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Title: *appears with a flash*
Post by: Fox on 26 June 2004, 01:21:00

*opens eyes slowly, and gazes at the forum*

Well, before I am castrated, hung, and then thrown into the fiery abyss for abandoning Santharia (which I'll help with, too. :|   ), I'd like to say..... the Santharian Help Group doesn't work. :p    Three months and the addiction has returned. Then again, I did quit cold turkey.. so.. *shrugs*

Anyways, hello my fellow Santharians. ... Rayne, yes you can beat me. Artimidor, sorry about the few little mail problems I've had over the recent months. :p    Everyone else... hi again. :)  

Explanation.. though it's not good enough, I know... just got overloaded. The developing, well, it was no longer fun anymore.. it had just become work to me. And the RP forum.. was only in one RP at the moment (and Thalambath's Heart had slowed down immensely)... in other words, it had become a chore to check at Santharia. And so, like a swift wind in the meadow, I decided to take my leave in a way that would guarantee me the leave I was seeking.

Quitting cold turkey is more successful than saying byes and finishing up and stuff, because when you quit like I did, you fear coming back and looking at all the people who probably got screwed over because you just left things sitting unfinished, which thus makes it a horrifying appearance to even think about what people are saying about you because you left like that. In fact, the day I quit, I never visited the forums or website again. Of course, then I had reason to come back and look over here (needed to check something), and, well, what do you know, 5 minutes later, I'm posting a 'I'm back!' post. :|  

So... in other words, my sincere apologies to you all for just leaving like that. Nothing personal, but I just had to take a break.. couldn't take it any longer. 'specially with my grades dropping in school, working on getting a driver's license, working on on this college stuff like SATs and all that. Etc. Not to mention I got Star Wars Galaxies and have found a wonderful roleplaying community there. 8o  

I might start up on developing again, but it will be a very slow thing... kinda would prefer to go do what I originally came to Santharia to do... roleplay.... at least do that for awhile before tacklin' the design stuff again.

Bah, I've been babblin' too much. I'm sure you all hate me and aren't even paying attention to what I've been saying. :    ... so, with all things out of the way, feel free to commence with the revenge. :p  


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Title: Re: *appears with a flash*
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 26 June 2004, 02:44:00
Welcome back, Dasson. Would be nice, if you could come back to Thalmbath's Heart, we left a door open for you. It is still slow though.

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Title: Re: *appears with a flash*
Post by: Fox on 26 June 2004, 02:54:00
You left a door open for me? How nice. :)  I thought you guys would have written me out or somethin'.


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Title: Re: *appears with a flash*
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 26 June 2004, 08:21:00
:rolleyes  I guess "Welcome back." :rolleyes

Kiddin' of course dear Dasson! Nice to have you back!

:: Sends a basket of Cerubells he stole from Rayne-bunny to the mumbling mage ::

Title: Re: *appears with a flash*
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 26 June 2004, 14:48:00
Hello again, Dasson!

Well, don't worry about disappearing, that's ok - everybody needs a break every now and then. Especially school is important, so I hope everything worked out fine for you eventually. Santharia isn't intended to generate work you don't like, you should do what you enjoy to do. And if this is to participate in role playing again, you're welcome - and if you like doing an entry or two every now and then, that's great as well, but no need to urge you into something. So just take it easy;)  - Anyway, good to see you back again!

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Title: Re: *appears with a flash*
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 27 June 2004, 03:24:00
::grabs a random staff (someone else's, no doubt, given she doesn't need such things) and hits Dasson over the head multiple times with it, then hits Coren over the head with it for stealing her precious Cerubells, then returns to hitting Dasson over the head::


::hits him over the head again:: Don't do that! You know, your Fire Magic entry is gathering dust. And there are TONS of things to develop. You have some work to do, young man!

... but I'm glad you're back. :: kisses his cheek and gives him a hug, and another bop on the head to keep him on guard.::

Title: Re: *appears with a flash*
Post by: Fox on 27 June 2004, 03:47:00
*stands still getting beat over the head with the stolen staff. He blinks*

*rubs head*

Of course.... mistress........... :worship


Thank you for the warm welcome. :)  Concerning the magic stuff and developing and everything... please, just give me some time before I start up on that again. I don't want to leave so soon after my entrance! I suppose I will start up on it all again, (though tread lightly on magic now.. it got to be too much of a hassle :| ) but just give me a bit of time to settle down, first. :)

*returns the hug and kiss, then pulls back and lets her wap him one more time before he grabs the staff and throws it to the side*

Tsk tsk.. *presses a finger to her nose* ... leave some of the bashing for everyone else, eh? :p

*smiles at her*

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Title: Re: *appears with a flash*
Post by: Dala Valannia on 28 June 2004, 22:11:00
Dasson, I can help with the castration *brandishes big pair of gleaming scissors* :biggrin  :biggrin  

Title: Re: *appears with a flash*
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 29 June 2004, 11:09:00
Hey, welcome back, third master of magic! *quickly makes sure the staff is out of Rayne's reach, as he is also a sudden disappearance case* We will see if I can also resume my santharian stuff. Maaybe... my work is taking all my time.  

Title: Re: *appears with a flash*
Post by: Fox on 29 June 2004, 22:45:00
*blinks at Dala* Dala.....

*wipes a spot off of her gigantious scissors*

There. Go ahead. :)

... Silfer... shame on you. :p  You lazy bum! *whaps self on head*

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome backs.

*looks at Dala* ... I think.

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