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Title: Library teasers
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 10 February 2006, 05:43:00
We need short teasers for each story/chapter we're gonna add to Library Overview pages. So if you've written a tale for the Library and haven't provided an overview yet, please do so and post it here. I'll grab it then and integrate it into the appropriate overviews.

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 10 April 2006, 10:12:00
I Nsiki, am an Eyelian. To your people, we are known as Tamers. We gained this nickname from our greatest secret, and our most well-guarded strength- our ability to converse with animals. It is rare that one will garner enough power to be able to bend the animals will. Rare, but not unknown. Who are these charecters of such strength, fortitdue and willpower? The Eyelian Beastmasters. And even the greatest had humble begginings. Here is one of those begginings.

INTRO TO CHRONICLES OF THE EYELIAN BEASTMASTERS (The tale given to Marv on his inaguration day)

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Dala Valannia on 26 July 2006, 11:43:27
Just a short note in case anyone wants to know how I write my teasers. I find writing teasers problematic too since you're supposed to write something that doesn't give away the entire plot of the story and yet there still has to be enough there to interest a person to want to read more!

So what I do is that I actually based my teaser style from the blurbs you read at the back of every fantasy book *lol*

Oh and Art, I noticed two or three grammatical errors in my teasers! Can I still amend them?

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 26 July 2006, 14:55:48
Yup, of course, just tell me where to change what  :)

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 19 September 2006, 03:49:37
Just a hint: As the stories we put up are Santharian ones, you shouldn't forget to try to express that somehow, also in the overview. E.g. Gark, an ordinary carpenter apprentice of the village of... etc. would give it a more Santharian touch, know what I mean? The current teaser could also be valid for a science fiction story, eh?

@Everyone else: I still need further teasers for possible further books, also e.g. for Dalá's first letters - any progress here is welcome, as whenever I have time I can convert more stories into book format!

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 19 September 2006, 05:08:32
It might not be the right spot to post this here....

Hi Nsikigan,
I looked for the story you wrote your teaser for and couldn‘t find it, no link in the Marvin inauguration thread nor in the library (or with the search function).
The reason I wanted to have a look at is, that your teaser is a bit contradicting the entry about the Eyelians as I understand it. Maybe it is just your use of words and my misinterpretation of them.

Let us look at them:

CONVERSE - that means for me, you are able to actually speak to them as you would to humans , but that is not possible, you understand THEIR language and cannot do more than use it to a certain extent.

POWER - I don‘t think, an Eyelian exerts POWER, like a mage f.e., but he uses his SKILLS, nor would an Eyelian as understand their culture ever want to BEND the will of an animal, but he tries to persuade the animal to want the same as he wants.

„fortitude“ - spelling

WILLPOWER - is it really the „willpower“ which enables an Eyelian to communicate with the animals? I thought it is more the „giving up“ of yourself to be able to come to terms with an animal, to be able to feel and act like one and to communicate with one this way. Willpower would hinder this, I think.

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Dala Valannia on 20 September 2006, 12:06:07
Teasers for the Letters? Okay, okay, I'm on it!  :grin:

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 20 September 2006, 15:09:01
I haven#t forgotten to do your teasers, Coren! you did mine so nicely!

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 14 February 2007, 09:16:27
A Shard of Perfect
When the Sage of Santharia discovers that a shard of the universal mirror is somewhere in the far corners of the world, he sends his finest apprentices to try and recover it. When none return however, he is forced to assemble a team of his greatest and most trusted librareans to seek out this artifact. Narrated by an up-and-coming scribe, the reasercher of rats, the master of miscellany, the Eyelian extrodinare, Nsikigan Yourth, A Shard of Perfect presents the reader with a view of what the library (and the people who run it) is really like. Guest starring many of the reasearchers at the Dreamforge, and starring the Dream Team.
By Nsikigan Yourth

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Mirmec Rethindor on 14 February 2007, 12:57:59
Sounds really good. And you leave your character plenty of room to grow and mature through the plotline on such a long journey.

I think a fun thing to do with stories like that is set the character out looking for something which appears at first to be a concrete item to retrieve but as the story evolves it turns out the real item is really an emotional or spiritual transformation or growth opportunity that of course  the idealistic quest seeker would not be able to comprehend unless of course they go through all the rigors of the stories contents.

Also i think a great story includes loss in it. Whether it is a major character dies or loses one of the key five senses, or wealth or whatever, a good story really involves losing things as well as gaining things.

Good luck!

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Irid alMenie on 09 March 2007, 06:16:14
Teasers, teasers, let's see...

For the whole story:
When a well-known nobleman is found murdered in a tavern in Bardavos, Calmin is one of the first to arrive on the scene. As a friend of the Captain of the Guard, he tries to help him to solve this crime...

For the first chapter:
When a man enters the room of a tavern, someone is waiting for him... and buries a dagger in his chest. Meanwhile, the famous bard Judith is performing in 'The Singing Bard'. All visitors are enjoying this night. Among them is a well-to-do merchant from Voldar, by the name of Calmin. Little does he know that the following nights will not be spent so peacefully...

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Mahvalan the VIII on 27 April 2007, 11:01:51
The Tale of the Rhéneú'áel'miés Teaser(s):

Story teaser: A gem stolen thousands of years ago, during the Wars of the Chosen May or may not keep, depending. A man flung from from the world he knows to a the future (present day). A befuddled hermit. A country-born and bred sheepherder.

Prologue: A Winter's Night Teaser

Scal Quickfingers, a renegade thief steals a gem and some other things. Little does he know, he has started the turnings of destiny with what to him is just another job. This theft sets the stage for many disastrous events and ultimately the future. By the way, I am considering this being a fiction story, that way I won't tick off too many people in the history forums. Have mercy, I beg of you! :P

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Garret Arroway on 07 October 2007, 10:57:22
Got two questions.

   1) I wrote a story for the Library where would I put it? Just under a topic in this area?

   2) Can I submit it under this name but have it as written by another one of my characters or do i need an account for that character here? One my character is a writer so based the stuff in the story slightly around that. (That character not approved yet but working on him on the rpg side.)

The Lessons of Leon the Long
By: Danner Ash
     During a visit to a new town Danner Ash apparently had too much time on his hands. His brother had found some work for the next few days and he was left to wander the wonderful merchant town. During this time he evidently had little to do other than follow a shifty looking fellow though his daily routine. While doing so he was able to learn much and gained a story from his experience. So now Danner Ash gives you the story of Leon the Long, Leon the Lonely, Left-handed Leon, Lean Leon, and the master thief of Cavthan. And if you couldn't guess they are all one and the same.

Edit: Teaser

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 07 October 2007, 14:42:18
If you write a story for the Library, then you should post it as well in the Library, it's that simple :)

The story can be written from a character's perspective, no problem, usually it works that way that you provide your regular Dev name for the story itself and that you mention in the teaser part that this is a story written by another character. The teaser however isn't written in first person, just write about how that person wrote it, and then go into the story in first person.

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Irid alMenie on 21 November 2007, 17:09:47
A teaser for chapter two:

Early next morning a barmaid finds the body. Her screams wake up some of the patrons, among them Calmin. He quickly takes charge of the situation. The investigation can begin...

Hmm, not really very good, but it's so hard to write a teaser for just one chapter without telling what happens in it ;) Any suggestions to make it better would be welcome.

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Irid alMenie on 02 May 2008, 04:38:56
Alrighty... Chapter III

The Captain of the Guards, an old friend of Calmin's, arrives at the scene of the crime. He determines where the killer was hidden. When the room is investigated, the unpleasant task falls to the two men to tell the widow about her husband's death.

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Decipher Ziron on 10 January 2010, 04:54:38
'An Inconvenient Nephew: The Tale of Aristo Ziron'

Overall Book Summary:

As a member of the Venraius Kogianate, the Enkyklopediac and Compendiumist Decipher Ziron is a part of a very complex family. This book charts the journey of one such complex relative, his nephew Aristo Ziron, over Western Nybelmar and eventually to Sarvonia, encountering a number of trials and tribulations along the way.

Chapter 1

Decipher Ziron, and his bodyguard Mila Metariel, arrive in Marmarra after receiving a letter from his nephew Aristo. Meeting the Venraius Housemaster, Karias, he endeavours to purchase the freedom of his Nephew.

Chapter 2

The party of three Marmarrans continues their journey towards the Zhunite Desert. A secretive Ziron, Aristo appears to guard his past ferociously, before one member of the party becomes the target of a mysterious individual

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Tharoc Wargrider on 28 March 2010, 06:25:08
Before I present the teaser for my tale, perhaps a few words explaining what I'm hoping to achieve would be in order.

For Christmas, my dad paid for me to enrol on a creative writing course at my local nightschool. I think my wife and he hoped it would spur me back into action.
Anyway, one of the first elements we studied was writing for children, and the tutor had a very unique and interesting method of storyline creation. Splitting us up into small groups, she had us decide on 'essential' childrens' story plot devices and characters. Next, as homework, we had to individually write a draft plot using whichever of these elements we chose. At the next lesson, we were again put into our groups and we had to share our plots, and then combine them together into a bigger plot (still with me?) which we then had to write the story for as groups.
Finally, a few weeks later, we had to share our finished tales with the class and discuss our different uses of the same ingredients.
Sounds a bit nutty now I read it back, but it was actually very interesting, educational and great fun.

Anyway, what I hope to achieve is an old-fashioned childrens' story (like we had when we were kids, not the silly modern stuff), using as many familiar characters, plotlines/devices and Santh references as possible. I took much inspiration from MasterBard J's excellent 'Midnight Morjual' tale, which has stayed with me since I first read it almost a year ago. I love the way she has created the atmosphere of 'story time' at school, and hope to achieve at least a fraction of that here. I may pinch one of her ideas by adding the narrator's voice at some point, if I feel I can do it justice.

I've only actually got a rough idea of where the story is going at the moment, which is another idea of our tutor (don't get bogged down in detail. Have a start point, and a rough idea of where you want to end up, and fill the rest in as you go). Hopefully, even though it may meander a little in places, we'll all arrive safely at the end of the tale and it will all make some kind of sense.

So, without further ado, m'lud's, ladies han gennlemen, I present for your edification "Nod and the Hydragons' Tooth, Chapter One, the Teaser"

The hero of our tale, the aforementioned Nod, is a LLaoihrr brownie who lives in a small forest settlement at the foot of  Sorceresses' Peak. He is a very popular little chap with the other brownies and is known for his good advice and helpfulness. One day, his two friends, Winkum and Blinkum, run into a spot of bother with a local mage who turns poor Blinkum into a caterpillar.
Turning to Nod for help, they enlist another magician to try to reverse the spell. Unfortunately, Woz the wood wizard, for that was his name, isn't quite as skilled as the mage, and he succeeds in making matters much worse for our intrepid trio.

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 March 2010, 17:06:00
Great idea to take such a course, and I'm happy that you enjoyed it, Tharoc! I guess one can learn a lot how to write a story properly, and if you try to find out all by yourself it takes a while until you get there. I've also learned in the course of time that structuring a story is essential to make progress.

So I'm looking forward to read your tale (now that my weekend work is done I can finally get back to other things here). For some reason I enjoy children tales quite a bit, as one can let imagination reign more freely than at other stories, so I'll get to read it this evening!

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Agran Velion on 24 April 2010, 12:42:31
Remembered the Short story (or piece of non-fiction, whichever fits) and finaly remembered to do the teaser!'

As Compendiumist Agran Velion and his assistant/friend Olar travel from the North,to deliver their freshly finished entries.  Agran will find the road they’ve taken howver, is going to have a horrible surprise in store for them.

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Agran Velion on 17 July 2010, 03:26:11
Song of Sadness
The Song of Sadness is Aellenrhim in origin, as it is ritualy sung every year on the 18th of Chuh'querin. It is dedicated to the day when the Orcs raided the Aellenrhim and killed most of the original tribe. When sung, the song is often repeated, and if one were to visit the Aellenrhim on the 18th, they would find that the song was always being sung by at least one Elf, but often, by many.

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Irid alMenie on 01 June 2011, 15:16:44
Kelder and Bryella

This fairy tale about two children who get lost in the woods and meet with Dula the witch exists in several versions throughout Sarvonia. This particular tale, in which they lose their way because of their conniving stepmother, originates from the region of Voldar and Nyermersis. Will good triumph over evil once more? And what exactly is Dula's role in it all?

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang on 02 June 2011, 02:18:32
Nice teaser, Irid.

But it's "Dula", not "Dulla". One L. :)

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Irid alMenie on 02 June 2011, 02:46:40
Double L? What double L? I only see one L...  :evil:

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang on 02 June 2011, 04:52:43
How strange! I could have sworn ...

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Bard Judith on 02 June 2011, 06:59:26
Irid's iridescent irises have doubtless misled thine own perceptive optics, oh sage.... Gaze not long into those deceptively limpid depths lest you be led astray!

Title: Re: Library teasers
Post by: Deklitch Hardin on 20 January 2012, 12:43:15
The Beauty and the Terror

Deklitch Hardin, member and researcher for the Compendium has recently based himself out of Silven, on the shores of Eight Winds Bay, far from what he is used to in the lands of Santharia. There, life is a lot more untamed, a lot more beautiful while also a lot more dangerous. Here then are stories about the people, the land, the places and the animals in this area of Caelereth. The reader will have to decide which, if any, are real, and which, if any, are simply made up.

Chapter I - The Mismatched Lovebirds
Love comes in all shapes and sizes, so it is said. In the case of Riodan of the Arthyron, and Khierah of the Susilgerim, it has been taken to the extremes. Read about the trials and tribulations as a dwarf and an elf, unable to find love within their own tribes find it in each other.