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Title: Some nomad marriage? or Pendrig Sauthar?
Post by: Lamertu Kthaen on 13 April 2000, 04:46:00
This day I went to uni by train. Which went to Zetten-Andelst. Which is that small that the inhabitants had never seen a train before. So I went by bus (surroundered by Zettenians and Andelstians wondering if the things under it where the famous "Weel's". Anyway, sitting in the bus this hit me:

When you are tired, I will carry you
When you are saddened, I will comfort you
When you are  ill, I will cure you
When you are in doubt, I will consult you
When you are wounded, I will kill you  -> wounded means in this language beyond recovery, eutha.
When you are dead, I will commemmorate you

My flesh is your flesh
My blood is your blood

I don't know what it is, but I guess some marriage, said by male and female participant  during wedding

Title: Getting sentimental again...
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 13 April 2000, 11:46:00
Yup, I buy it for some marriage poem!

Oh, yeah, these were the times... - Some philosophical personal thought on this one: Well, if the one who never happened to be the one would have cared to be the one I would have said something similar like this one to her to express her oneness. So strange but true: one minus one still results in one - strange, eh?

Hell, why I'm I so sentimental these days? Any ideas?

Title: Nothing to Worry about...
Post by: Curgan2 on 14 April 2000, 01:46:00
Don't worry. It is most probably a disease. It will pass in a few days...

Title: Contagious?
Post by: Lamertu Kthaen on 14 April 2000, 05:22:00
D'oh, I found some negative aspect of this forum: It carries diseases

1: Arti is sentimental, Me too
2: Coor was writing all weird words, like always, so is Arti, and I'm too



Title: Euthanasia and translation
Post by: Lamertu Kthaen on 14 April 2000, 05:56:00
1: consult should be counsel, or rather confer
2: Euthanasia is quite common in Holland, but I don't know what you're opinion is about this subject. Also, Kill has a positive meaning in this language ( transl. Kuera: Ku - friend; slaying of friend, Yielra: Yi - foe: slaying of foe with violence) ( L: with violence, from olde lo'an (lo: force , - an is instrumentalis: action performed with, by using
3: Some transl.

sal Mu'tolyris, si Ky'ura (Mu-when, tol'y : to be tired, r: indicates that it is not real right now, is: you, Capital M: verb is most important part of a Pendrig Sauthar sentence. si: you (object)
Kyu: to carry, r: not real now, a : I (first person)
sal Mu'thigris, si Kom'ara (dito)
sal Mu'hiufris, si Ki'adra   (dito)
sal Mu'uthris, si Ko'ad aú (si - object, Koad - to consult, infinitive) aú - me (object)
Strange construction of PS language: two obj + inf. means that both obj are equal participants in
the actions represented in the infinitive
sal Mu'ango, si Ku'era
sal Murakis, si Klor'ena  (Klore - e is greek eta), not i)

(Maybe I should post this in the language section)

Lamertu Kthaen

Title: Ah, another language in development...
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 14 April 2000, 12:50:00
Hey, cool! Another language expert! And sounds great too! - Now, just give the language a special name and develop some more grammatical rules - and voilá! A new language is born...

Please keep in mind that I would like very much to present your works directly on the site whenever possible, so always try to think about the way I could present it best. Whenever possible try to decide on your own if you'd like to have a poem section for example, or a little language section for Akdor etc., whatever... (You could also design the HTML page if you know how!) As site administrator I sometimes have much more things to do than I would like, so please think about the poor little Artimidor who only got two hands and is not compatible with multi-tasking *grin*... The more you could make your ideas, concepts presentable the more you will make me happy.

If you want to present this poem on the site e.g. I would recommend that you write the untranslated version and translated version one after the other and I make a little poem page for you. The exact translations and grammatical detail could be added somehow to the Santharian language section - I will split this section soon like the Compendium and you will be able to chose from the elven and dwarven section - and a special section for Akdor maybe...

What do you say? Is this acceptable?

Title: Sections and time
Post by: Lamertu Kthaen on 14 April 2000, 14:52:00
Yes I'd like to have it put on the page (after some refinements)Prob is; have to much idea and can't focus on one
No, I don't know any HTML or any other proglang
Dunno when I will continue grammar; or orc culture; or western part of Akdor; or Marual Ka'laten; or Kinazon y Quier'na; or Tuban culture -> story of the journey ross desert; or compendium entries; or El Herioth; etc
name lang. Yitrak
spoken by: pendrig sauthar
Are nor elves nor dwarrows; only human
Other A languages would include El Herioth


Title: Concentration wanted
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 14 April 2000, 15:50:00
*hehe* Sounds just like me. Well, try to concentrate on something, this would help a bit:)  But it's always good to hear that hundreds of ideas are floating around in your head, Lamy!