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Title: Curse my bleeding heart.... Cyhalloian Islands
Post by: Xarl on 29 October 2001, 17:21:00
Alright, this time I looked, but I may have been looking in the wrong place. Cyhalloi looks unestablished to me.
The two southwesternmost islands are known to those few who've been there as the Isles of Stealth, but to the inhabitants as Foraiatch and Dorolak. These islands are heavily inhabited by orcs and humans, who have been in a constant war for a.... good while. Say twenty years? Since the Orcs constantly attack with brute force, those humans there have specialized in the art of the Ninja, developing excellent poisons and the light and strong Katana blades that are prized by 'Sarvos' as very welcome to the assasin's trade. Their only permanent structures are respectively the human fortified town of Nightheart on Foriaiatch and the Orcish fortress Dzulmir on Dorolak. Nightheart's only notable building is Kasumar's Den, (named after the first Master of Assassins on the island) which from above seems to be just another house. Beneath this house is an underground training facility for the various schools of stealth, infiltration, assassination, and other such.  
Okay, these exist right now only to provide a Katana maker and Institute of the Ninja Art for the RP'ers. I may elaborate if nessecary, incorporating other ideas as I go.

Title: Re: Curse my bleeding heart.... Cyhalloian Islands
Post by: Greybark on 31 October 2001, 02:04:00
suggest a longer time period?

Title: Re: Curse my bleeding heart.... Cyhalloian Islands
Post by: Winlok on 31 October 2001, 14:44:00
Do you mean uncharted? It still lacks names and established places. I did a search of it and I came up with 6 species of trolls, ice golems, drakes and frost dragons to the north. Hmmm....I wonder if the drakes and dragons  get a long. :lol

These creatures and various others, like caaaeh' fish (sp) that's terrible spelling I know, inhabit the mountains and or the seas. All of which have no names.  

Title: Re: Curse my bleeding heart.... Cyhalloian Islands
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 02 November 2001, 14:22:00
I don't want to kill your ideas or something. My idea about Ninja's would be more likely a sidearm of the Cult of Queprur who is into assassination and killing.

Two reasons come to my mind:
1.)Cyhalloi is really, really far away from civilized regions. So you would have difficulties to make money with this. In the unsecure north you would more likely need mercenaries to do that job.
2.)The Ninja Arts always mean a very developed way of fighting. I can't believe a tribe of humans that is under constant attack would develop such a way of fighting as assassination is not like guerrilla warfare. They would still be respected mercenaries but assassins would IMO spread more likely in better developed, dense populated regions.

As said, this is only my idea on this topic but you don't need to accept it. Alternatives would be this guild of Queprur, a guild of assassins in Strata or Aerylium, or perhaps in one of the neighboring lands of Santharia.

To give you some more brainstorming. The entry is still to short anyway. Arti wants big, long, really long compendium entries! Expect some sleepless nights! *hehe* ;)  

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight

Title: Re: Curse my bleeding heart.... Cyhalloian Islands
Post by: Xarl on 02 November 2001, 17:53:00
My ideas elaborated... SInce the islands are densely forested, and the humans couldn't match orcish brute force, they originally just made themselves mobile, somewhat like the Native American Plainspeople. In the space of 10 years, they developed stealth techniques from mobility, and then they realized that their stealth techniques could be used to defend themselves. And so the Orcs, who'd been roaming around trying to kill all of the humans off, had to fortify themselves in Dzulmir to cut the death-by-poison rates. As a result, the humans were able to establish Nightheart, and as a defense have archer-snipers in the woods surrounding it. And so, the war has remained for a good extra 50 years.  

Title: Re: Curse my bleeding heart.... Cyhalloian Islands
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 24 November 2001, 14:44:00
Read this for the first time, so sorry about being late here...

Cyhalloi was concepted as the continent of Ice to the far northeast. Has a bit of the antarctic. Wasn't supposed to be overly forested, but full with natural powers (like Iceland): volcanoes, glaciers etc. Only physically strong tribes can live there, so ninja-like humans could fit in there, because of the fact that they need to have natural armour. Furthermore the icy lands are likely to harbor monks who have retreated here (could be a place for pilgrimage as well). So these were my ideas I initially had with Cyhalloi - if you think that this together with your ideas could be all put into a Compendium entry, I encourage you to write one, Xarl. Or lets just discuss further details here...