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Title: Work, Work
Post by: Chronusian on 08 December 2003, 14:06:00
Arti, a while back you said something about needing some entries done around the marcogg area (I think, my memory's horrible). Anyyway I can only work on ine post at a time, and I believe my last one is finished. Do you still need this?  

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Title: Re: Work, Work
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 08 December 2003, 15:16:00
Sure... I personally would like to build some sort of Marcogg team, so that we have more persons, who are proficient in this area. I suggest to read around a bit in the Manthrian province entries (and those associated with them) to get a general idea of the region, and see if something specific catches your intention. We then can discuss here what precisely you could work on, but maybe you find an area/topic for which you have a preference.

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