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Title: Santharian Coats of Arms
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 09 September 2000, 07:18:00
I just wanted to let you know that our latest member, namely Koldar Mondrakken, is very good at designing coats of arms and he made several designs to use here on the site.

In the process of finding new topics we've also decided that the sign and representation of Avá on a coat of arms (e.g. at the elven Thaelon banner) will be a closed eye with a tear dropping down due to the cosmological concept that Avá's Dream turning into reality was something Avá in the end regretted as she saw that the world turned out to be evil and was reigned by Coór. A coat of arms displaying Coór should contain a black fist, I suggest.

If you have any ideas about certain symbols, please let me know. You can also propose how a banner (of a certain tribe) etc. should look like exactly and Koldar eventually can work on such proposals. BTW: Koldar eventually will also work on an elven rune language:)