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Title: O Seyella
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 30 June 2005, 19:38:00
Returning to my collection of Aviarian sonnets.

O Seyella, you know the paths of all
Who tread the earth—those paths that swerve and bend
Beyond our mortal sight. You know the fall
And rise of kings, and kindly send
Your visions to the destined few. But O,
Sweet Goddess, in your sacred wisdom, in
Your gift there lies your curse, for you must know
Each misery, each bloody end, and when
You hear the pangs of war, the cries of woe
Remind yourself that all were meant to be.
Your heart’s the keep of every pain you know;
Your face—the face of tragedy!
You know the grievous fate of scores and scores,
But no one’s fate is near as sad as yours.

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