasn't surre if I should try to keep all of the lines the same number of syllables, or go for sound, so I just made everything six. Usually I would do ten at least, but this time I did a lot of things differently.

Gardener's Bane and Soul

Walked I on path of stone.
Through creek, past dead-stump throne
and over grassy gnoll,
and saw around a bend
plants of blue, captured wind:
Gardener's bane and soul.

For breeze on sunlit leaves
a man almost believes
it may pass without toll.
But berrries red give clue
that the plant gives its due:
Gardener's bane and soul.

Anger rears its head,
and for my garden dread.
Give to me what you stole!
Its cold, unyielding speed
of this horrible weed:
Gardener's bane and soul.

Soon grows without measure
trough my hard-worked treasure,
this latest work's death toll.
Now I must give assent;
My ire, my fury spent:
Gardener's bane and soul.


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