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Title: Mother's Sonnet
Post by: Rayne (Alżr) on 30 June 2005, 20:17:00
I know we have a few mothers on Santharia, and hopefully they'll appreciate this sonnet.

I never wanted to be a mother until this year, when I realized how amazing the whole process is: creating life, holding another life inside of you... very strange, and very profound. In any case... I think I first have to finish school and find a husband. :broadgrin ;

Motherís Sonnet

Youíve yet t open up your precious eyes
and take a glimpse of your new world. Youíve not
yet taken even your first breath. Inside, you lie
asleep within a watíry world. Begot
of love, you have a genírous father and
a loving mother here. Weíre waiting for
your waking. Though you may not understand,
my little miracle, I love you more
than life itself. For you, Iíll light the moon
and pull the stars down from the darkwind-sky;
And when you finally break from your cocoon,
Iíll try your wings, and teach you how to fly.
Iíll seek to bless your world my whole life through,
Because, my love, Ava blessed me with you.