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Title: Last October
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 01 April 2005, 12:04:00
I wrote this poem a month or so ago and had trouble coming back and revising it until now. I'm sorry for bringing up these sorrows, but it still hurts, and writing helps. I swear this is my last Luci poem.

Villanelle form, iambic pentameter with an extra unstressed syllable at the end of every line.

Last October

Another evening visits, soft and sober
Entwining silver birches now; however,
I can’t break from the thought of last October.

So many things I wished that I had told her
Before she went away, and now, whenever
An evening settles near me, sick and sober,

I seethe in how he said he’d always hold her
Then cut away her breath. Months from that sever,
Her broken future binds me to October.

The nights feel still. I swear the moon hangs lower
And when the gray-sky morning dawns, it never
Comes quite so sweet as evening, sad and sober,

Much weaker with these people getting over
Her. Time, they tell me, heals, and yet whatever
Reminds me of the loss of last October.

My realization comes but slightly slower.
My friend is gone. A life is lost forever.
And as this evening settles, still and sober,
I break free like the leaves of last October.

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