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Title: O Eyasha
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 28 April 2004, 20:41:00
You know, maybe I'll just call them all the Aviarían Sonnets. That sounds better, don't it?A bit more Santharian, I think.

In the sonnets where the God/Goddess's name is three syllables, things get a bit weird with the rhythm, so bare with the first line. It works if you switch to iambs after the apostrophe.

I like this poem. It's like my mirror. And you know the form.

O Eyasha

O Eyasha, let me in thy embrace
As I fall tender on the gentle night.
To me lend wings that I might go in grace
Though I know not the way of dove’s fair flight.
Celestial lights shine soft upon the bay
As ripples from the anxious waves retreat
Grow slender, small, then simply fade away
We all must do the same, admit defeat
To death, who takes us in her icy hold.
But I, my soul I offer but to thee,
Not taken to the tombs of stone and cold,
But soar with thee, as glorious, as free.
And so upon my very life I swear
To meet thee where the cliff face meets the air.

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Title: Re: O Eyasha
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 07 June 2004, 08:23:00
To me this one is one of my favourites in your series, Rayne! Has a lot of emotions and atmosphere, all woven very well together! :thumbup  

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