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Title: The Runes of Toltrumerim
Post by: Victhorin on 17 May 2004, 13:57:00
This is the main source of knowledge about the Deep Dwarves. First the Thergerim, under that, the translation.

First 5 verses:

1. Fer Voinrath Kor KoChingu
Fer Pripra Sol Disthe Vo
Thlang Thergerim

2. Fer Huhnkoguerons
Akeri Thergerim Waa Khorim
Fer Ulki Thergerim Rath

3. Fer Werhut Eenbarerons Bar
Keriloin Vo Ke Rotrum
Mortiloin Vvo Toltrum

4. Keriloin Urten Sthomm Mor
Motliloin Urten Arilerons glittering
Fer Thergerim Pradelid

5. Fer Lokerons Vo Lagd
Avak, Umwie Kul Anul Umma
Lagd Hharr KaMor PripraTyr


1. Fleeing great enemy
Towards south they walked
Many dwarves

2. Fighting broke out
Angry dwarves fell dead
Children was scared

3. Four brother became two
Keriloin walked on the mountain
Mortiloil walked under the mountain

4. Keriloin liked the stone so black
Motliloin liked the gems glittering
The group of dwarves were split up

5. Tunnels went on forever
Air, food and water flavourful
All the way from mine to town

Impatient? Me? Who said that? Come on, tell me! We haven't got all day!

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