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Title: Still Autumn Dreams
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 10 February 2005, 22:46:00
Another Luci Poem....

Still Autumn Dreams

Another faded dream turns back to you
And evening dilations come again
To stiff October golds in rusted hue.
These empty somethings still remain
Against the February stiff and blue
As pallid skin unhealed of broken veins.

The dying fall forgotten by this year
Yet lingers in my mind. I need a song,
My friend—a blanket woven numb. Appear
And share my beating heart. Along
The lining of my sight there gleams a sphere
For you where you need to belong

To feel it grow in me, in you. But no—
The seasons change, but in my frozen soul
It’s still October. Days now come to go
And quiet night stays longer in control
Of sweet illusions breaking soft and slow.
Here we are, broke; but I will dream us whole.

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Title: Unknown
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